8 Best String Trimmer Lines

Your trimmer needs the best trimmer line to help to cut your yard more conveniently without any hassle. String trimmers often lose their efficiency when hit against hard surfaces. That is why it is essential to buy a string replacement that is compatible with your trimmer.

But with a wide variety of string trimmer lines available, it won’t be easy for you to find the best one. Below you will find a detailed review of the 8 best string trimmer lines that are worth buying.

Top 8 String Trimmer Lines

1. Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline

Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline is the perfect trimmer line for you, whether you are a professional or a beginner landscaper. It can take a heavy workload and gives your yard clean and straight cuts with the slightest bit of effort.

This medium-duty trimmer line is powerful enough to get through any type of grass. The dual polymers make this line extra strong. Its high-strength, flexible inner core ensures superior cutting performance and resists breakage while the outer core provides protection.

It comes in three different shapes – square, circular, and supertwist – and can fit inside any standard string trimmer head. The donut packaging ensures minimum tangles while using the line.

The high-quality material used to make the Magnum Gatorline ensures durability and holds well against hard surfaces such as rocks.

The square-shaped trimmer line also helps you cut the grass straight and clean.
You can get this string trimmer line in various sizes ranging from 114 feet to 1134 feet. It has a 0.096-inch diameter that works on most string trimmers.


  • Durable even against the hardest of surfaces
  • Comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles 
  • The high-strength inner layer resists breakage


  • Its performance may vary from one model to another 

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2. Cyclone Desert Extrusion Commercial Trimmer Line

For commercial purposes, this string trimmer line made by Cyclone is the best option available out there. Made from special copolymer formula, this line is highly durable with long-lasting cutting power. Many professionals, who regularly cut their gardens, have used and recommended this trimmer line.

It is a well-designed line that comes with 6 bladed sides that help you cut the grass evenly. Cyclone uses different colors on all its lines to easily identify its diameters. The Desert Extrusion is a blue-colored line with a 0.065-inch diameter and 300-feet in length.

It is a versatile line that can work with multiple trimmer brands and models, making it a better option than others. Moreover, this line is compatible with electric and battery-powered trimmers due to its small diameter and lightweight.

The durable and robust material of this string trimmer line can cut large, thick grass. You can easily feed this line on any type of trimmer due to its sleek design and shape.


  • The six bladed sides provide clean and straight cuts
  • Can be used with multiple models from different companies 
  • Ideal for commercial uses 


  • Burns quicker than other trimmer lines 
  • Provides inconsistent results when used with different trimmers 

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3. Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line

Husqvarna Titanium Force string trimmer line is one of the most powerful lines used for edging. It is a medium-duty line that fits with most trimmer heads. This lightweight line is thicker, with a 0.095 inches diameter, and stronger than many high-quality strings.

The Husqvarna trimmer line is made from nylon material and also features copolymer technology that helps you cut thick and thin weeds easily. Its multi-edge design ensures durability, high accuracy, and better performance. It makes the trimming process quick and saves a lot of time.

Due to its thickness and lightweight, the string trimmer line produces minimal sound, which is at least 50% less than standard trimmer lines. To ensure leveled and clean cuts, the company added the level flight features to this powerful trimmer line.

Moreover, the fast acceleration rate of this trimmer line helps in even cuts. This line would be best for homeowners as it can handle easy-to-medium level jobs without taking any damage. Its versatile nature allows the line to fit into any string trimmer available in the market.


  • Has fast acceleration rate to cut the grass evenly
  • Lightweight yet thicker than most trimmer lines
  • Produces 50% less noise than others 


  • Has a smaller width as compared to other lines

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4. Benair AF-100 String Trimmer Replacement

If you are low on budget and need a powerful string trimmer line, the Benair AF-100 is the perfect choice for you. This string replacement spool is compatible with almost every Black and Decker string trimmers.

The best feature of this string trimmer line is the auto-feed design that allows easy and straightforward replacement. All you have to do is insert and rotate the spool until it fits into the trimmer properly. This replacement line is factory wound to provide better feed.

With a 0.065-inch thick diameter, the trimmer line can handle any type of light landscaping tasks easily. The premium-quality nylon material adds to the durability of this product. It has enough power to cut through dense or overgrown yards without much resistance.

You can get the Benair AF-100 string trimmer replacement in a 3-spool pack. Each spool will have a 30-feet long string that can last for months. Even with a low price rate, the string trimmer line performs better than its substitutes.


  • The 3-pack comes at an affordable price
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Works with almost every string trimmer out there 


  • Ideal for light landscaping task only 
  • A weak alternative for gas-powered trimmers

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5. Rotary Item 12179 Trimmer Line

This Rotary string trimmer line is a heavy-duty replacement that helps cut through overgrown weeds and grasses. With minimal effort, the Rotary item 12179 trimmer line can trim your garden in the least time possible, no matter how long the grass is.

It is a vortex-shaped trimmer line, which makes it more aerodynamic when compared with a square or round-shaped line. It is an indestructible string trimmer line with a slight twist that reduces turbulence and ensures durability.
Moreover, this trimmer line is flexible and one of the best options available for landscape edging. Unlike most strings, it won’t get damaged even if you are trimming near fences, sidewalks, or hard surfaces.

When it comes to cutting power, this vortex-shaped trimmer line gives your grass smooth and straight cuts.

Its 0.095 inches thick diameter helps in all types of landscaping jobs, light or heavy-duty, effortlessly. Also, it is a 1,140 feet long replacement line and durable in nature, making sure that the product lasts for a lifetime.


