Best Ratcheting Screwdriver – an Ultimate Guide

The ratcheting screwdrivers are different from the standard screwdrivers. Sine the standard screwdriver comes in invariable shape and sizes, the versatility is limited. Therefore, the tip of the screwdrivers indicates what type you are buying.

To operate them, the user slots the screwdriver into the screw and then turn it in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. This results in arm fatiguing as the wrist is turned every time for applying pressure. Also, the driver is likely to slip off screw resulting in hurting the operator or surface.

On the contrary, ratcheting screwdriver is easier to operate. The ratchet mechanism allows the operator to apply torque in one direction while it moves freely in the other. This means you don’t have to turn your wrist completely for screwing, rotating in one direction is enough. Consequently, this leads to the completion of your task swiftly and efficiently.

However, the availability of numerous ratcheting screwdrivers in the market is overwhelming. To decide which one is up to the par seems perplexing. This guide is to take you out of the woods by suggesting the list of some best ratcheting screwdrivers up for sale.

What to Consider Before Buying a Ratcheting Screwdriver?


Good quality is the ultimate need of every buyer. To ensure quality one must examine the specifications of the tool and of course the authenticity of manufacturers claiming those features. Consequently, by not compromising on the quality you will end up enjoying efficient features of your screwdriver.


The material from which your screwdriver is made should be hard-wearing. A low-quality tool might cost you low but the uninvited troubles come along with it. The best materials you will find in the market are:

  • Steel: Screwdrivers made of carbon steel or tempered steel may weigh heavier but they last long. Also, they tend to bear more torque than any other material.
  • Zinc: If you are not comfortable with the weight of steel screwdriver, you can go with the zinc one. It is durable as well as lightweight. Thus, this type of screwdriver will lend you some handling ease as well.
  • Alloys: Screwdrivers made of alloys contains diverse features of the combined metals. Hence, the strength and sturdiness of the tool are doubled by merging two or more strong materials.

Screwdrivers made of these three materials are easily available in the market. We suggest you look for one of them to prevent rusting or wearing issues in the future.


The handle of screwdriver is designed to assist strong grip on it. However, some screwdrivers don’t equip such handles that provide for a stable grip. So, look for an ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in your hand. Also, the handles come in various shapes comprising of different materials, deciding the one suitable for you is totally dependent upon your choice.


The versatility offered by a screwdriver depends mostly on the number of bits it can hold. In the market, you will have the available options of a kit or single screwdriver.

A kit is what makes your ratcheting screwdriver highly versatile. It comes with a large number of bits which can be used as per the requirement. Whether you want the star, philllips, hex or torx, all types of bits come along with the kit. Consequently, this enables you to do a diverse range of tasks with a single purchase.

Nevertheless, carrying all these bits wherever you go can be a problem. On the contrary, a single screwdriver equips the generally required bits in it so you don’t need to carry the case of the bit everywhere. All you need is just take out your ratcheting screwdriver and start working.

But this limits the versatility as some 5 or 6 bits are generally installed in it. Also, this multi-installation leads to the increasing weight of the screwdriver. Therefore, to decide which one is convenient for you depends entirely upon the nature of your job.


The amount of torque exerted by the screwdriver is how its ratcheting mechanism could be governed. If applying torque requires the minimum effort of yours, this is exactly what you should spend money for.

A ratcheting screwdriver provides an ease to the worker such that they don’t need to manage their grip in harmony with the torque being produced. Just hold the screwdriver firmly in position and start applying torque without entirely changing your grip position.

Also, the intensity of torque a screwdriver can bear depends upon its making. Exceeding that intensity results in wearing the teeth of the gearing mechanism which indirectly amounts to making the driver useless.

Therefore, try inquiring about the torque rating of your tool before buying. If its somewhere near 50-newton meters (NM) or 36-foot pounds, then buying it would be resourceful for you.


The ratcheting screwdriver is designed in various lengths. From extra small to medium and then to extra-large lengths, some pros and cons are accompanied.

The stubby screwdrivers are best for fastening screws at tight places. However, holding this length of screwdriver firmly is a bit challenging. Also, while fastening, your hand and the screwdriver might impede your view at the screw.

In contrast, the longer screwdrivers provide a sufficient area for your hand to have a tight hold. And since your hand is held quite away from the fastening bit, you can have a clear look at your task. But, for packed areas, this type of screwdriver is unfit.

Moreover, there are mid-length screwdrivers that provide gripping ease as well as their size is not very large. We suggest you inquire for one of this kind so it can work efficiently as an alternative of both length of screwdrivers.


The price you should pay to buy the ratcheting screwdriver depends upon the nature of your task. If your job is simple and it does not require maximum versatility, spending tens of dollars isn’t a good idea. Moreover, if diversity is a part of your job, choosing the simple one will prove to be less resourceful for you.

Decide the best suitable option for you and spend money accordingly.

Best Ratcheting Screwdriver Available in the Market

1. Megapro Marketing USA Ratcheting Screwdriver, Red

The Megapro screwdriver is what makes versatility a reality. This alloy made tool is durable which makes it compatible with a variety of tasks. Now you can carry 13 different bits wherever you want due to the patented bit cartridge equipped in it. And since it’s a stubby screwdriver, the versatility is further modified.

