Best 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Convenience is important because you don’t want to go through a lot of struggle when moving the generator and while using it. Then, a generator that has a smart way around the fuel will spare you from additional expenses. Finally, you will want an inverter generator that will power your devices the right way and won’t damage them. All this taken into account, the best 2000 watt inverter generator brand for you is either Yamaha, Honda or Champion Power Equipment. Please, continue reading to find out why.

Whatever your reason for using an inverter generator might be, the generator you buy should be of good quality. There’s no room for games here—you are going to be dealing with electricity and you’ll need a good product. A 2000 watt inverter generator can power a lot of electrical devices in the absence of power. However, the best ones of these generators will power your device or appliance in a convenient, fuel-conserving and device-protecting way.

1. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000W Generator

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 - The Best 2000 Watt Inverter GeneratorIn case you may not know, the EF2000iSv2 generator is just a better version of the previous EF2000is model by Yamaha. They may look the same when you see them for the first time but there are huge differences in how they work. For example, the EF2000iSv2 has a much better power output, meaning it’s more powerful than the model before it.

On the Design of the EF2000iSV2

However, let’s start talking about Yamaha EF2000iSV2 alone. One may notice that the generator doesn’t have a very common design and appearance. That’s because it has round edges and the design is much slimmer than most other generators. It can even be compared to those radios people used to listen to in the old days. The only difference is that the generators gives us electrical current and not sound waves like a radio does.

A lot of experts and buyers have very positive opinions and reviews about this generators. One of the best things of the EF2000iSV2 is how quiet it is actually. It’s actually very light as well and the control panel it comes with is very user-friendly. On the other hand, the power output is pretty common and nothing unusual for a generator in 2000 watt category. The older version of this generators had 900 watts of running power but this one has a much better output – one of 1600 watts.


The EF2000iSV2 generator is also a very portable model so one can use it on their own camping trips. It can be also used for tailgating and all sorts of different off-grid activities outdoors. Its compact size and lightness is what makes this generator so great. Not to mention how quiet it is. Also, like said earlier, this model is a lot slimmer when compared to some other generators so it makes it very easy to carry as it has a handle as well.

When it comes to its weight, it only weighs 44 pounds making the generator to be one of the lightest generators in this category. Another reason why this aspect is great is because it also means it is parallel capable. In simpler terms, you can take two of these generators without defeating the purpose of buying some random lightweight portable generator.

Noise Level

This generator is also ideal for recreational purposes because of how quiet it is. So you won’t need to worry about disturbing other people around you. The noise level of the EF2000iSV2 is measured to be of 61 decibels of rated noise level and 51.5 decibels at only 25% load.

Operation and Capability

When the load is only at 25 percent, the run time is ten-point-five hours which is probably the best run time from the off-grid power source. It’s very impressive because one wouldn’t expect the run time to be so long when you look at its compact size. One can also leaving it running during the night.

Like already mentioned previously, the power output is of two thousand watts of surge power. The running power is at 1600 watts which is pretty great in case you want to charge your own electronic devices or several appliances at home.

The generator has a fuel tank which can hold up to 1.1 gallons of oil which is rather surprising. It’s rather unusual for a generator of this power and run time to have a big tank. Due to that, one can also expect that the fuel efficiency is great on this generator.

Why Should One Pick This Generator?

Inverter generators are famous for the clean electricity so you should expect that from this generator as well. However, Yamaha company really takes the whole thing to a different level. There is a pure sine wave technology with Pulse Width Modulation which is transformed into a voltage stability of one percent and frequency stability of zero-point-one hertz.

The reason why the EF2000iSV2 is so user-friendly is because it has a built-in auto-decompression system as well as auto-warm up system. The auto-decompression system is there to help in making the pull a lot more easier. And, the auto-warm up system increases the speed of the engine so it’s much easier to connect devices of high power.

The generator also has a control panel where you can find three power outlets. There are two AC power outlet of 120 volts and one DC outlet of 12 volts. On the downside, there are no USB ports on this generator. This generator is also compatible with EPA and CARB so you can use it in California as well.


– Extremelyquiet

– EPA & CARB-compliant

– Auto-decompression and auto-warm up system

– Long run time

– Lightweight and portable


– No USB ports

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2. Honda EU2200i 2000 

Honda EU2200i 2000 Watt Inverter GeneratorDesign

When one takes a look at the EU2200i, they can notice that the design is quite similar to the one of older generations. The colors used on the housing are typically red and black. The generator also comes with a handle on the top which runs along its length. The tank is quite small as well but it takes up most of the space either way.

What Makes the EU2200i 2000 so Convenient?

This generator is extremely user-friendly and easily carried around making it very portable. It has a color-coded system with four steps and the user can easily follow it to start the generator with the manual recoil. Other than that, there is even the fuel shutoff system which immediately shuts off the engine when the fuel levels are low. One can also find large parts made for oil control. The generator is also very quiet, making only 48 dB of sound at quarter load and 57 dB at rated load.

