Best Generator for Food Truck

Electric generators and food trucks have been best buddies for years now. Nothing personal here, electric power, but you are not always around when our food trucks need you the most. And even when you are around, an electric generator is just more convenient for a food truck than you are sometimes.

There is not messing around when food is in question. You want it well-frozen, well-cooked and, ultimately, well served. This applies to all kinds of food and all the different food truck businesses, and, in fact, if you treat the food in your food truck badly, you’re exposing your food business to an inevitable catastrophe. Furthermore, if your truck is not somehow powered, how do you even expect your food truck business to be sustainable?

As we mentioned, electric generators can come in handy when you run your restaurant on wheels. And if you want to take good care of your business competitors the best way possible, you need to get yourself the best generator for food truck out there. We think that our best generator suggestions might shed some light on which generators you should consider buying

1. Honda EU7000iS

Honda EU7000iS - Best Generator For Food Truck

A Brief Outlook Into the Advantages and Disadvantages of the EU7000iS

Honda definitely produces one of the most high quality generators out there especially the EU inverter generator series. These series of generators provide you with very compact and quiet generator and the EU7000iS is no different. There are tons of advantages to buy an inverter generator however this is not the most affordable option for you if you are on a budget. On the other hand, this generator is definitely worth considering buying for your food truck.

Design and Portability of the Generator

One might think that the EU7000iS generator may be too small for its size but it is actually quite portable making it ideal for food truck owners. Its measurements are 33.4 inches in length, 27.4 inches in width and 28.4 inches in height. So this is a truly compact generator weighing only 261 pounds. Although, it can still be considered heavier than most inverter generators, but on the bright side, you do get a wheel kit. There are also two fold-down handles that you can use to pull the generator.

Noise Levels

One of the best things about the Honda EU7000is is that it’s actually incredibly quiet it is. It’s really amazing how quiet one engine can run, it is like no other model. In fact, the estimated noise rate of the generator is only 58 dB. And, what’s even better about it is that if it is a quarter load, the noise can be at 52 decibels which is truly silent. This can also be compared to an average conversation between two people but even that is louder than the generator as it reaches 60 decibels of noise. So, all in all, the generator is quieter than even a regular conversation.

Energy Efficiency

The Honda EU7000is generator also has amazing energy efficiency. There is nothing unusual about it, it’s still regular for the category but it’s still pretty good. The oil tank can store up to 5.1 gallons of gas. When the load is at 50 percent, the run time of the generator will be at six-point-five hours with a full tank. On the other hand, when the load is at 25 percent, the generator will be able to run for 18 hours even.

What Is the Smart Fuel Injection Technology?

There is yet another very useful feature that comes with this generator. The same feature is used on Honda GX390 model. This type of feature is called smart fuel injection technology which makes the generator far more efficient in fuel. This technology will also reduce carburetor problems and reduce the need for a choke. This type of engine is what makes this model, and other models of Honda, so reliable.

About the Power of This Generator

When it comes to the rated power, the Honda EU7000iS will give you power of 5,500 watts and the surge power is at 7,000 watts. This more than enough for most food truck owners. There is also a possibility to double the power output and make it be 11,000 watts which is 14,000 of surge watts. In order to do that, there is a parallel kit that comes with generator which is great if you want to power up household appliances like a fridge or a stove.

Control Panel

The Honda EU7000iS also features a control panel which has two amp outlets of two GFCI and 20 amp. There are also two locking outlets, one of them is 30 amp of 125 V locking outlet and the other one is 30 amp 123/250 V. On a more negative note, you won’t be able to charge any of your batteries as this model doesn’t come with a DC outlet.

However, there are other useful features.The generator comes with a built-in I-monitor which will help you to control the generator. It will display the running hours, output, engine speed, voltage and maintenance diagnostics of the generator. This is actually very useful as it will remind you when you need to have another routine maintenance. With this, you will also be able to know if the generator is going to need any repairs.

Some Other Features of the Generator

There are also other very standard and typical features such as low-oil shut off, indicator lights and fuel gauge. The generator also has an electric start and all you need to do to switch it on is push a button. It is also CARB-compliant and has a highest EPA rating which is quite impressive. So, you will be able to use it in all 50 states.


– Lightweight and very portable

– The run time is ideal for food trucks

– Extremely quiet

– Effortless starting

– Useful features


– No DC outlets for charging

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2. Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 Generator For Food Truck

Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 Generator For Food TruckIs the 30675 Q6500 Powerful?

The Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 is actually a very sophisticated generator with actually being one of the best ones in that category. One of the greatest things about this generator is that it’s both inverter and can power up large appliances as well. Most inverter generator can’t do that because they have a low power output which is always very rarely more than 3,500 watts. This makes the generator being at an advantage as it is both an inverter and conventional portable generator so all in one.

Unfortunately with all this mix combined there have to be a few negative things to say about the generator. For Example, it is considered portable, it’s actually quite heavy and because it provides more power, the generator isn’t considered to be one of the quietest out there. However, these are just a few cons, there are more positive things to say about this generator.

Like it was mentioned earlier, the Q6500 produces a lot of power, even more than your regular inverter generator. That being said, its peak power is at 6,500 watts and the running power is at 5,000 watts. The generator is so powerful that it can rival a portable generator of a mid-size category. However, that was actually the point when creating the Q6500.


This generator also has a very unique design but in a positive way of course. It can be compared to animal-shaped suitcases that are made for children. When it comes to its measurements, the Q6500’s length is at 25.5 inches, the width is at 21 inches and the height is at 21.4 inches. It also features a telescopic handle which you can pull.


This is one of the most portable generators, making it ideal for food truck owners. Especially those who put emphasis on portability and don’t have much space in their trucks. Apart from the handle, the generator also comes with built-in wheels which are quite durable and heavy-duty. This means the wheels are ideal for harsh terrain as well. The Q6500 weight 128 pounds making it pretty lightweight as well.


There are a lot of outlets that come with it, too. There are four of 120 volt 20A outlets, two USB outlets which can be used for charging as well as one 120 volt/ 240 volt locking outlet ideal for construction tools. The generator can be used for RV to with the use of an adapter which you can connect to the locking outlet. The noise level is at 66 dB. This doesn’t make it too quiet but it’s still better than generator with 70+ decibels of noise level.

Noise Levels

The Q6500 comes with Quiet Power Technology as well which reduces the noise the generator makes, making it even quieter than it is. You can use a switch to adjust the engine speed and then it will adjust to the load. This feature makes the energy more efficient as well. The noise-cancelling precaution is made out of steel and keeps the noise inside. It also protects the internal parts of the generator.

Run Time

On a quarter load, the Q6500 can run even up to 14 hours on a full gas tank. The oil tank can store up to five gallons of oil. You can also leave the generator to run throughout the night and there will be no problems thanks to its runtime. The warranty lasts 24 months, which is two years. Most average generators have longer warranty and this means this one is made to last.

Type of Starter

Unfortunately, the generator doesn’t have an electric start which is common for inverter generators. The electric start has proved to be far easier to use especially for beginners. This means the generator only has a manual recoil starter. The Q6500 also has a control panel that has an LED display that shows you the power usage and a fuel gauge of the generator. WIth this information, you will also know the lifetime of the generator.


It also shuts down automatically in cases of low oil level and it features an automatic voltage regulator. Also, another downside, it is not CARB-compliant so you can’t use it, sell it, purchase it in California. Sadly, it’s not parallel capable which isn’t a big deal but there would be far more power if it was on top of already a lot of power.


– Extremely lightweight and portable

– A lot of useful outlets

– Amazing run time

– Very powerful

– Reliable

– Built-in wheels


– Not CARB-compliant

– No electric start

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3. DuroMax XP12000EH

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator

The DuroMax XP12000EH in a Nutshell

Duromax XP12000EH is an amazing generator for food trucks that require a lot more power and small generator just won’t do. It’s also great home backup generator. Not only is it affordable but also quite versatile and it will run most of your appliances at home. The running power of the generator is at 9,500 watts while the peak power is at 12,000 watts on gasoline. Considering it is dual fuel generator, it can run on propane too, so the surge power on it at 11,400 watts and the running power is 9,025 watts.

On Its Design and How to Start It

Not only can it be run using two different fuels, there are two different ways you can start the generator. This means there is a both recoil start as well as electrical start. This makes it one very convenient and easy-to-use generator. The build is quite strong too because it is made out of steel frame and the wheels have a solid fill. This means you can use it on any tougher terrain as well. So as well as using it at home or apartment, the generator can be perfect for working sites as well due to its durability.

Capacity of the Fuel Tank

When it comes to the capacity of the fuel tank, the generator can store up to 8.3 gallons of gas. However, when it comes to propane, it can store up to 40 gallons. The run time is quite long. It can also run for 10 hours on gasoline at 50% of the load on a full tank. On the propane, the generator will be able to run for 20 hours on 50% on a full tank.

Run Time

Obviously, the run time is incredibly long, this is ideal for homes and apartments especially if the power outage lasts for a very long time. That is usually the case in cold weather and extreme conditions. Considering that this generator can use both gasoline and propane, this makes the generator quite convenient.

