Best 5000 Watt Generator

Life without water is impossible for us, humans, but life without electricity is near to unbearable. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have power in our houses for different kinds of reasons. Also, we tend to do a lot of activities in places where there is no electricity. So, what happens then? Well, fortunately, we are far from the times when the absence of electrical power would’ve been a problem. We’re especially far from those times when we have a good generator around. The less devices and appliances we have to power, the less powerful we want our generator to be. However, there are certain situations in which a less powerful generator just won’t do. In times like these, a 5000 watt generator is the thing you should have in mind. But before that, you should get familiar with the best generators out there and find out what the best 5000 watt generator for you is.

So, What Is the Best 5000-Watt Generator Money Can Buy?

1. The Westinghouse WGen5500

Westinghouse WGen5500 - The best 5000 watt generatorHow Powerful Is the WGen5500?

The WGen5500 generator of Westinghouse has a constant power output of 5500 watts with a peak load of 6850 watts. This type of generator is ideal for powering up any appliances used at home. However, there is still a little bit of a limitation so you’re still going to need to choose the appliances that are the most important at a given time. And, considering the power is much more increased, it’s understandable that the generator is a little pricier than the generators with less power.

Again, due to its increased power, it’s expected that the fuel consumption is a little bit high as well. But despite it being a little bit pricey, it’s still more affordable than some other generators in this category. One will be able to run their own RV and at the same time run AC and some other home comforts. The Westinghouse WGen5500 is the most suitable for all your needs.


Other than that, this generation has a large engine also because of its increased power. The engine capacity is much bigger than some previous models and it has even been raised to 420cc. This means that the engine is quite powerful as well as reliable and long-lasting. Overhead, one can find a valve system which is very economical because in this way, engine uses less fuel and runs on a colder temperature than most other side valve engines.

There is also a Long-Lasting Cast Iron Sleeve and an Automatic Low Oil Shutdown and both of them protect the engine from any damage. It shuts down the engine immediately when the fuel levels are low because it can cause a lot of damage. The engine has also four strokes and it’s also OHV one. The gas tank is very big and can hold up 6.6 gallons of gas. So, the estimated run time is 13 hours at 50% of the load.

The WGEn5500 generators features a control panel with a digital hour meter. This digital hour meter allows a better gauge performance and will perform regular maintenance. This will make the generator live longer and will operate much better. The generators is approved by the EPA II and compliant with CARB. This means that you can use the generator in all the states of the US.

Champion 100496 5000W

One of the better features of the WGen5500 is that it’s extremely easy to use and transport. This makes the generator extremely portable. It even has roll bars and a steel frame so this will give you many options and you can choose the way you want it to be transported. You can also find two GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) with 5-20R of 120 volts household duplex receptacles. There is also one L14-30R hundred-twenty/two-hundred-forty volt with a receptacles that have a twist-lock. The outlet covers even have a rubber cover which is added for extra safety. This protects the generator from any environment and inclement conditions.

Electric or Recoil Starter?

Even though the WGen5500 has a big engine, there is no electric starter like you would expect on a large engine. Instead, it still has a recoil starter. However, many people have been satisfied with this decision and have found no problems with it. Reportedly, the engine can be started very easily and that’s even the case in cold weather conditions. All you need to do is pull it one time. However, yet another tug might be required in extremely cold weather or if the generator has been standing for an extended period of time. But, other than that, the engine will start very quickly and easy.

One great thing about using recoil starter instead of electric that it makes the generator much lighter. There is no weight of the starter motor or battery which can really add to the overall weight. The WGen5500 weighs 179 pounds which is very reasonable for the generator of this category. Not only that but it’s very durable with a tubing frame of one inch. It comes with wheels as well which are 10 inches, rubber standing feet and a foam handle. In case you want to use it for transporting purposes, the dimensions could be important. The length of the generator is 27.32’’, the width is 26.18’’ and the height is 26.2’’.


– Lightweight and portable

– Approved by the EPA III and CARB-compliant

– Transfer Switch Ready

– Very durable

– Long-lasting run time


– No electric start which could be a problem for some

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2. Wen 56551

All of the Wen Generators have a warranty of two years and so does the 56551 generator. This warranty manages to cover all parts, any sort of labor and repairs. The reason why this feature is really good is because you know you are protected if any sort of damage happens to your generators. Not only that but if you ever need new parts for your generator, there is a WEN website which makes it easier for you to look for the needed parts. All parts have a picture, name and a number.

The Wen 56551 generator has normal maintenance parts. It has air filter replacements and recoil starter rope. There is even a spark arrestor and an automatic voltage regulator. The automatic voltage regulator produces clean and safe power for you to use.When you’re turning on the generator, one can easily notice that there is a low oil alert which shuts the engine in case of low oil levels. A digital hour counter can be found as well and this will let you see the length of the power at the time. When one connects a device to the control panel, there will be indicator lights which will automatically turn on every time to let you know that the outlets are being used.


