Best Propane Generator – Reviews and Buying Guide

The generator has become necessary equipment at the time of power outages. However, while selecting a generator, the first thing that comes to mind is what fuel type is clean and best to burn. The generator runs on propane, diesel, solar energy, natural gas, and gasoline.

If you want to power your office and home, consider investing in a propane generator. In comparison to gasoline, Propane is affordable, and you can store it for a year. Moreover, propane is an environmentally-friendly fuel.

You might not find a generator that runs only on propane. However, you can find a dual fuel generator that runs on either propane or gasoline. Looking out for the best propane generator can be a tedious task as you can find numerous options in the market. To make your selection easy, we have reviewed the best propane generator in this article.

Best 10 Propane Generator Reviewed

Propane generators vary in terms of usability, runtime, power, and portability. The ten propane generators reviewed below are selected based on their technical specifications and customer feedback.

Without any further delay, let’s read the reviews to buy the best propane generator to power up your home and office during power outages.

1. WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Westinghouse Generators are known for heavy-duty use in the industries. Due to their high power rating of 12500 watts, the generator can power large appliances. Also, the generator receives power from its sturdy 457cc engine.

You can either use the propane or gasoline tank as per your requirement. The easy-to-switch fuel sources let you switch from gasoline to propane with ease. The 6.6-gallon fuel tank will last for twelve hours. You can power appliances such as a sump pump, air conditioner, and refrigerator simultaneously.

With the generator, you will get a transfer switch, two household switches, two 5V USB ports, and an RV switch as power output options. All the switches are covered with a rubber cover for safety.

The generator comes with an electric start button. Thus, you can use the key fob that allows you to start the generator from a 260 ft. distance. Apart from that, the generator has an inbuilt fuel gauge and Automatic Low oil shutoff for easy maintenance and usage.


  • Equipped with a convenient remote start option
  • Powerful engine with a high power output
  • Great for heavy-duty use
  • Backed with three-years of the limited warranty


  • Expensive generator

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2. WEN DF475T Dual Fuel Portable Generator

If you want an affordable propane generator but efficient in its performance, WEN DF475T Dual Fuel Portable Generator is your best option. The generator is made to power small appliances. With propane, you will get 4750 watts of power rating.

The small yet powerful 224cc 4-stroke air-cooled OHV engine can run to about 3600 rpm to fulfill all your power needs. Further, you can easily switch between the fuels with a convenient selection dial.

The generator comes with never-flat tires along with foldable handles for easy transportation and storage. Besides, it includes an electric start feature which offers simple operation of the generation.

The generator panel is equipped with multiple power outlets. It features a DC outlet and two household outlets. Also, the panel has a voltage selector to select between 240V and 120V as per your power requirements.


  • Highly affordable yet efficient generator
  • Easy to start with electric start button
  • CARB compliant
  • Comes with a two-years of warranty


  • Does not include a transfer switch

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3. DuroMax XP4850EH Generator

DuroMax XP4850EH Generator is an impressive backup generator. It is ideal for energy situations to power large appliances for long hours. Also, you can use the generator for recreational activities.

The dual fuel generator lets you run the generator on either propane or gas. Its 210cc OHV engine is powerful enough to power heavy-duty power tools and high voltage appliances. Further, the low oil indicator will keep the engine protected.

The generator comes with three power outputs situated on the power-packed control panel. It can fulfill the most demanding power backup responsibilities. Besides, it comes with a key start ignitor.

Another interesting part of the generator is its noiseless operation. With a 64 dB noise level, the alternator and engines do not produce a loud noise. Also, the oversized muffler lowers the exhaust noise. It also includes a spark arrestor for safe engine operation and performance.


  • Dual fuel versatility
  • Operates quietly with an oversized muffler
  • Comes with a low oil shutoff and low oil warning light
  • Featuring a backup recoil start mechanism and electric start function


  • Not a CARB compliant generator

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4. WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Some large generators will give you trouble while moving them from one place to another. That’s because of their heavy bodies and large engines. However, WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator is a portable propane generator.

