Best 10 000 Watt Generator

People who need electric generators need them to power certain devices or electric appliances. However, when you’re considering buying a 10 000 watt generator, you probably really, really need a generator.

Whether it’s your household or RV that you want to power, the things you need powered are of great value to you. It is impossible to cook, freeze food, watch TV or even dry your hair without electricity. And when you need these things to work the best when powered by a generator, you need to make sure you’re using a generator that best suits your needs.

Looking for a good 10 000 watt generator might seem like a journey with no end. However, this is not a journey that you want to last forever; in fact you want it to end as fast as possible. We thought that we could use our knowledge to give you some great hints on what the best 10 000 watt generators are. Read our article, and pinpoint the best 10 000 watt generator for you on our list of best generators.

1. HONDA EB10000 Industrial Generator 

 Design of the EB10000

Honda is a rather popular brand when it comes to technology because of its reliability. There are numerous of reasons why specifically this brand was decided to be the best one. Let’s start with the overall design first. This generator weighs 464 pounds which is very heavy for a generator in this category. But even though it’s very heavy, it’s extremely powerful as well.

Noise Levels

Most generators of 10 000 Watts are not exactly quiet ones so Honda EB10000 isn’t really silent either. However, this generator is quieter than most of the generators of 10000 watts. This makes the generator ideal for home and recreational usage. The sound volume is about 92-115 dB which is about the same volume vacuum cleaner makes when it’s on full power.

Is Portability an Issue?

The generator comes with handles which you can fold and a bar-frame with wheels. This makes the generator very convenient for most users as it is easily portable. You can carry wherever you want using the handle on the top. Because the producers know it’s very heavy, they made it easily usable for most users so they can carry it from place to place.

Honda 10 000 Watt Generator Back

Features and Specifications

When it comes to other specifications, this generator can hold up to eight-point-one gallons of fuel. Honda EB10000 can run for four-point-six hours without stopping at the load of 9,000 Watt and 7.2 hours on half load. As said earlier in the article, it’s extremely heavy so it’s recommended to ask someone to help you when transporting it from one place to another.

This generator also comes with a temperature protection system inside of it. This kind of system prevents it from overheating. There is also another type of a system called DAVR (Digital Automatic Voltage Regulation) which provides consistent flow of electricity no matter how much it’s loaded. Honda EB10000 has an Oil Alert which informs you in case of low fuel levels and then shuts off the engine. One can also find Electronic Circuit Breakers which prevents the generator from being overloaded and GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection of all outlets.

Is It Safe to Use the EB10000?

The generator offers a USDA-Qualified Spark Arrestor/Muffler which prevents the generator from emitting flammable debris as well as lowering the risk of fire. When it comes to the warranty situation, Honda EB10000 gives commercial and residential one of three years. If you have any further questions regarding the contract, you are allowed to contact Honda regarding that.


– Amazing fuel efficiency

– Oil Alert

– Temperature protection system

– Easily portable

– Durable


– Very heavy

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2. Pulsar’s PG10000B16 Dual Fuel 1

Pulsar’s PG10000B16 Dual Fuel 1 10 000 Watt GeneratorThe PG10000B16 as a Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar is one of the best generators out there because it takes many important features into an account. One of the more important features, which stands in the name, is its dual fuel. This dual fuel allows you to either fuel it with either gasoline or liquid petroleum gas (LPG). No matter which one you choose, you won’t regret it. For example, if you decide to use gas, the generator provides 10 000 peak watts and 800 rated watts. And, if you want to use the liquid petroleum gas, the peak is 9000 watts and rated one is 7000 watts.

The dual fuel that comes with the Pulsar generator gives you both convenience and value. It even comes with a very big fuel tank for unleaded gas. There is even a hose for the petroleum gas which you can hook up to the tank. The Pulsar generator also gives you an option to switch between gas and LPG pretty quickly because it comes with a switch and go feature. This ensures the generator to run for twenty-four hours when needed because it’s a giant lifesaver.

The dual fuel option is also great in case of natural disasters because it may happen that one fuel is harder to find than the other. Dual fuel allows you to choose.

Is This an Easy-to-Use Generator?

One of the main aspects of the Pulsar generator is its ease of use. It weighs a bit over two hundred pounds but it comes with a handle so even those who are not very strong can easily carry it around. There is even a wheel kit which you can set up pretty easy and can power it using a push button. One can find a recoil starter backup which is also extremely easily operated because of its quite straightforward controls. It also comes with an hour meter that allows you to keep track on how much more you’ve got until you run out of fuel.

The Pulsar generator allows you to plug in all kinds of devices and appliances. And it will keep them running for a long time. You can find four 120V outlets, one 120V/240V twist-lock outlet and one 120/240V 50A RV receptacle. What makes this generator great is that you can either bring it with you during road trips and you can also keep it at home in case of a power outage.

On a more negative note, the generator isn’t one of the quietest generators out there. This means you will definitely hear and it will often be louder than 70 dBA. Some generators come with quiet eco mode but this generator doesn’t come with one. Considering that the generator is also quieter than 65 dBA, it can damage your hearing so it’s recommended to use ear protection which is ANSI-approved.

Noise Levels

When the generator is operating on full load, there is a possibility of high-pitched noise which one can say is similar to a whine. Because the pitch is very high, it is likely to damage the hearing so it’s highly recommended to use the ear protection in that case. Because of it being really loud, you probably shouldn’t use it on camp grounds or when tailgating however it’s much more ideal for home usage.