When It Comes to Power…

The EU2200i generator has an upgrade in terms of power when compared to its previous models. There are 2200 watts of surge power and 1800 watts of running power. This generator also supports an eco throttle system. In much simpler terms, the maximum run time is eight-point-one hours at quarter load on a full fuel tank. This also makes it energy efficient.

On the Things That Have Been Improved

The fuel tank that the generator comes with is very small, under one gallon even. It has a great efficiency on small fuel tanks so it’s pretty much expected that this generator is also affordable to run. The EU2200i model is much more durable model because it has a better manual recoil system than the older generation. Other upgraded things are electronic circuit breakers, it also has an increased ventilation and one can find a new stator/rotor. This new stator has magnets which it uses to make much cleaner electrical outputs.


When it comes to specifications of the EU2200i model, one can notice that they are quite standard for 2000 watts category. The model is very portable because it’s very light but also comes with a handle and it weighs less than 47 pounds. Because this model has 200 more watts than the previous model the EU2000i, it supports more connections. These connections can include a TV, blender or a coffee pot for home usage or to turn on an electric saw for a work site.

The generator also comes with an AC output of hundred-twenty volts and a DC output of 12 volt. On the downside, however, you can’t use the DC output if you haven’t bought extra accessories. These extra accessories are necessary for connecting the generator to a car battery, for example.

One can only use gas to run the generator and nothing else. Like said previously in the article, there is a very small fuel tank of 0.95 gallons which has a screw top used to be refilled. A lot of times when the fuel tank is small like the one here, it’s expected that the run time of the generator is short too. But because the energy efficiency of this model is so great, the run time is 8.1 hours at quarter load.

The reason why such run time is even possible is because of the 121cc GXR120 engine. The 121cc GXR120 engine is designed mostly for heavy duty industrial equipment. This engine is also light and very quiet but still manages to produce relatively good power.

Is It Hard to Use This Generator?

In this model, Honda didn’t decide on adding a push start but focused on making the manual recoil system better. This means that starting the engine is made to be very easy because it doesn’t need a lot of strength to do so.

That’s because there is an automatic mechanical de-compressor. This model is also very user-friendly because a lot of features were included that prevent any sort of damage that could be made to the generators. This makes the generator more low maintenance.

The example for the low maintenance of the generator is the low fuel shutoff. This makes the generator to shut off immediately in case the fuel levels are low. This also adds extra protection to the engine. Another thing that adds to the protection is the automatic circuit breaker. This automatic circuit breaks automatically turns off the generator in case of overloading or unstable electricity. But in general, this feature is quite common for most generators.

There is also the oil control feature. The generator comes with a very big opening for the oil as well as a large spout and oil drain gutter. It automatically makes it easier to change the oil of the generator without much of a hassle.


– Extremely quiet

– Extra protection against damage

– New stator/rotor

– Great energy efficiency despite the small size of the tank


– Limited fuel capacity

– There might be problems with startup

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3. Champion Power Equipment 73536i 2000-Watt

Champion Power Equipment 73536i 2000 Watt GeneratorDesign, Dimensions and Portability

The Champion 73536i generator makes one very lightweight and portable generators. It only weighs around 48 pounds and measures 21.5 x 16.25 x 18.25 inches. The generator has a shape of a cube so this adds to the whole portability of the generator. The housing is completely made out of plastic. This kind of housing protects the generator from any hits and knocks and any kind of damage overall.

How Does the 73536i 2000-Watt Work?

One can find an engine of four strokes which can work on gas. This fuel type is mostly used to power up portable generators. What’s also different from most other generators is that the engine has different speeds it can work on. It has a variable speed technology that can be switched to economy mode whenever you want. That’s used in cases when one doesn’t need a lot of power so the generator can run on lower speed. In this way you also save up the fuel because it’s used in an efficient way.

The variable speed also helps with decreased noise levels. It produces only 53 decibels of noise which makes it relatively quiet but definitely not the quietest one out there. The inverter technology gives out clean electricity. There is also an AC output which has a very low total harmonic distortion. The clean electricity allows you to connect computers and printers to the model. It also helps in preventing partial or permanent damage.

The 73536i generator has one outlet of 120 volts which is a very standard thing for a generator in this category. This also supports for more appliances to be connected to the generators. One can also find a DC outlet of 12 volts which can be used for charging any sort of devices.

Important Features

One of the more important features that the Champion generator has are two major safety features. You will find overload protection technology which prevents the generator to get overloaded from other electronic devices and eventually cause damage or a hazard. There is a low oil sensor as well which turns off the engine in case of low oil levels.

The Champion 73536i generator has a surge power of two thousand watts. The run time power is 1,700 watts and will run for about ten hours at 25 percent on a full fuel tank. This is actually quite impressive considering that the generator is quite small and light. This also makes the generator very reliable. This device has parallel capabilities so one is able to connect two of these generators and make 3,600 watts of power in total. This is a very useful feature for the times when you need a lot more electricity. All you need to do is purchase the kit for connecting the two generators.