The generator is equipped with large wheels to move on any terrain. Additionally, it includes foldout handles to save space while storing. You can easily set up the generator wherever you want.

The electric start feature enables easy operation. Just press the button, and your generator will take care of the appliances. The 457cc 4-stroke OHV engine is strong and powerful to handle appliances such as electric stoves, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

On propane, the generator offers 7,500 running and 9,500 surge watts. Moreover, its 6.6-gallon fuel tank can run for 8.5 hours to power your major appliances.

The propane generator is the number one preference for RV owners. It includes L5-30R and 15-30R outlets that can function conveniently with shore power operations. Additionally, the generator comes with GFCI protected 120V outlets for outdoor work.


  • Comes with multiple outlets 
  • Equipped with wheels and a fold-down handle for easy transportation
  • Overload protection
  • EPA III and CARB compliant generator


  • Require straight cord for large outlets

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5. Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Being a dual fuel portable generator, Pulsar G12KBN can offer adaptability and accessibility to more large units. You can choose between propane and Gasoline as your fuel source. On propane, this generator works efficiently than most other generators. Its peak watt is rated at 10,800, which is quite impressive for a propane generator.

Liquid propane offers a safe option during an emergency or disaster. Further, propane is cleaner and comes with a longer shelf life. Thus, the generator runs for an extended period while producing exceptional power.

With 457cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder OHV engine, the generator comes with an electric start and powder-coated frame for exceptional durability. It can easily run for 12 hours on its 8-gallon fuel tank.

The generator comes with both recoil and electric start. Moreover, it features drop-down handles and never-flat wheels for easy maneuverability and transportation. Apart from that, it comes with a three-in-one digital meter, easy-to-read voltage output regulator, and low oil shut-off feature for safe operation.


  • High efficiency and performance on propane
  • Easy to operate a generator
  • Offers Long running time
  • Equipped with multiple outlets


  • Makes noise while operating

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6. WGen3600DF Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

Westinghouse is a well-reputable brand manufacturing top-notch generators every year. WGen3600DF dual fuel generator utilizes the latest technology, making it the most demanding generator in the market.

The generator comes with a remote start with a key fob and push-button start. The starting mechanism is similar to what is available in luxury cars. On propane, the generator can produce 3,240 running watts and 4,180 starting watts. The power is enough for all the home appliances.

With this generator, you will get 212cc, 4-stroke powerful engine. Also, you have the options to choose from multiple outlets to power different electrical devices. On its four-gallon fuel tank, it can run for twelve hours at half load. Thus, the generator makes an excellent machine for RVs and camping.

The generator weighs just 109 pounds, making it easy to move from one place to another around the camping site. You can easily switch between fuels using the “On The Fly” switch. The switch will keep your generator running even when you swap the fuel sources.


  • Comes with a key fob and electric start
  • Multiple outlets make it RV and Camper ready
  • Runs to about 12 hours at half load
  • Offers 4,180 starting power on propane


  • Could have more outlets like cigarette style or USB

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7. DuroMax XP5500EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

With a 7.5HP engine, the DuroMax XP5500EH Dual Fuel Portable generator can power office sites and many appliances at your home. The unit is made to be user-friendly, which offers you the flexibility to choose between gasoline and propane fuel sources.

The generator’s engine can offer power between 4,500 to 5,500 watts, which sufficient to power larger appliances with ease. Moreover, the generator is versatile as it can accommodate both 240V and 120V at the same time.

Equipped with an easy and reliable starting mechanism, the generator has a key electrical start and E-Z recoil pull start. Thus, you can entirely depend on the device while tailgating or camping as it is also the lightest propane generator.

The power panel comes with multiple outlets. Additionally, it includes a DC charging port and voltmeter. The generator is easily accessible as it is both EPA and CARB approved. Apart from that, the generator has gone through various tests during its manufacturing.