Capacity of the Fuel Tank

The Pulsar generator comes with a fuel tank which can stock up to 8 gallons of fuel. This means that the generator is able to run for a very long time. This also means the generator can run for twelve hours without stopping on a half-load. Because of the dual fuel, you can run the generator for a much longer time before needing to refuel it.

When It Comes to the Warranty…

When it comes to the warranty, Pulsar offers you a three year warranty which is a very generous offer. It covers replacement of any mechanical parts. In case of repairing the generator on your own or by a technician that isn’t approved by the producer, it will void the warranty.


– Portable and very easy to use

– Many benefits of the dual fuel

– Comes with an hour meter

– Can run for a very long time due to the dual fuel


– Very loud

– Lower wattage rating on LPG

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3. DuroMax XP10000E

DuroMax XP10000E GeneratorThe XP10000E in a Nutshell

With DuroMax XP10000E a client is getting eight kilowatts running power – starting at ten kilowatts – for an affordable price. The client will get a large fuel tank, the purpose of which is to minimize the downtime, an electric start – as well as manual – the purpose of which is to make switching the generator on as easy as starting a car. So, let’s see why the XP10000E is our third top pick for best 10 000 watt generator.

What Is the Capacity of This Generator?

The DuroMax XP10000E has a long run-time. One will easily be able to make it through an entire day’s work without the need to refuel the generator. One may rest easy knowing they will not be running to the gas station at noon to get more gasoline – the DuroMax XP10000E generator keeps going for more than ten hours – at half load.

Most other generators come with a fuel tank that is half the size of this eight-point-three gallon juggernaut. Therefore, given its large fuel tank, efficient air-cooled engine and low oil shutoff, one will never have to worry about their DuroMax XP10000E generator and its fuel levels.The DuroMax XP10000E is quiet. The DuroMax XP10000E generator has the same sound level as an average vacuum cleaner. Not the quietest, but undoubtedly one of the better conventional, stylish, and portable generators on the mark

Noise Levels

DuroMax XP10000E comes with an included so-called ‘super quiet muffler’ with a spark arrestor the purpose of which is to keep its sound levels, as well as its emissions, down. For this reason, DuroMax XP10000E has been approved for use in all National Parks across the United States, with the sole exception of the state of California. If one is located in California they may, instead, pay a little extra to obtain a CARB-compliant version.

Easy to Use or Not?

The DuroMax XP10000E generator is easy to use. The moment it comes out of its box one will be impressed by how simple to operate and maintain DuroMax XP10000E is. DuroMax XP10000E includes an electric start and recoil start for backup. It never has flat tires, and it comes with a handle kit that makes it moving around one’s home or job site a cinch.

How Powerful Is This Generator?

DuroMax XP10000E has a voltage selector – the RV switch – that allows the user the option to simultaneously run one hundred and twenty Volts and two hundred and forty Volts, or just a full -power one hundred and twenty Volts. We believe that the conventional generators have really become hard to beat in their upper wattage ranges.

Certainly, providing a lot of electricity for a relative bargain price is precisely what makes them so good at supplying cheap emergency power in the first place. Furthermore, some of the best deals to be available on the market right now in the seven thousand Watts.

DuroMax XP10000E is fitted with four hundred and twenty cc, sixteen HP OHV engine that produces a total of eight thousand running Watts and ten thousand surge Watts. In addition to generating a lot of electricity, DuroMax XP10000E is a very durable power plant. It utilizes a cast iron cylinder sleeve and steel bearings for a longer engine lifespan.

With as much power as DuroMax XP10000E provides, this generator is able to handle most of the highest-draw appliances. As a matter of fact, increasing numbers of people are satisfied with this generator. They’re reporting they have been able to power their entire homes with DuroMax XP10000E. This, however, may vary significantly depending on the size of the crucial appliances such as – sumps, water heaters, etc.

Run Time

In order to obtain a better idea of how far this Wattage can go, one should check out generator sizing calculator. In any case, one will definitely want a manual transfer switch. This will allow you to properly harness all the available power of this generator.

DuroMax XP10000E can run for approximately ten hours on full, eight-point-three-gallon tank of regular unleaded gasoline.

This is a very admirable run time that is a couple of hours longer than most other conventional generators on the market. That is partly owed to the impressively good fuel efficiency of this model for such a large conventional generator.


– Lightweight

– Quiet

– CARB and EPA approved

– Large tank


– Problems with fuel in heat

– 8000 running watts

– 10 000 starting watts

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1. What can you power with a 10000-watt generator?

A 10000-watt generator will power many things, from smaller and larger kitchen appliances to washing machines. You can also use these generators to power multiple appliances at the same time. Before you do that, however, calculate the start up wattage of each of those appliances and see whether the sum of those wattages is bigger than the total power of the generator. If the sum is larger than 10000 watts, the generator won’t be able to power all of those appliances. In such case you’ll have to cut on the number of appliances you’ll want the generator to power.

2. Which things should I consider when choosing a good generator?

When choosing a generator you first have to look for the one that best suits your needs. Once you’ve thoroughly identified your needs, think about the power, fuel efficiency, noise level, ease of use and portability of the generator. Furthermore, you can also consult with the manufacturer of the generator to find out whether you’re interested in the right generator.

Best 10 000 Watt Generator – The Conclusion

Hopefully this article and the reviews showed you why these generators are the best 10 000 watt generators. There are several things to consider when choosing the best one. One of them is seeing how much power you really need. Because if you really need more powerful generator, the 10 000 watt one most likely won’t do the job. So you will have to pick the one with higher wattage. Also take into consideration what kind of neighborhood you live in. because if it’s a small one, you might want to get a quiet one without much noise.

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