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Not all generators work with the same fuel. Imagine buying a very good generator, but having to spend a lot of money to go and buy the fuel it works with from a far away store. Or how about all those times when you wanted to combine two types of fuel to make your generator more efficient, but weren’t able to do that because the generator didn’t support that option? These can be major inconveniences, and if you’re in a situation like this, it’s time to look for other options. The simplest but best solution to this problem would be to get a dual fuel generator. With a generator like this you’ll be able to use the two types of fuel of your preference both combined and separately. This is a more flexible option than other generators out there, and things are even easier when the generator is also portable. Just in case you were wondering what the best dual fuel portable generator was, here are our top three answers to that question

1. Champion 76533 Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Champion 76533 Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorBriefly on the Generator

This review will go over all the good and bad features of the Champion 76533 generator with a dual fuel which is very portable as well as RV ready with 3800 watts. This generator is quite impressive if we may say as it is incredibly affordable and it produces really good amount of power. Of course, there are some other things that puts this generator on top of the list.

How Powerful Is the 76533?

We should start off with the power output and the engine. The Champion 76533, like said in the title, has a duel fuel and is run on 3800 watts. It’s also powered by a dual fuel hybrid 224 cc engine. This generator, therefore, will be able to run either on gas and propage or, shortened, LPG. This is great news for those who really care about the environment.

There are a few advantages if you decide to use propane gas. One of the reasons is that it makes clean burning possible with low emissions. Another reason is that propane is much more easily transported or stored if you are looking to travel. Also propane doesn’t take much of space once you put it in a compressed form. The generator will also last you much longer with a propane tank than with a gas tank of the same size.

When it comes to the overall power output, the Champion 76533 generator has a running power of 3,800 watts and a startup load (peak power) of 4,750 watts. This power output is like that when you run the generator on gas. However, if you decide to use propane, the power will be less with 3,420 watts of running power and the 4,275 watts of peak power.

No matter which one you choose, you will be able to use any RV. You will also be able to power up any of the household electric devices in case of a blackout. If you’re a contractor or a farmer, you will be happy to find out that you can also power up several tools and the generator will be able to run most water pumps.

General Features?

The Champion 76533 generator has an electric starter. This is a great feature because it’s much more user-friendly and it’s much better for cold weather. A lot of people have problems with starting up a recoil starter but this generator won’t require you to know how to start the recoil starter.

The gas tank can store up three-point-four gallons of oil. This means it can run for six to nine hours (6 hours will be on 60% of the load, 7 hours on the 75% of the load). However this is on gas, but with a 20LB propane tank, you will be able to run it for 10 hours even.

When it comes to power outlets, the generator has one RV power outlet of 120 volt and one 30A locking outlet. There are also two outlets which are standard made for household of 120 volt. There are circuit breakers that cover these outlets. The VoltGuard Technology is built in as well which is great help in protecting electronic devices in case of a voltage surge.

You will be able to find that there is a digital display which shows voltage, running hours and frequency. There are other features such as a low-oil shut off sensor and a USDA approved spark arrestor. The generator is approved by EPA and CARB-compliant and can be used in all 50 states of the US.

Noisy or Not?

If you’re interested in how loud the generator is, you will be impressed by this generator. In fact, the Champion 76533 generator is one amazingly quiet generator despite its size. With 23 feet way, this generator has a noise rate of 68dBA. This can be compared to the noise of a regular talking voice. On a bad note, this generator might be a little heavy for some however it is incredibly sturdy and comes with a large engine. But it is still quite durable and very portable as it comes with a wheel kit.


– VoltGuard Technology

– Incredibly portable

– Very powerful

– Quiet

– RV ready

– Good runtime power


– Can be quite heavy

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2. Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorWhy Do You Need the WGen9500DF For?

The WGen9500DF generator is very powerful and portable generator. It is designed mainly for people who own food vans, people participating in sports, open-air performances, outdoor activities as well as professionals who are dealing with work of high intensity and lighting equipment.

Considering it is a dual fuel generator, this makes the generator very versatile. Just like the previous one, it runs on either gas or propane. The running wattage on gas is 9,500 watts and a peak power is 12,500 watts. However, if you decide to use propane, the running power is 8,500 watts and the peak power is at 11,200 watts.

How to Start It Up

Starting it up is quite easy as well because the WGen9500DF generator has a very typical pull-start mechanism. Not only that but it is very convenient because it also has an electric starter and it even comes with a battery. When it comes to noise levels, it is at 73 dbA which one would say is a little louder than dishwasher. So, you wouldn’t say it’s the quietest one out there. This generator can also be remotely started and comes with a key fob as well.

Features and Operation

The oil tank of the generator can store up six-point-six gallons of oil and will be able to run for 17.5 hours when the tank is fully filled with gas. This means that the fuel consumption is around 0.38 GPH. However, if you decide to use propane, the generator will be able to run for eleven hours and the propane consumption will be at 0.43 GPH on a 20 lbs tank. Unfortunately, the generator isn’t really ideal for sensitive electronic device because it has a high THD.

The WGen9500 comes with the control panel that have six AC Outlets. There are two duplexes 120V 20A GFCI (5-20R) as well as two receptacles, one of which is 120/240 volt 30A (L13-30R) and another which is 120/240 volt 40A (14-50R). One will be able to find two of DC outlets with five volt USB ports that can be used to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The twist-lock is also included with a L14-30R receptacle and it’s transfer switch ready – great for blackouts.