  • Equipped with a dual-engine combustion mechanism to run on both gas and propane
  • Comes with two power outlets for 240v and 120v appliances
  • Has two power starting mechanisms
  • Both CARB and EPA approved to be available in fifty states


  • Power fluctuations upon starting but gets stable after few minutes

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8. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator

Champion has gained popularity and reputation over the years by manufacturing and designing the finest power machines. If you want an RV-ready dual fuel generator, the Champion 3400-watt generator is your best pick that runs on propane.

The generator boasts both a recoil and electric start system. It comes with a battery and a three-position electric start switch. Moreover, there is a cold start technology, enabling you to start the generator in cold weather situations.

The power is sourced from its 192cc 4-stroke engine. It is equipped with an air-cooled cooling system, which is protected with a cast iron sleeve. Further, the engine can produce 2790 running watts and 3060 surge watts to power your appliances.

The 20 lbs. propane tank enables the generator to run for about 14.5 hours at quarter load. Furthermore, the generator features an Eco mode with which you can change speed according to the load. It will promote quiet operation, longer engine life, and efficient fuel consumption.

Lastly, the control panel is equipped with a fuel selector knob to switch or select propane to run the generator. Additionally, there is a battery switch, electric start switch, and economy switch. You can also find three indicator lights for output ready, low-oil, and overload.


  • Offers clean and impressive power output
  • Quieter operation with 59 dBA noise level
  • Highly portable generator
  • Backed with a three-year warranty


  • Does not include a USB charging port

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9. DuroMax XP12000EH Generator

DuroMax generators are ideally made for heavy-duty and industrial usage. Their higher power output of 12000 watts is ideal for large appliances. That’s why it is called the Beast to run wider appliances and tools.

The dual-fuel availability offers longer run time and flexibility where you don’t have to refuel the generator frequently. On propane, the generator can run efficiently for 15 hours. Thus, you will have no trouble during extended power outages.

The 457cc engine is CARB compliant and approved for usage in over fifty states. Besides, the generator is built with high-quality materials for long-lasting durability and reliability. The engine uses 4-point rubber mounting for smooth functioning even during challenging conditions.

The generator is loaded with numerous safety options. It is equipped with individual circuit breakers and a main overload circuit breaker. This will protect the generator from short circuits and overload. Apart from that, it has a low oil level alert and sparks arrestor for overall protection.


  • Offers massive power output
  • Comes with heavy-duty frames with four-point motor mounts
  • Equipped with a quiet muffle to minimize the engine noise
  • Loaded with plenty of safety features


  • Can be expensive for some users

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10. WGen7500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator

WGen7500DF is the best convention generator running on propane. The portable generator is excellent for small business owners and emergency backup power. Further, the generator can produce a maximum of 9500 watts.

Usually, the generator produces 6750 starting watts and 8550 running watts on propane. Its 6.6-gallon tank can run for 11 hours continuously. Besides, the generator is equipped with two outlets. It has two USB ports and two duplex outlets.

With a 420cc OHV engine, the generator comes with both a remote key fob and an electric start system. You can start the generator while standing at a distance of 109 feet. Moreover, it also includes a recoil backup.

In terms of safety features, the generator is equipped with a spark arrestor, overload protection, and low oil shutoff features. With a spark arrestor, the generator will remain protected from accidental sparks from the engine.


  • Large fuel tank and high power output
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Engine with protected with cast iron sleeves 
  • Comes with a three-years of warranty


  • Not ideal for RV use

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Best Propane Generator Buying Guide

By now, you have read the reviews of the best propane generators, but how would you select the right one that matches your requirements? For that, you need to consider few essential factors for choosing the best propane generator as per your budget and requirements. 

Why Choose a Propane Generator?

Propane is an affordable fuel source compared to other fuel sources like gasoline. You can store propane for an extended period, while gasoline can destroy the carburetor and turn stale after some time.

Propane is not stored in the fuel reservoir of the generator, and that’s why it will not damage the generator. Thus, it makes propane an excellent option for emergencies. Also, you would not need to purchase fuel after every month. 

