Best Electric Snow Shovel Review

Winters can be challenging in some areas, and cleaning the snow with a regular shovel is painful and annoying. Waking up earlier and breaking your back while cleaning the snow is not cool. With today’s technology, we have Electric shovels that can save you more effort and time.

An electric snow shovel is a medium between breaking your back and breaking the bank. There are many electric snow shovels, and they all claim to be the best. But let’s be honest, not all of them have the same quality and durability.

What Is an Electric Snow Shovel?

An electric snow shovel is a device that is powered either by a cord or battery pack to accommodate power to a rotating drill that helps launch and cast smaller amounts of snow out of your way.

These are standard tools to use on decks, patios, stairs, sidewalks, and small paths due to their lightweight and miniature width.

Unlike a conventional snow shovel, an electric snow shovel does not need you to uplift or toss the weight of the snow you are moving and can clean snow much more instantly and with a lot less stress.

Larger snow blowers need room to store and maneuver. They’re much more extensive and need constant maintenance. An electric snow shovel is small, lightweight, and impartially powerful, plus it can get into sections a snowblower cannot.

Today we are talking about the best electric snow shovels that can save your annoying snow job. Let’s see what we have prepared.

Top Electric Snow Shovels

1. Toro 38361 Power Shovel

This electric shovel is quite impressive. With Toro 38361 electric shovel, cleaning the snow won’t be a problem anymore.
Let’s start with its throwing capacity, which has a rate of 300 lbs. per minute. Toro electric shovel has a 7.5-amp motor, but don’t let that deceive you. This Electric shovel is created to do its job and does it well.

Toro 38361 electric shovel is a light-duty snow thrower with a mono-auger and dual blade. This electric shovel is corded, so you will have to buy the cord separately. It comes with a cord lock that holds the cord attached so that a tug will not yank it off.

An interesting fact about this electric shovel is that it has a telescopic handle. That gives you the ability to control the direction of the throw. It directs the snow to the front and throws it up to 20 feet away. This electric shovel cuts 6 inches deep and 12 inches wide, impressive according to other electric shovels.

The thing that is the most important is the weight. This snow thrower weighs 13 pounds. This weight is the minimum weight for an electric shovel. It’s effortless to move it from one place to another.

This electric shovel has small wheels, but that is also not a problem, and pushing it ahead does not require too much effort. Toro’s electric snow shovel glides easily on almost any surface like pavement, wood surfaces, and many more.

There is minor negativity about this electric shovel. While using it on a thick snow t can jam easily. That will cost you some time to unclog it. Also, when the snow is thick, it might be hard to control the throw’s direction, and it will spray all over the place.


  • Users with different heights can use the shovel thanks to its telescopic handle
  • It is straightforward to move it around because it is light weighted
  • The cord lock is very effective for keeping the cord in place
  • Warranty of 24 months


  • It will be hard to turn on when you are wearing gloves

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2. Earthwise SN70016 Electric Snow Shovel

Earthwise electric shovel comes on top of the list. This shovel can clear a slightly bigger width than many of the models. Its cutting width is about 16 inches, definitely better than the 13 inches maximum that most small snow shovels come.

Earthwise SN70016 snow thrower comes in with a powerful 12-Amps (120 Volts) motor, suitable for heavier snow. We recommend this electric snow shovel because it cuts up to 8 inches deep, which is pretty fantastic. The Earthwise SN70016 Electric snow thrower has an excellent throwing distance of 30 feet.

Earthwise electric shovel has large wheels, so you can quickly move it on any surface.The SN70016 has a central handle designed for long hours of work. Guess what! It also has an extra handle, which allows you to apply more force while clearing.

Even though we use the sow Thrower seasonal, everyone needs a durable product. The shovel has a durable steel handle with a coating on top to prevent corrosion.

Earthwise has a corded or cordless version. It depends on you which will you chose. When buying a corded one, you will receive a 16-inch cord. Maybe the cord is a bit small. But it is still effective for us.