The torque produced by its ratcheting mechanism is 225 pounds which is sufficient for most of the jobs. Along with it, you can have a tight grip of the screwdriver as it is made of nylon and resin material. Besides, a saver cap is installed on the handle to prevent palm irritation commonly experienced after long hours of work.


  • Made of durable material
  • Versatile; contains space to carry 13 bits
  • Can be easily operated
  • Requires less space
  • The handle is strong and cushioned to protect your palm
  • 3-position ratchet; left, right or lock position


  • Heavy-weight
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

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2. Klein Tools 32500 Ratcheting Screwdriver

Manufacturing tools for more than 160 years, Klein is a brand you can trust blindly. This long experience has made Klein a durable yet versatile manufacturing forum. As for Klein 32500, the tool is made to cope with industrial-strength work and the bits are heat tempered.

As for flexibility, the nut driver shaft comes in 3 different sizes. Also, the shaft of the nut driver can equip up to 8 tips without causing much hassle. The blades are interchangeable which makes it possible to swipe for the other one within seconds.

The handle of the screwdriver is cushioned so it provides a firm grip and does not harm the operator’s hand while doing arduous jobs.


  • Easy to use
  • Can equip different nut drivers and tips
  • Acquires less storage space
  • Hard-wearing
  • Handle made of comfort grip


  • The diameter of the shaft is not wide enough to hold all bits

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3. Stanley 69-189 Ratcheting Screwdriver

The Stanley 69-189 screwdriver features a magnetic bit holder that swiftly holds and releases the bit. Also, it comes with 6 chrome vanadium bits which can be stored in the handle.

The ratcheting mechanism is made such that the screwdriver can be switched into three ratchet positions: clockwise, anti-clockwise or locked position.

As for strong grip, the textured handle is made of bi-material. This ensures a stable grip as well as convenient handling.


  • 3-position ratchet
  • Magnetic bit holder makes bit changing simpler
  • Bi-material handle props up firm support
  • Bits stored inside handle makes storage simpler


  • The tip can be inconvenient for packed places
  • 6 bits may be insufficient for a diverse range of tasks

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4. Channellock 131CB Ratcheting Screwdriver

Durability, versatility and efficiency combined together make the Channellock 131CB screwdriver. The driver’s ratchet comprises of 28 teeth which can impart 225-inch pounds of torque for screwing. Not only that, the position of ratchet can be switched in the left or right direction.

Furthermore, the screwdriver comes with 13 different tips which can be stored in the hex shaft. The shaft is made of aluminium alloy to ensure longevity. Also, the handle is made of bi-material to have a firm and comfortable grip. This prevents slips while screwing and blisters on the operator’s palm resulting from long hours of operating.


  • 13 bits in a single tool enhances versatility
  • Multi-position ratchet keeps the task swift and consistent
  • Ratcheting mechanism designed to impart ideal torque
  • Handle made of bi-material ensures comfortability
  • Durable; 1/4″ hex shaft made of aluminium alloy
  • Storage is no more a problem


  • The bits are reported to wear out after sometime
  • The shaft may be too large to have an access in tight places
  • Some standard bits are hard to fit in this model

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5. IRWIN 8-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver

Another addition to this list of efficient screwdrivers is IRWIN 1948774. With this screwdriver, you are one purchase away from diversity. Thanks to the spacious handle that equips 8 popular bits singlehandedly.

Also, the manufacturers were not stringent about their product designs, so if you accidentally lose your bits, you can replace them with standard double-end power bits commonly available.

Another smart feature of this screwdriver is a three zoned comfort grip. At the handle, you will observe low texture zone, high texture zone as well as no texture zone. This is to make the gripping compatible with your comfortability which in turn enhances the torque.


  • 3-zone comfort grip for firmer grip and enhanced torque
  • Storage problem is solved by a spacious handle
  • Compatible with other bits in the market
  • Durable
  • Strong structure for operating


  • Magnetic tip not provided which can lead to instability in bit holding
  • Flathead in unavailable; this limits versatility

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6. Jakemy 69 in 1 Rotatable Ratchet Screwdriver

Last but not the least, the Jekemy kit is undoubtedly an all-inclusive addition in this list. With 55 chrome vanadium bits, this screwdriver set has all that goes along with diversity. Diversity, not only in terms of versatility but also in terms of durability. The 55 popular bits are made of chrome vanadium steel. Hence making this toolkit compatible with all types of tasks no matter how rough they are.

Along with this, the kit also contains dual size handles to function in packed as well as open areas. Besides, the kit contains two different types of extension shafts, precision tweezers and a variety of sockets.

For convenient storage, the sturdy blow-molded carrying case is designed to equip all the tools in it and carry them easily.


  • Set of 55 CR-V steel bits
  • Inexpensive
  • Two different size handles and extension shafts for compatibility
  • Strong and convenient case for easy storage
  • 69-in-1 multi-tool kit; with precision tweezers and all types of sockets


  • The bit sizes may be small
  • The locking mechanism on the case is not up to the mark

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Buying the best product available is what every buyer wishes for. This article is to point out the key characteristics of a ratcheting screwdriver. Along with it, reading this will guide you with the best available ratcheting screwdrivers in the market that fulfilled our quality criteria.

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