Best Hand Crank Generator

Hand crank generators are ideal to be used on vacations as well as using them on your smaller electronics. So, in case you are looking to buy one, this article will provide you with the best hand crank generator.

1. HUABAN Hand Crank Generator

HUABAN Hand Crank GeneratorOne of the best hand-cranked generators is definitely HUABAN Hand Crank Generator. One can see that it has 4.1 starts on Amazon. That’s because the generator is very practical and handy and due to that it’s very popular. This generator stores up to 28 volts of power. This means you can easily charge any battery without any problems. But only with an average of five to 28 volts direct current.

The generator is easily powered up. One can very easily and quickly crank at an amplified torque. There is also a possibility of lowering the revolutions per minute or, in other words, RPM. So, even when you lower the RPM, the same amount of power will be delivered. However, it is going to be in minimal time.

The generator also doesn’t come with a built-in battery which might be problematic for some. On the other hand, if you have your own battery, you can connect it along with your other devices directly. The reason why you would be able to do it is because there are alligator chips, USB 2.0 plug and a mini USB plug.

Other than that, the generator is very lightweight and easily handled. The company also ships for free by DHL if it’s shipped from China. The maximum power is at 30 watts with a 0-28 volts of output power. The rated power is at 1.5-2 Amp and the maximum current is at 3 Amp.The HUABAn Hand Crank generator is 106 mm long, 64 mm wide and 9 mm high. It also weighs around 480 grams which is 1.05 lbs.

The package it comes with also has a regulator, one 12 mm Aviation Socket as well as an alligator Clip 5.5 mm Plug. The HUABAN Hand Crank generator is entirely made out of aluminum alloy material, making it quite durable. There are also many output ports.


– Lightweight and handy

– Free shipping from China

– Good power output

– Many output ports

– Durable


– Not build-in battery

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2. Powertraveller Crankmonkey Mobile Generator

Powertraveller Crankmonkey Mobile GeneratorPowetraveller Crankmonkey is the second on the list of one of the best hand crank generators. It is a very portable generator. It doesn’t rely on the presence of the mains electricity, batteries or the sunshine. Therefore, it means it runs independently. All one needs to do is crank up power production and they are good to go. The generator will start charging your devices.

The generator produces the power instantly. It has also been reported that just by hand cranking for 10 minutes will be enough for a phone call. The Crankmonkey Mobile generator’s phone charger has a wind up system for generating power. It is ideal for emergencies such as being a part of a rescue team on a mountain. Or, even if you are in distress on a yacht at sea or even stuck in the blizzard. These are not the most common cases but it’s always good to be prepared.

The charger doesn’t come with batteries inside. However, it comes with micro and mini USB adapters as well as a USB port suitable for most cables, even new or older iPhones are compatible. So, all you need to do is plug the battery in one of those ports and wind the detachable handle.

The charger can be used for devices of five volts. One can use the micro USB output that comes with it to charge their smartphone as well as GPS devices, action cams and even head-torches. This also is ideal for rescue teams on a mountain, but also for climbers, skiers and sailors in emergencies. If one only charges their phone for two minutes, one will be able to call someone for ten minutes. You will also be able to use a head torch for even six to seven hours. If you have an iPhone 6, you will be able to have twenty minutes of talktime.

However, that is just with two minutes of cranking. But with an entire hour of cranking, the GoPro Hero 4 is going to be fully charged which is amazing. Go Pro Hero’s battery is known to be rather short so this is ideal. You will be able to crank up any 5 volt-device. This includes GPS, Sat Phones, avalanche transceivers, smartphones etc.

The gearing system is 32:1. This means the generator produces the power at a comfortable speed. The hand cranked charger is very easy to use as well and is very durable. It is entirely built from aluminum. The charger and handle either have a black or a red finish which is great for any outdoorsy type. The Crankmonkey generator is also waterproof. It has rated IP65 so the generator will be able to withstand rain and jets of water. But it might not be able to survive being dunked in the water.

The generator also isn’t heavy at all so it’s pretty light to carry. It only weighs 346 grams and is 150 mm long, 96 mm wide and 46 mm high. The inside of the generator features a lot of gears as well as a rotor assembly and many electronics. One good thing about the generator not having any batteries inside is because you won’t have to worry about it in emergencies. You will always be sure that the generator is going to give you power and it doesn’t matter where you are.


– 31:1 gearing system

– Lightweight

– Portable

– Great for emergencies


– Isn’t entirely waterproof

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3. Epica Digital Emergency Solar Hand Crank Charger

Epica Digital Emergency Solar Hand Crank ChargerEpic Digital Emergency Solar Hand Crank generator is very lightweight but also very durable. One can easily carry it around due to it’s good portability. It also features a flashlight which is a 3-LED and the generator’s red color makes it stand out. The generator is also quite small which is another reason why it is highly portable.