  • High cleaning rating up to 430 pounds per minute
  • 16 inches width path
  • This electric shovel is easy to usage
  • Throwing distance up to 30 feet


  • While cleaning the snow on windy days, it will blow it back onto the path you’ve already cleared

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3. Snow Joe ION13SS Electric Snow Shovel

This shovel comes in two models. Corded and cordless, it depends on you which you will buy.

You will have 52 minutes of shoveling time with the cordless one because of its 40-Volt Lithium-ion cells. We recommend the cordless one because you won’t have to worry about tangling cords. You won’t have to pull cords, do engine tune-ups or even add oil.

The ION13SS has a double-blade design paddle, and we all know how crucial the paddle is. The most important thing you will be happy about is throwing the snow up to 20 feet away. This shovel is designed for a faster job and has a blade that cuts 6 inches deep. For the widget, it goes to 13 inches wide.


  • You won’t have worries about emissions, oil, or gas leaks
  • It tosses the snow up to 20 feet
  • Very light and easy to move from one place to another
  • You can quickly put it together
  • It is cordless


  • The handle can shifts in your hands while working on heavy snow
  • The battery shield sometimes opens when in use

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4. Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

This mid-range electric snow blower is ideal for the most extensive winter snow clearing tasks. It has an excellent 15-amp motor that will remove up to 650 pounds of snow per minute. Price and specs-wise, it’s very comparable to the Greenworks Snow Thrower, though it offers a lightly shorter clearing width and max snow removal capability.

Even so, many reviewers think of it as an overall rugged machine that’s able to deal with frozen snow slopes as well as freshly settled snow. Many also enjoy its included LED lights for early morning snow clearing. As with other snow blowers, you’ll need to afford a power cord.

If you’re trying to choose between the Snow Joe and the Greenworks model, it’s worth paying slightly more for the Snow Joe’s more compelling motor and more sturdy build.


  • Wide snow shoveling range
  • Multi-directional snow chute
  • Low maintenance necessary
  • Comes with a light for night usage
  • Include a clog removal tool


  • The light could be better
  • Some users claim they need to push it hard enough for it to work properly

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5. Greenworks Electric Snow Shovel

This product is a corded snow shovel meant for walkways, driveway, and other outdoor spaces. With minimal effort, you will do a vast amount of work.

Greenworks electric shovel has a motor with an 8-amp output. We recently mentioned the importance of the paddle, and this is yet another two-bladed product. This electric shovel weighs around 14 pounds, and you can quickly move it around. The width is 12 inches, and the depth is 6 inches. An interesting fact is that you can use it on uneven floors and surfaces.

Because this is a corded one and comes with one advantage, there is no cord length limitation. That can be useful for your long driveway. Also, this is a plug-and-go one, and it won’t need any warming up. Depending on the thickness of the snow, it can throw the snow between 10 and 15 feet.


  • Easy to put together, even if you are inexperienced
  • Four years warranty
  • It is lightweight in case you need to move it
  • It cleans the snow up to 4 inches
  • Very affordable


  • It throws snow in one direction
  • Slightly heavy

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6. Greenworks Pro Heavy-Duty Snow Thrower

When experiencing heavy snow in winter, you need to try the Greenworks heavy-duty snow thrower. This product is a corded one, and it can cut up to 20 inches. If you are curious about the engine, it’s an 80-V brushless motor.

A remarkable detail about Greenworks Pro Heavy-Duty Snow Throwers is that it is almost silent, even when cleaning deep snow. Lasting a long time with minimal care and maintenance is the other benefit of this brushless motor.

When experiencing heavy snow, you will need a snow thrower that can cut deep, and this one can cut up to 10 inches deep. It can also clear up to 20 inches in width, which is more than the other snow throwers on the market. This snow thrower is modified to throw the snow up to 20 to 30 feet in distance.

Another helpful thing about this electric snow shovel, you can rotate it at an angle of up to 180 degrees, which gives you the ability to throw the snow in any direction you want. You won’t have to worry about running out of battery because you can see the battery’s status with the LED light.

With this snow-throwing shovel, you can work about 45 minutes because of the new modified 2Ah Lithium-ion battery equipped on it. Don’t let this length of time deceive you. The width of 20 inches and depth of 10 inches will give you the ability to clear a lot in one go. This snow thrower has a good ground clearance and allows you to clean on uneven surfaces in your driveway or yard.