The only drawback of propane generators is that they are heavy and produce lower continuous and surge power outputs than gasoline. However, the generators are now equipped with wheels that make them easy to transport. 

Power Requirements

You need to know how much power the generator will need to power your appliances. If you plan to power your entire house, look for a generator with a minimum of 5,000 watts power output and more to power the heating system. 

A smaller generator with 3,000 watts power output is enough for campsite and RV use. Further, if you run the generator on propane, consider the power output based on propane instead of gasoline. 

For your house, you will need at least 12 hours of running time at half load. For RV, you will need the generator for few hours. So, always consider the runtime to know your generator’s power output in wattage. This will let you know the runtime you will get with the generator.

Conventional Generator or Inverter Generator

You need to decide whether you want a conventional generator or an inverter generator. Most conventional units cannot produce clean power, while inverter generators can produce stable and clean power without harmonic distortion. 

Conventional generators are bulky and heavy, while inverter generators are lightweight and compact. Also, conventional generators have larger fuel tanks, while inverter generators are equipped with smaller fuel tanks.

Go for the conventional generator if you want to power your entire home. However, choose an inverter generator if you want to use a propane generator for tailgate and camping trips.

Electric Start

Modern and advanced generators are equipped with an electric start mechanism. Electric start generator offers ease and convenience to start the generator. They have replaced the traditional pull cord.  

You can still find some units equipped with a remote start function. These units are great for RV use as you can easily start the generator without going out in the morning. 


Generators are now made to be portable for ease of maneuverability and transportation. However, every generator is not equally portable as some weigh quite heavy while others are lightweight and easy to move. The portability of the generator also depends on how frequently you are going to move it. 

The generators weighing more than 200 pounds are difficult to move around. On the other hand, you have compact generators which you can easily lift and move from place to place. 


You should look out for the multiple outlets that the generator offers. Most generators include a 30-amp outlet for RV. Thus, it makes a great addition if you want to use the generator for your RV. 

Apart from that, you get two AC outlets with most generators. However, if the generator has more than two outlets, you can easily power your smaller appliances. 


You cannot miss out on the safety feature while looking for generators. Search for generators that come with automatic shutoff and low oil alert features. It will let you know when the engine runs out of oil to prevent any damage or potential fire hazard. 

You can find some generators with surge protection that can protect sensitive electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, and computers. It will prevent damage from electrocution when the devices are connected to the generator.

Noise Level

There is no generator in the market that does not make noise while operating. But, you can find generators with low noise ratings in the marker. Moreover, some manufacturers sell the generators with an oversized muffler that minimizes the exhaust noise. 

Certification and Warranty

It is better to look at certifications and warranty of the generator to check their reliability. If the generator comes with a warranty, the manufacturers will take care of the faults and repairs. Some brands offer a one to three years warranty while others provide five years of warranty. 

Next, you should check the certifications. Inspect whether the generator is CARB or EPA approved or not. The regulatory bodies make sure that the particular generator is environmentally friendly and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of buying a propane generator?

Propane generator offers many benefits. First, propane generators can run for an extended period as per your requirement. Secondly, they do not require high maintenance like gas generators. Third, Propane is a clean-burning fuel and is easily accessible during natural disasters.

2. How can you use a propane generator safely?

You need to consider few things while operating a propane generator. Make sure that the generator is placed in an open area with proper ventilation. It will allow the toxic fumes to disperse in the air. Also, ensure that the propane tank is not placed somewhere there is extreme heat or open flame.

3. Should you choose a dual fuel generator or propane generator?

A dual fuel generator gives you freedom and flexibility to choose between the two fuels; gas and propane. You can switch between the fuels during an emergency time, and you would not require to fill the tank regularly.

Final Thoughts

With the best propane generator, you can illuminate your home during power outages. It will also assist you in performing heavy-duty tasks outside your home. Furthermore, it prevents you from storing extremely flammable gasoline.

From the above-mentioned propane generators, you can now choose your ideal generator for your needs. The key takeaway is to figure out what features and how much power you would need from a propane generator.

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