The reason why it is so easy to carry around is because it has a handle. All you need to do is p either putting your fingers through it or even using a carabiner clip which you can attach to it. The carabiner clip is quite small so you can put it anywhere and it will fit. Powering any charging device during any sort of emergency can be quite problematic. But that’s not to fear with this generator. There is a built-in charging system and once fully charged, one will be able to charge their smartphone.

There are also three different ways you can charge a device. The first one is a plug in system, the second one is a solar panel and the third one is a hand crank. That’s very useful because it will fit many different situations. In cases when the power source is out, you will be able to either use a solar panel or a hand crank. If you hand crank for one minute, you will be able to use a device for twenty minutes.

In situations when there is no source of light, the Epica DIgital Emergency Solar Hand Crank generator will come in handy. That is because it features a 3-LED flashlight which will be able to light your way through a dark night or even light up a dark room. It will also be useful when others can’t see you but they need to find you or locate you.

One will also be able to find a backlit digital display which is always better than any analog one. That’s because analog display will require you to guess in order to know what frequency you’re at. However, a digital display gives you the exact frequency. This is great in emergency situations as well when you need to think fast. The blacklist display is also great when it’s dark. There is no need for any extra light to see.

This Epica Emergency Solar Hand Crank also features a digital radio. Using the digital radio, one will be able to pick up different kinds of frequencies. This also includes NOAA VHF weather frequencies so you will be up to date with the most important news. It almost always has you covered but it doesn’t have the option for battery power. That can be good because constant charging of a built-in battery can wear it out and that it will lose its full capacity. There is also no retractable antenna.


– Backlit digital display

– Digital radio

– 3-LED flashlight

– Portable and light

– Durable


– Digital radio doesn’t have an option for digital power

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4. Tuopuke Hand Crank Hand Emergency Power Generator

Toupuke Hand Crank Hand Emergency Power GeneratorThe fourth on the list comes Tuopuke Hand Crank Power generator. This one will help you alot when it comes to keeping up communication. This generator is a little more advanced when compared to the most hand crank generator out there. It even comes with a DC power converter. There is also magnetic conversion technology which isn’t something you see all the time on hand crank generators.

It comes with a maximum power of 30 watts. This means that the power generator produces is from 0 volts to 28 volts if you use the DC converter. The generator is also noticeably sturdy and durable due to its outer case being made out of aluminium alloy. The Tuo puke Hand Crank Power generator is specifically designed to be used in emergencies as well as harsh environments. So, expectedly, it comes with a lot of different features that will help you with such situations.

One will be able to use the generator in altitudes of 5000 meters and in weathers when the temperature is from 40C to 60C (104F to 140F). This is definitely one of the best benefits when using this generator. There are also parts of the hand crank generator which are made out of metal. This makes the generator resistant to any damage. There are different kinds of output adapters and ports that come with it. One can also use the generator anywhere due to its versatility and it’s also pretty light to carry.


– Lightweight

– DC power converter

– Versatile

– Shock mount

– Can handle high altitudes and high temperatures


– Not waterproof

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5. K-TOR Pocket Socket Hand Crank Generator

K-TOR Pocket Socket Hand Crank GeneratorThe K-Tor Pocket Socket is very portable and it has a power output of ten watts. The DC converter is at 120 volts which is great for charging small devices. The generator has a very good compatibility because you can use a US power plug that comes with it as well as travel adapter which you can use for EU or UK power plugs.

As we know, it has 10 watts and 120 volts. With this, the generator will be able to charge the devices you use on every day basis. It basically charges at the same speed any other electric outlet of 120 volts will charge. If you are cranking it for one minute, expect to have a phone call that lasts for one minute. You will also be able to charge flashlights. With the flashlights, you will be able to use it for a few minutes per minute of cranking.

The generator also runs independently. Meaning, it does not rely on the presence of sun, wind, water or even uranium fuel rods. No matter how dark it is, you will still be able to run the K-TOR Pocket Socket. This feature also makes it great for any emergency situations because it provides ‘’last resort” power source.

The K-TOR POcket Socket weighs 425 grams which is about 15 oz. It has a length of 2.5 inches, the width of 2.25 inches and the height of 6.875 inches. This also makes it a little bit bulky and not as lightweight. Most of the generator is made out of polycarbonate plastic. The knob on the hand crank is also foldable. The attachment points are also made out of the same material but that makes them easily breakable. That’s probably the only place where you can expect it to break.

Due to the fold-out knob which can be found on a large crank arm, one will be able to turn it both clockwise or counterclockwise. One is not supposed to turn it more than 120 rpm to get optimum power outputs. Two revolutions per second is just enough to charge any device. You should also rest after three to five minutes of cranking but it can be hard to keep up the cranking.

Of course, three to five minutes is just enough of cranking for emergency phone calls and there is no need for more cranking.


– Great for emergencies

– Portable

– Good compatibility

– Good build


– Attachment points are breakable

– Not very durable

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These were some of the best hand crank generators. Hopefully you will make an informed decision and choose the one hand crank generator that suits your needs the best. So, choose wisely.

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