  • Long and thick trimmer line 
  • Can work on any type of grass, no matter how long
  • Has level flight characteristics to ensure clean cuts


  • Does not fit slim trimmers due to the large-sized spool

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6. Greenworks Single Line String Trimmer Replacement Spool

Greenworks is a renowned brand offering a wide variety of gardening products. This high-quality line by Greenworks can work with different models and brands of string trimmers. It comes in a pack of three spools with a 0.065 inches thick diameter, made especially for Greenworks cordless trimmers.

This string trimmer line pops in and out of your trimmer and does not require any tools for replacement. It comes already wound, allowing easy replacement. All you have to do is place it on your trimmer, and it will feed the trimmer in a second.

Even though this line is mainly designed for the company’s own products, you can fit it into other trimmers of the same size. You might face an issue with the spool not winding properly, but you can fix it with a simple trick. Just place the string on an electric drill motor, and it will wind up, ensuring there are no tangles.


  • Spool comes pre-wound for easy replacement 
  • Lasts longer than many superior quality brands
  • Can be used with other trimmers


  • Does not wind properly
  • Thin diameter makes the line more delicate and easy to snap

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7.Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

If you have a gas or an electric-powered trimmer, the Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial trimmer line is an excellent choice. It is a durable and robust string trimmer line that ensures consistent performance in every trimming session.

This trimmer line has a 0.065-inch diameter and comes with a 200 feet long string, which is about 11 refills. You can also get it in multiple sizes ranging from 0.065 inches to 0.155 inches.

It is a star-shaped line that helps you trim finely shaped edges in your garden. You can use this line with most weed eaters. And if you are a commercial user, this line would be the perfect choice as it helps you trim the garden with precise cuts.

With a longer lifespan than many trimmer lines, this line can take damage with no effects on its performance.


  • Has a firm construction for superior cutting 
  • Star shape ensures better performance 
  • Can work with gas and electric trimmers


  • Not easy to wind 
  • Might break easily when it hits a hard surface 

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8. WORX WA0010 Replacement Trimmer Line

The WORX WA0010 Replacement trimmer line comes in a pack of 6 spools, each having a 10 feet long line made from copolymer nylon.

This flexible, robust line can withstand damage from hard surfaces such as trees or concrete.

The aerodynamic shape of these lines allows clean and precise cuts on the grass. It has 100 pounds of tensile strength, which is more than many superior brands in the market.

These WORX spools are small in size and easy to wind. If you are using a WORX trimmer, this would be the best string trimmer line you can use as it is specially designed for the company’s own products.

Once you feed them to your trimmer correctly, the small size will come into effect. It helps the line tighten and creates a strong cutting action.

Moreover, winding this line is slightly different from other strings as you have to wind it clockwise inside your weed eater.


  • Aerodynamic design ensures finer cuts
  • Copolymer nylon protects from heavy damage
  • Has a 100-pound tensile strength 


  • 10-feet line does not last longer

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Best String Trimmer Line Buyer’s Guide

While buying the best string trimmer line, you may have to look for different features. But with so many lines available, it is impossible to try them all and decide which one suits your needs. So, whenever you shop for a trimmer line, look for the following factor:


There are various types of trimmer lines with different features and capabilities. You can choose from the following options:

  • Square Trimmer Lines: Square-shaped trimmer lines can handle thick grass and weeds in your garden. These lines are great for professional as well as residential use.
  • Round Trimmer Lines: Round or circular-shaped trimmer lines are ideal for light-duty landscaping. These lines are easy to feed into a trimmer head.
  • Multi-Sided Trimmer Lines: A Multi-sided trimmer line makes sure that your garden gets a smooth and clean look. This line cuts through the thick weeds, no matter what angle hits them.
  • Twisted Trimmer Lines: If you need a more robust and more efficient line, go for the twisted trimmer lines. They keep the noise level low and can withstand impact from solid surfaces with no effect on the performance.
  • Serrated Trimmer Lines: Serrated trimmer lines come with sharp edges, allowing quick cutting of grass. This type of line is mainly for commercial purposes that involve thick and overgrown lawns.


Size is the most important factor while looking for a string trimmer line. The thicker your line is, the more it will cut through the grass. Thick lines can manage medium to heavy-duty work.

If you need the line for light work, opt for a size between 0.065 to 0.080 inches diameter. For medium workload, a line with 0.085 to 0.10-inch diameter would be perfect. And for heavy-duty work, you should look at a line that cuts through thicker weeds effortlessly.


You should look for a string trimmer line made with strong, durable material that does not get damaged easily. Nylon is the most common material used to make trimmer lines. It is cheaper and easy to find in the market. Nylon-made lines are known for their flexibility and adaptable nature.

If you need a trimmer line for edging, a titanium-made line is the best option. It has a fast acceleration rate and consumes less quantities of fuel. Moreover, titanium ensures a quiet performance, but you have to pay a few extra bucks for these lines.

Installation Method

You need a trimmer line that is easy to replace and saves your time. Pre-cut trimmer lines are easy to install and feed into your trimmer’s head. But you may have to replace it quite frequently as it wears down after a few trimming sessions.

On the other hand, spooled trimmer lines come pre-installed and allow you to have long lines. With these lines, you won’t have to refill for a couple of days. You can pop them in and out to replace your old lines.


With the above list and the buying guide, you can get the best string trimmer line that fits perfectly inside your trimmer. It will be much easier to decide if you know what type, material, and size you want in a trimmer line.

Also, you should focus more on the workload because a light-duty line is not an ideal choice for thick and dense weeds. Keep these factors in check, and you will have the best string trimmer line to cut your overgrown lawn.

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