Best Hose Clamp Pliers

Unlike standard clamps, hose clamps have always been a safer and more reliable option. They are, however, more challenging to install and remove.

The best way to make this job easier for yourself is to use hose clamp pliers. These unique pliers are specifically designed to remove hose clamps. The hose pliers usually lock onto clamps so that you can easily remove or install them.

Clamp pliers make it easy for you to minimize the risk of damaging components as sharp tools like screwdrivers do. We’ve listed some of the best hose clamp pliers in this article to help you remove hose clamps easily.

Top Picks for Best Hose Clamp Pliers in 2021

Here are the eight best hose clamp pliers we’ve found for you:

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool 9409A Hose Clamp Pliers

Our overall top pick is the Astro Hose Clamp Pliers.

Astro provides a safety lock system and a reliable clamp hold. It uses a re-engineered, deeper and broader gear lever to guarantee a secure lock.

This product has an excellent cable assembly with a larger, more rigid wire. It has a strengthened connection that offers optimal strength.

The best thing about this plier is that it is ideal for use on both metal and plastic hose clamps.


  • More secure lock system
  • Strengthened cable assembly
  • Suitable for both metal and plastic hose


  • Difficult to store and manage

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2. GEARWRENCH Angled Hose Clamp Pliers – 3977

Do you want to use hose clamps in areas that are difficult to access?

The angled shape of the Gearwrench clamp pliers makes it much more convenient.

You can use these pliers at any angle with the help of their design and ball ends.

These hose pliers grip the clamps firmly due to magnetic tips made from rare earth magnets. You can be assured that you’ll be able to remove or attach clamps a lot faster.

A Gearwrench Plier is a valuable tool since it has an ergonomic and rubber-coated grip. You can therefore use this tool for extended periods without cramps and minimum hand fatigue.


  • Great for use in narrow areas
  • Hold clamps more firmly
  • Lockable in place


  • The ratcheting mechanism needs improvement

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3.HFS (R) Cable-Type Flexible Hose Clamp Pliers 16141

Do you find it challenging to deal with awkwardly-positioned clamps?

The HFS long-range pliers would be ideal for you! These pliers provide a long and sturdy shaft that makes working at uncomfortable angles much easier.

The lightweight head makes the tool more accessible in confined spaces. This plier is much simpler and convenient to use with its ratchet action and ergonomic vinyl handles.

The opening capability, size, and style of these pliers are suitable for gasoline, oil, and water clamps.


  • More comfortable handle
  • Long and flexible shaft
  • Ideal for use with awkwardly-positioned clamps


  • It needs more squeezing force

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4. OTC Drake Off Road15 Cable Type Flexible Hose Clamp Pliers (4525)

A heavy-duty clamp plier like OTC Drake Off Road not only fits well with clamps, it also serves you a long time!

These clamp pliers are durable and come with a robust cable.

This tool is suitable for use with hose clamps that are difficult to access. That is because of the plier’s design and 24-inch cord.
It also has a locking mechanism that secures the clamp and makes the process easier for you.

A lot of users prefer it for its handles. They have a more ergonomic and convenient style with a non-slip cover for safe grip.


  • Long and robust cable
  • Hands-free use
  • Comfortable and slip-resistant handle


  • Clamp installation can be a little difficult

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5. Renekton Flexible Hose Clamp Pliers Set

The Renekton Flexible Pliers is a reliable tool if you want to use your pliers in various positions.

The plier has a 24-inch durable cable and an ergonomic design that allows you to remove clamps easily.

You can use these clamps to remove plastic and metal clamps. Its specifications also include a special cable clamp that you can easily lock onto the hose clamp.

The pliers set has a locking mechanism to hold the clamps open for simple removal or attachment. Moreover, the pliers handle is secure and slip-free.


  • Comfortable, non-slip handle
  • Heavy-duty and long enough cable
  • Extended reach


  • Not suitable for large clamps

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6. BETOOLL 9pcs Wire Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers Set

The BeTooll pliers set make your job ten times easier and are the perfect way to free your hands.

To begin with, the set has a long-range clamp plier.

There is a long and flexible cable you can use to detach and change clamps remotely. It is also ideal for use in narrow or difficult areas. You can easily use Betooll pliers to remove and lock hose clamps.


  • Includes a screwdriver and dismount hook
  • Perfect for removing stress on the hand 
  • Does not bend under high pressure


  • Manufacturing defects persist

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7. KNIPEX Tools – 3 Piece Cobra Pliers Set (7, 10, & 12) (002006US1)

The BeTooll pliers set make your job ten times easier and are the perfect way to free your hands.

To begin with, the set has a long-range clamp plier.

There is a long and flexible cable you can use to detach and change clamps remotely. It is also ideal for use in narrow or difficult areas. You can easily use Betooll pliers to remove and lock hose clamps.


  • Light in weight and have a rubber grip
  • Also usable on the double wire spring clamps
  • Potential to clamp up to 70 mm


  • Does not have an extended reach

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8. Astro 9406 Hose Clamp Plier Set – 7 Piece

With the 7-piece Astro Plier Set, you’ll get a full range of hose clamp pliers at a reasonable price range.

Apart from the multiple pliers, a robust carrying case makes this equipment simple to organize and transport.

You can use these tools for both metal and plastic clamps since they handle diameters between 11/16 and 2-1/2 inches.


  • Suitable for all standard clamp sizes
  • Works on both plastic and metal clamps
  • Hand-free locking mechanism


  • Some of the pliers are too small

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Best Hose Clamp Pliers – Our Buying Guide for 2021

With so many options available, it’s hard to pick the one perfect for you.

There are a lot of factors you need to remember when choosing the right clamp plier. For example, performance, reliability, flexibility, and of course, a range of clamp pliers. Here is a buying guide that will make this process easier for you.

     1. Flexible Pliers

These are the most basic and most popular form of hose clamp pliers.

The pliers include an extensible cord with a folding head fixed at the end. This makes getting access to nooks and crannies more difficult.

With the application of a cable plier to these places, you can quickly secure clamps on hoses.

The pliers that come with this cable feature are more suitable and durable in the long run. The cable should be 12 to 24 centimeters in length.

However, you can buy one according to your needs. Make sure the cable is robust and rigid.

     2. Maximum Opening

Hose clamp pliers should have a maximum threshold of opening.

They are available in a range of sizes, and the ideal size depends on how dense or wide the hose clamp is.

The range will be from 11/16th to 2.5 inches. This is the norm for most hose clamp pliers.

If your hose clamps are thinner or thicker, try measuring their diameter before selecting an appropriate clamp plier.

     3. Locking Mechanism

An important feature you should never forget for these pliers is their locking mechanism.

A variant such as the Astro 9409A pliers frees up your hands. That allows you to operate on other areas of your machine or keep your hose safer.

The great news is that almost all modern pliers have this feature. Make sure the plier you choose has an energetic and stable locking mechanism to prevent unintended release.

The locking mechanism should be quickly unlocked and accessible if the pliers are in difficult positions to reach the hose clamps.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing any hardware equipment is a complicated process.

That is why we offer you the best hose clamp pliers available in 2021. All listed pliers are suitable for almost every type of hose clamps.

If we talk about this list’s ultimate winner, it would have to be the Astro Pliers Set. It has a great design, and the plastic handles make it easier to use. The whole package has seven parts of varying diameters to be used on various clamps. These pliers operate not only with stainless steel clamps but also with plastic variants.

If you do not have prior experience with using hose clamp pliers, make sure to get an expert’s assistance. Avoid doing tests on your own as they can cause irreversible damage and increase the cost.

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