Control Panel

The Duromax XP12000EH also comes with its own control panel. The control panel will allow you to keep track of your oil and fuel levels. There are also indicator lights showing you when the oil is very low. There is also a possibility to make engine runs more efficiently and quietly. This can be done by using an idle control program using a switch.

By using the control panel, the user can also see that there is a colt meter and a turning knob which is designed for MX2 switch. There is a circuit breaker as well for extra protection as well as a DC protector that can be used for charging your devices. One can also find four different types of outlets on the control panel. There are two GFCI 20 amp outlets as well as one 50 amp power outlets and a 120 volts 30 amp twist lock and a receptacle 120 volt/240 volt alternative.


– Dual Fuel

– Two starters

– Four different types of outlets

– Long run time

– Dependable


– Poor packaging and rough handling

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4. Westinghouse iGen4500DF

Westinghouse iGen4500DFThe IGEn4500DF generator has dual-fuel and is also very compact. This makes it a really good option for food truck owners. Especially for those who don’t demand a lot of power for their equipment. One can also choose between propane or gasoline to power up.

What’s also great is that there is not much difference between the two fuels. When it comes to gas, the generator will run at 3,700 watts. And, when it comes to gasoline, it will run at 3,330 watts. It can also be said that there is a good fuel efficiency if you decide to use gas. The generator will be able to run for 18 hours on a 3-gallon oil tank.

The 224cc four-stroke engine makes the iGen4500DF very quiet. The noise rating is only below 52 decibels on low power outputs. It can also be compared to the noise Honda generators make. This generator also comes with a lot of different outlets. Some of these outlets are 120V-30A outlet which is great for appliances that are high currency.

One will be able to find two USB charging ports. With the use of the USB ports, you will be able to charge several smaller electronics. There is also a 12-volt DC outlet which is great for charging batteries. On a downside, you won’t be able to switch to 220 volts or higher if you want.

In order to start it up, you need to push a button. This makes it very easy for starting up. So, all in all, the iGen4500DF generator is quite small and very portable. It also comes with a handle and a wheel kit for better portability. The warranty is of one year for commercial uses.


– Dual fuel

– Easy start up

– Fuel-efficient on gas

– Useful outputs

– Portable

– Very quiet


– Can’t switch to 220 volts

– One-year warranty

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5. Yamaha EF7200DE

Yamaha EF7200DEYamaha EF7200DE is a great option for those on a budget. It also has a really great fuel efficiency, like most of the generators in this article. The engine comes with iron cylinders which helps with heat dissipation. It has a recoil start and there is a 12-volt button for it. There is a transistor-controlled ignition which makes the generator start quickly and easily.

The Yamaha EF7200DE is not demanding to maintain. It is also very reliable. There is also an automatic oil indicator. This indicator will automatically shut down the generator in case of low oil levels. This feature also protects the generator from damaging and, in that way, avoiding repairing. It will allow the generator to last longer and make it more durable.

The engine is a 358cc four-stroke Yamaha MZ360 OHV. The generator can also only run on gasoline while producing 120 to 240 volts of power. The starting power is at 6000 watts and the peak power is at 7,200 watts. When it comes to the noise levels, the rating is 74.5 dBA. This doesn’t make the generator one of the quietest generators. It is only slightly quieter than a vacuum cleaner.

Apart from the recoil starter, the generator also has an electric one. The electric starter also comes with a battery once you purchase it. There is also a pull-start mechanism. So you will be able to choose whatever option is the easiest for you. But if you want to start it remotely, you will need to buy it separately.
The oil tank of Yamaha EF7200 can store up to 6.9 gallons of oil. This means it will be able to run for 12 hours even on half the load on a fully filled tank. According to that, the fuel consumption will be around 0.58 GPH.


– Good run time

– Several ways to start it up

– Good fuel efficiency


– Heavy

– Not exactly quiet

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1. How will I know if the oil level is low?

You should be checking whether there’s enough oil in the crankcase while the engine is cold. This is when you’ll get the most trustworthy readings. If you notice the level of oil in the crankcase is low, you can add some oil in it. If there is enough oil, you don’t need to add more oil to your engine. Remember to change the oil if it doesn’t have its unique amber color, though.

2. Is it safe to use my generator during inclement weather?

Some people use tents to put a running generator in when the weather is bad. Remember, generators will be okay in the presence of water for only a short time. Also, keep in mind that a generator also needs to be properly ventilated in order to function properly. We would suggest you don’t use the generator in bad weather conditions to avoid any potential problems.


These were some of the best generators for food trucks and hopefully you will be able to choose the best generator for you.

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