This generator has a 379cc of engine capacity but it’s not compliant with CARB. This means you can’t use it in California. The generator has a power surge of 5500 watts and a running power of 5000 watts. The fuel tank can hold over 6 gallons of gas and can run for eleven hours at half of the load. One can also find wheels and a handle kit that comes with the generator. It’s also very easily transported from place to place without requiring a second person to it with.

Reportedly, the power output is easy to use and you can also find it easily. That’s because the Wen 56551 generator has 4 5-20R 12 volts of DC outlets. There is also one outlet of L 14-30R. The control panel that comes with it is also very easily operated. It even comes with a text which you can read and it will tell you where each device is supposed to be connected to. This feature is also great for the people that have never used a generator before.

The L14-30R receptacle twist-lock allows the 56551 generator to be transfer switch ready. This means one can easily connect the generator to a breaker box. That’s extremely useful to be used at home during a power outage. If you’re interested in dimension, then the length is 27.6’’, the width is 21.1 inches and the height is 22.11 inches. The design is very standard as it has an open frame so it also offers great durability and you can pick the generator up quite easily. This design should be ideal for tough environments and heavy outdoor use.


– Lightweight

– 11 hour of run time

– Decent fuel efficiency

– Durable

– Great for tough environments


– Non-CARB compliant

– Louder than most

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3. Pulsar PG6000

Pulsar PG6000 GeneratorThe Pulsar PG6000 is a great generator that is ideal for RV travellers who needs a little bit of independence as well as being used in households to power up devices during a power outage.
When it comes to its power and run time, this generator has an engine capacity of 302 cc which is around 10 hp. The engine is a four-stroke Ducar OHV managing to produce 120/240 volts. The generator runs on gas mainly and the running power is 5000 watts and the peak wattage is 6000 watts.

Noise Levels

When it comes to the generator’s noise levels, the noise rating is 72 dbA. One can say that it may be a little louder than your regular dishwasher. The generator can be powered with a standard pull mechanism. The fuel tank has a capacity of 6.6 gallons and will be able to run for thirteen-point-five hours at half of the load on a full tank. This means that estimated fuel consumption is around 0.49 GPH.


At the first look, one can see that the PG6000 has six AC Outlets which is quite impressive. There are two duplexes of 120 volts 20A (5-20 R). You can also find two receptacles one which is 120 volt 30A (L5-30R) and the other one is 120/240 volt 30A (L14-30R). There is one more outlet which a DC one with a 12 volt and 8A so you can even charge any of your devices.

Despite the PG6000 generator not supporting RV Ready, the L5-30R receptacle actually will support RV connection that can happen through an L5-30P to TT-30R adaptor. The L14-30R receptacle has a twist-lock so this automatically means that the generator is transfer switch ready. This twist-lock allows you to connect the generator to a breaker box during a power outage or a blackout.


Even though this generator is considered to be portable, it’s actually not that lightweight so it will be a little difficult to lift it up. It weighs 159 pounds so this explains why it will be difficult to transport it by yourself. However, the generator comes with a wheel kit and a folding handle so this should easily solve the problem and allow the generator to move more smoothly.


The generator has a very standard design as it has an open frame. The length is 27.5 ’’, the width is 21.1’’ and the height is 21.9” and these types of dimensions offer a great support so it will be possible to pick the generator up. The PG6000 can be incredibly useful in very rough and demanding environments.

Control Panel

The generator also comes with a control panel where you can follow the generator’s activity with easy. There is a meter that will show you the voltage, frequency and the lifetime hours. One can find that there is a light indicator as well which will light up in cases when the oil level is low. You can also measure the fuel level very easily because there is a built-in fuel gauge. The device also automatically shuts down when the oil levels are extremely low to prevent any damage. There is an overload protection or, in other words, a circuit breaker.


When it comes to its emissions, you’d be disappointed to find that it’s not CARB-compliant. However it is approved by EPA. So this also means that you can’t find it or sell it in California. On the other hand, the generator comes with a spark arrestor so you can use it in forested areas.


– Safety Features

– Covered Outlets

– Good warranty

– Transfer switch ready


– Not CARB-compliant

– Could be very heavy

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4. Champion 100496 5000W

Champion 100496 5000WChampion 100496 is great for RV travellers, homeowners or even professionals. The engine is 292 cc Champion four-stroke. The power that is delivered is 120 to 240 volts. The starting power is 5000 watts while the peak power is at 6,250 watts. The oil tank has a capacity of 5.7 gallons. This means the generator is able to run for 9 hours on half the load on a full tank.