Despite it being considered portable, the generator is quite heavy as it weighs 220 lbs so it’s really hard to just pick it up off the ground. However, when you purchase the generator, you also get a wheel kit and a folding handle which makes the whole issue much easier. The WGen9500DF also comes with a built-in fuel gauge and overload protection as well as low oil-shut off.

When you purchase it, you also get an owner’s manual with the basic documentation. This is very good because it is very helpful for beginners. You also get a tool kit, propane hose and oil. The generator is also approved by EPA and CARB-compliant. There is also a spark arrestor so one can use it in forested areas.


– Great runtime

– EPA and CARB compliant

– Can be started up with electric starter or remote starter

– RV Ready

– Great protection


– Can be quite noisy

– Isn’t ideal for sensitive devices

– A little heavy

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3. RAINIER R12000DF Dual Fuel Generator

RAINIER R12000DFWhat to Use the RAINIER R12000DF For

Being able to purchase a reliable generator is always important when purchasing one. The Rainier R12000DF generator has a dual fuel as well as an electric starter. This generator can either be used in peace in your home as well as your business place or a camping side. The R12000DF can be used to power up your air conditioner, sump pump, kitchen appliances, different tools etc. This generator is also ideal for RV travellers as well.

How Powerful Is This Generator?

Due to the dual fuel the generator has, you will be able to enjoy a very good and quite impressive power output. Considering it can be powered up by either propane or gasoline, it produces different output in both cases. In case you decide to use gas, the running power of the generator will be 9,500 watt. The starting power will be 12,000 watts. On the other hand, if you decide to use propane, it will be 8,500 of running watts and starting power of 10,800 watts.

Should You Be Worried About Its Noise Level?

If you’re interested in how loud the generator is, it is true that the R12000DF generator can be a little bit noisy. That’s because the noise rating is at 74 dBA. So, it can be said it is a little louder than a dishwasher. There is also a very standard and tradition pull-start mechanism. You can also use an electric starter to power up your generator. The generator also comes with the battery for it as well.

About Its Key Features and Specifications

The R12000DF generator has an oil tank which can store up to 6.6 gallons of fuel. This means that if it’s running on gasoline on a full tank, it will be able to last for seventeen hours. In this case, the fuel consumption will be at 0.39 GPH. However, when using propane, the generator will be able to go for eleven hours and in this scenario, the propane consumption is at 0.43 GPH. It has a quite high THD, so connecting any sort of sensitive electronic devices is definitely not the best idea.

This generator also features a control panel that has five different AC outlets. There is a duplex of 120 volt 20A GFCI (5-20R) as well as two receptacles, one of which is 120/240 volt 30A (L13-30R) and another which is 120/240 volt 40A (14-50R). If you want to use the generator for RV, you’re going to need an adapter.

You will be able to connect your RV via an L5-30P to TT-30R adaptor. This generator is also transfer switch ready because it has a twist-lock L14-30R receptacle. This is ideal in situations such as power outages as you can very easily connect it to your breaker box.

Is the RAINER R12000DF Portable?

If you’re interested in the measurements in case of transport, the Rainer R12000DF has a length of 12 inches, width of 23.5 inches and height of 24 inches. The design is very standard as it has an open frame design so it automatically ensures the stability of the model and you will also be able to lift it up. One can also use the generator for tough environments and heavy outdoor usage.

The R12000DF generator is quite heavy despite it being titled as portable so you will definitely need some help. It weighs around 196 lbs so it’s obvious that it’s not that easy to pick it up and bring it places. However, once you purchase the generator, you get a wheel kit and a folding handle too and it does provide great help and solves the issue with ease.

Some Other Features of the Generator

When it comes to some other features, one will be able to access the generator’s status by using the control panel that comes with it. It’s incredibly easy to use and very convenient because it will display for you the voltage, frequency and even lifetime hours. You will also find that it has a fuel gauge which is built inside. If you don’t know, this feature will help you in checking what gas level is the generator at with ease.

If one is interested in the overall security, the R12000DF features a low oil shut-off. This feature will turn off the engine immediately in case the oil level is too low because if not, it can cause seriouas dmage to the engine itself. There is also an overload protection or, in other words, circuit breaker. Once you purchase it, when it arrives you get the set of documentation as well as owner’s manual. This is great for beginners as it is very easy to follow though. You also get a propane hose in the package where the generator is stored.

Another great thing when it comes to the generator is that you can use it in all 50. This includes California, too. This is because this generator is approved by EPA and compliant with CARB. This also means you can either sell it or purchase it in California. The R12000DF generator also comes with a spark arrestor. This is one great feature because you will be able to use in any forested areas.


– Electric start

– Approved in all 50 states

– Spark arrestor

– Stable and durable

– Automatic low-oil shutoff

– 17.5 hours of run time


– No remote start

– Low fuel efficiency

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1. Are dual fuel generators the same as bi-fuel generators?

No, they are not. Duel fuel generators are called that because they can use two different types of fuel at the same time to power your devices and electric appliances. When you’re powering something with a duel fuel generator, you have to mix the two types of fuels on your own. You can choose to put as much or as little from each fuel as you deem to be necessary for a certain situation. However, you can also choose to let your generator run on one type of fuel only by not mixing it with a different type of fuel.

When it comes to bi-fuel generators, they use two types of fuel, but they alternate between them automatically. These kinds of generators toggle between the two fuels depending on the which type of fuel is more suitable to power a device at a given moment.

2. Is it cheaper to use propane or gas for my generator?s?

It is usually gas that is the cheaper option.


These are just some of the best dual fuel portable generators. These types of generators are incredibly useful for all sorts of different activities as they are very convenient. Hopefully you will be able to make an informed decision.

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