Greenworks Pro Heavy-Duty Snow Thrower has six-inch wheels. That will help a lot because your job will be easier and you won’t have to apply much force.

There is one thing that is a bit annoying about this product. Customer service is slow, and you will need to wait for a while to ask the questions you may have. Besides, the price of this thrower is a bit on the high end.


  • Thanks to the brushless motor, the snow thrower is quiet while operating
  • You can buy spare batteries
  • High ability to clean areas with heavy snowfalls
  • It is foldable, so you can easily store it
  • It has an excellent clearing width and depth for faster work


  • It has customer service
  • The battery running time could be better

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7. EGO Power+ Electric Snow Blower

The EGO Power+ packs a severe snow-blowing punch. The company wins points for its durable design, batteries that are interchangeable between products, and the strength to move massive amounts of snow without flaming gasoline.

They sell it as the only cordless snow blower that can contend with gas and packs 56 volts of snow discharge potential in its two ARC Lithium batteries, which are inside any EGO product.

This feature supposedly makes it capable of clearing heavy, wet snow rather than just the fluffy fall most other electric snow blowers can handle. The system also carries LED lights for more natural use in all-weather situations.

The EGO Power+ boasts an incredible 21-inch removing width and can toss snow up to 35 feet for effective clearing. It also includes several more steel parts than its competitors. Each battery charge will purportedly serve long enough to clean a ten-car driveway covered with eight inches of snow.

EGO Power+ is likely slaughter for most people searching for an electric snow blower, but it compares well to similarly-priced gas-powered systems. Still better, it does so without the harsh noise and lethal fumes. Just keep in mind that this product weighs a hefty 55 pounds, which means you need some muscle to move it favorably.


  • ProsWill start quickly on cold days
  • No pull-start
  • Lightweight and can fold up for convenient storage
  • Less long-term sustenance responsibilities


  • This product is a bit heavy

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Snow Shovel Guide

You might want to consider some features before buying an electric snow shovel, especially when you need to spend a large amount of money. There are many snow throwers on the market, but not all can perfectly serve their purpose. But don’t worry, we will go through all the specifications that one snow shovel needs to be perfect.

Throwing Distance and Effectiveness

Many snow throwing shovels can throw the snow ahead. Some throw it to the right or the left. When you search for an electric snow shovel, you might consider buying an adjustable chute. With that kind of shovel, you can adjust the snow in which direction you want or in the direction most supported by the wind.

In situations where there is a wind, it might return all the snow in the path you have cleared. So the chief factor before spending your money must be the throwing range and Effectiveness.

Cutting Depth and Width

These capabilities are the second specification you need to review. People with long driveways should pay even more attention to this part because even a 1-inch in width or depth matters quite a lot.

You will need a snow thrower with at least a 13-inch cutting width and 6 inches of depth for light to medium snowfall.

You will need a snow thrower with 16 inches or higher and a cutting depth of 10 inches for heavy snowfall.

Price and Warranty

Sometimes you can buy a cheap snow thrower, but it can serve you a long time. These days prices of the snow throwers rise higher as the features increase. Electric snow shovels with a width of 20 inches cost more than throwers with a cutting width of 13 inches. Another thing that increases the snow thrower’s price is the extra parts such as a handle for support, telescoping handle, and more.

It would be best if you also considered the warranty. The warranty starts at 2 to 4 years, and it is an indication of how confident a manufacturer is in their product.

Power Source

Every electric snow thrower comes in a corded or cordless version.

Corded – When it comes to the corded one, you might want to ensure that it has a cord lock. The cord lock guarantees that the cord won’t come off and cause a bunch of problems. And one last suggestion, Find a snow thrower with a long power cord, so you can be able to clean the whole driveway.

Cordless – Usually, the cordless ones are strong and powerful. Some of the products above have a runtime of 60 minutes. We can tell you to be careful and avoid power snow shovels with lead-acid batteries. Consider buying one with a lithium-ion battery because they have a longer runtime.

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