When it comes to the noise rating, it is measured at 74 dBA. This doesn’t make it really quiet, if quiet at all. It can be said that the generator is even noisier than a dishwasher. It has a simple pull-start mechanism for starting it up. The fuel consumption is around 0.63 GPH.

The 100496 comes with five AC outlets and a twist lock. It is also a transfer switch ready generator. This means you can connect it to a breaker box during a power outage. The generator is quite big. It is 30.1 inches long, 25.7 inches wide and 25.2 inches high. It’s also quite heavy as it weighs 152.1 lbs. But, thankfully, it comes with a wheel kit.

The control panel features an Intelligauge meter. It will show voltage, frequency and lifetime hours. There is a Volt Guard protection and an automatic low oil shut-off. The generator is EPA-approved and CARB-compliant.


– Useful accessories

– Safety features

– Generally lightweight for its category

– Covered outlets


– Short run time

– Noisy

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5. Powerstroke PS906811P

Powerstroke PS906811P 5000 Watt GeneratorPowerstroke PS906811P is a great generator for jobsites. This means it is ideal for rough terrains. The starting power is at 6,250 watts while peak power is 5,000 watts. The oil tank is quite big, it can store up to 6 gallons of fuel. On a half load, the generator will be able to run for 9 hours.

The generator comes with four 120-volt outlets. There are also 20A outlets and one spin-lock 10A, 240-volt outlet. It has a foldable handle and it comes with a wheel kit as well. Thanks to the AVR or Automatic Voltage Regulator, it produces very clean energy. Other features include automatic low oil shut down, hour meter and circuit breakers.

The PS906811P is also quite heavy as it weighs 190 pounds. It is 28.5 inches long, 20.9 inches wide and 24.1 inches high. It comes with a 3-year warranty. The warranty includes both parts and labor. However, a 3-year warranty is only for personal use. But, for commercial use, the warranty is only one year.


– Good features

–  Many outlets

– Ideal for jobsites

– Great power


– Heavy

– Noisy

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6. Powermate PM0435005

Powermate PM0435005 5000 Watt GeneratorThanks to the OHC/OHV engine by Subaru, the PM0435005 has a great efficiency, power and is much less noisy than other generators in the category. The oil tank can store up to eight gallons of fuel. This means it can run for 14 hours hours on a half load in your home. Which is definitely more than enough.

The control panel the PM0435005 comes with is also extremely easy to use. It includes low oil shut-off and a noise muffler. When it comes to the outlets, there are four outlets of 120 volts and a twist lock 120 to 240 volts outlet. Due to these features, one will be able to use any sort of electronic device with this generator. It can also be used on work sites.

The PM0435005 generator has a very good build quality. Thanks to that, it can be used on very rough terrains and in extreme weather conditions. You will also be able to use it during a power outage and you can connect almost all electronic devices. The generator is mostly made out of metal, making it quite durable.

It also comes with a wheel kit which has very good padding. Due to its good padding, you will be able to move it around on any sort of terrains. However, the generator is quite heavy as it weighs 162 pounds although it is compact. It is 29.4 inches long, 2.1 inches wide and 24.5 inches high.


– Very good run time

– Easy to use control panel

– Ideal in rough conditions

– Portable

– Versatile

– Durable


– No electric start

– A bit Heavy

– No hour meter or voltmeter

– No DC outlet

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1. Do I really need a 5000-watt generator?

That depends on what appliance you want to power with the help of a generator. Check the start up and running wattage on the appliance. The start up wattage will tell you how much current the appliance needs to be powered with to start working. The running wattage, on the other hand, will tell you how much power the appliance needs to keep running. You need a 5000-watt generator if the start up wattage of your appliance doesn’t overcome the total power of the generator (5000 watts). You can check the start up wattage of the appliance on its label. However, if it’s not on the label, you can call its manufacturer and ask for information. Make sure that you get the information in watts or you won’t be able to know whether your appliance can be run by a 5000-watt generator.

If you are intending to run multiple appliances on the same generator, make sure that the sum of the start up wattage of all the appliances doesn’t overcome 5000 watts. Also, don’t use the generator on appliances that have a running wattage bigger than 5000 watts. Finally, if the sum of the running wattage of the appliances you intend to power with this generator is greater than 5000 watts, you’ll need a more powerful generator.


These were some of the best generators of 5,000 watts. Hopefully we have helped you in seeing both of their advantages and disadvantages. This article will help you in making an informed decision while buying an ideal one for you. Due to their great power, these generators are generally loud so it’s good to keep that in mind. Most of these are also quite heavy and not generally portable because of it. Although, all of them are quite durable.

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