– Very powerful

– Durable

– Has a great run time power

– Parallel capabilities


– Noisier than other generators

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4. WEN 56200i

WEN 56200iWEN 56200i generator is one of the quietest 2000 watt generators out there and it’s one of its best features. It’s extremely lightweight and easily carried around making it ideal for transport. It has a low total harmonic distortion, which means that you can connect to it more sensitive appliances such as phones, laptops or cameras.

To show how quiet it is, when the generator is only at 25% load, it produces only about 51 dB of noise. One can say that the sound level is like a lively conversation between two people and it definitely makes much less noise than a vacuum cleaner. Of course that there are much quieter generators out there but WEN 56200i is much cheaper than the others.

Gas Consumption

When it comes to power output, WEN 56200i generator has surge power of 2000 watts and 1600 watts of running power. These specifications are pretty common for this type of generator. The generator is also accompanied with a USB port of 5 volts, two AC outlets of 120 volt and one 12 volt DC outlet. This generator also shuts down automatically in case the fuel is low.

This generator is a very quiet model with the noise rated at 51 dB when it’s only a half load and 55 dB at 75-percent load. This automatically means that the generator is quieter than the noise two people make when they are talking to each other. This feature also makes the generator great for public places.


Not only that but the generator is also very easily operated. The WEN 56200i comes with a very simple control panel that has indicators in case of low fuel level and overloading. Like said earlier, the engine shuts down almost immediately in case of low fuel levels and in case of overloading. The overloading can cause serious damage and hazards which is why there is an overload protection.


– Has a clean exhaust; can be used in national parks and in California

– Extremely quiet

– Eco-Mode

– Easily operated

– Shuts down on low fuel levels

– Ideal for camping and recreational usage


– Reported oil leaks

– Might be problematic pouring oil into a tank for some

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5. Generac 6866

Generac 6866Starting up Generac 6866 is very easy. It has a pull-start mechanism and there is a power dial. One can use a power dial to start, run or stop the generators. One can also choose between economy, standard and turbo mode. The economy mode is good for small loads, turbo mode is very loud but allows you to run the generator on full power. And, you can use the standard mode for everything else.

You can also find several displays on the front of Generac 6866. The control panel will allow you to see a fuel meter, wattage meter as well as estimated run time. On the downside, you won’t be able to find a DC or USB port. Generac 6866 is a great generator charging any more sensitive devices. Those devices can include laptops, smartphones, DSLR cameras or even drones.

This generator isn’t hard to lift either. It is merely 46 pounds so you can carry it with one hand. It also comes with a handle for extra portability. The Generac 6866 is also very quiet. The noise rating is 53 decibels on standard mode. Like mentioned earlier, turbo mode can make the generator louder.

The peak power is at 1,600 watts while starting power is 2,000 watts. The estimated run time is 5.7 hours on half the load and 7.7 hours on a quarter load. The generator is also parallel capable so you will be able to get double the power once you connect it. A downside is that it sometimes leaks fuel so it’s recommended to check for the leaks often.


– Lightweight and portable

– Extremely quiet

– Good for sensitive electronics

– Three different modes

– Easy to start


– Fuel leaks

– No DC or USB port

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6. Lifan ESI 2000i

This ESI 2000i generator is ideal for DIY lovers as well as tailgating. The running power is 1,600 watts and the starting power is 2000 watts. It is not generally quiet considering that the noise rating is 60 dBA. It can run for three hours on 50% of the load. The oil tank can store up to one gallon of gas.

The ESI 2000i also produces clean energy. This means it provides less than 2% of Total Harmonic Distortion, or THD. So, in this way, you will be able to use more sensitive electronic with this generator. It comes with two AC outlets and one DC outlet so you will be able to charge any batteries.

The generator is generally lightweight, it only weighs 48 pounds. It also comes with a handle so it is even more portable. It has automatic oil shut off and circuit breaker for extra protection. Other accessories include battery charging cables and a tool kit.

The generator is EPA-approved as well as CARB-compliant. So it is safe to use in all states of the US including California. There is also a spark arrestor. You will be able to use the generator in forested areas too.


– Affordable

– EPA-approved

– CARB-compliant

– Good for sensitive electronic

– Lightweight


– Noisy

– Small oil tank

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1. What can you run on a 2000 watt inverter generator?

You can use a 2000 watt inverter generator to run smaller electrical devices like microwaves, TVs and coffee makers. Check the running watts and the starting watts of your electrical device to see whether you can pair it with your generator. Also, see if the type and number of outlets on your generator coincide with the number of outlets on your device before you pair it with the generator.

2. Can I use an inverter generator to power my computer or laptop?

Yes, you can. In fact, inverter generators are a great way to power your computer or laptop. This is because they are very good with powering delicate electronic devices, and computer and laptops belong to this category. Inverter generators produce accurate level of voltage and low wave distortion which is exactly the way that computers and laptops should be powered.


These were some of the best 2000 watt inverter generators. Hopefully these reviews will help you in making an informed decision regarding what is the best inverter generator for you. All of them have their good and bad sides, so choose wisely.

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