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Shovels rank as one of humankind’s oldest tools. Throughout most of the history of humankind, shovels were the only tool for serious excavation. Shovels allowed ancient men to go from mud-hut villages to planned cities. At one time, shoveling became so crucial that even scientists started studying the “science of shoveling.”

The first shovels were nothing special. They have a thin, flat, sturdy spade-shaped hard material with a handle attached. Simple but effective. Nowadays, with technology and the perfect human mind, shovels are specifically designed for specific jobs. The best part is that there are thousands of inventions of new shovels, and some of them are the perfect survival multifunctional shovels.

Today, grabbing an old shovel for survival is a terrible idea. They are too long, too heavy, and too bulky to take with you, especially on foot. Survival shovels are designed only for survival. They are light, made to fit in a bag, and most of them come in with a set of various tools.

Sometimes finding the right survival shovel is hard. For the human eye, they all look the same. There are many shovels of different quality. We have examined some of them and picked the best. The most helpful survival shovels are adaptable, compressed, and meriting their weight in gold.

Let’s Check the List of the Best Surviving Shovels We Have Prepared

1. BESROY Military Survival Shovel

If you are looking for a great and multifunctional shovel, take a look at BESROY’s survival shovel. This survival shovel suits just anyone. The shovel is highly durable, versatile, and features a clean design. It has three different lengths, which you can manage depending on your task.


  • The shortest length is 15 inches.
  • The medium is 20.9 inches.
  • The longest is 26.4 inches.

The exciting part is the number of features it has tucked away inside the handle. Let’s see the surprising list:

  • Tactical knife for camping, hunting, or everyday cutting needs
  • Sawtooth
  • A screwdriver
  • Bottle opener. You can use it for the removal of metal bottle caps from glass bottles
  • Safety hammer to break through window glass in an emergency
  • Knife-edge for cutting trees
  • Firestarter

You’ll have several essential tools stored in one place. The tools fit inside the handle without messing with the balance or clatter around while you’re using it. This shovel features a manganese steel alloy, so you won’t have to worry about breaking it at all!


  • Very strong and nearly unbreakable
  • Multiple tools inside the handle
  • Clean and rigid design


  • The non-slip handle could be better

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2. Zune Lotoo Annihilate Tactical Survival Shovel

Zune Lotoo’s survival shovel is impressive. After looking into it, we were pretty amazed! At first, we didn’t believe it, but we found that this shovel is one of the best. If you decide to buy this survival shovel, you won’t have to worry about buying another ever again! It features heat-treated high-quality carbon steel. This compact shovel comes with five handles assembled VioGi Aluminum and Built-in anti-skid silicone to help you work more smoothly. The best part is that it is unbreakable with a lifetime warranty. It has more than 23 survival tools included. Some of the survival tools are the tactical knife, magnesium rod, wire cutter, survival whistle, and ax. We can rotate the shovelhead into several different angles:

  • 30 degrees
  • 45 degrees
  • 60 degrees
  • 115 degrees
  • 135 degrees
  • 180 degrees


  • Extremely strong and unbreakable
  • Lifetime warranty, guaranteed
  • Six different shovel head angles
  • Twenty-three different tools included


  • Expensive

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3. HARVET Military Compact Survival Shovel

This survival shovel is the best choice if you need a small shovel that you want to take on a trip. Its design suits everyone, and it features a high-strength manganese steel alloy. This shovel is multifunctional, and it has a small folding size with a storage bag. Interestingly enough, this shovel has a deep grain non-slip handle which is a relief. The stainless steel shovel head won’t fall apart on you and is even immune to rust as well!

You can break it down and fit it in a tiny carrying bag, making transportation and accommodation easy. The bag is more prominent than the size of the shovelhead.

The survival shovel by HARVET has a compartment where it has a knife, screwdriver, hammer, and saw.


  • Small 15.27 inches
  • Medium 22 inches
  • Large 28.5 inches

It also has three angles:

  • 45 degrees
  • 90 degrees
  • 180 degrees


  • The shovel is durable build, solid, and nearly unbreakable
  • It comes in 3 lengths
  • Extremely compact
  • Includes other essential tools


  • The handle isn’t as strong as the shovelhead
  • Some wiggle during use

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4. SOG Folding Survival Shovel

SOG designed this survival shovel with portability being the number one advantage. This survival shovel is so tiny it can fit everywhere we want. The fact that this shovel is barely bigger than your hand makes it much more convenient. SOG survival shovel is only 18.25 inches long when unfolded. When folded, it has only 10 inches in length. Isn’t that surprising? The weight of this shovel is just 25.5 ounces.

SOG shovel head features tempered high-carbon steel, and the handle has carbon steel.


  • Compact and portable
  • Multifunctional
  • Lightweight
  • No sacrifice in shovel strength


  • Can be some wiggle in the handle

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5. Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel

Sahara Sailor shovel features military-grade solid carbon steel. And the handle tubs are made from aerospace-grade anodized aluminum. It is hard to notice any weak spots while using it. This terminal survival shovel includes 12 other functions and tools:

  • A Hoe to shape soil, remove weeds, and harvest root crops
  • Saws for cutting curves or slicing through thick material
  • A bottle opener
  • A Cleaver, for splitting up large pieces of soft bones and through thick pieces of meat
  • Whistle
  • Knife
  • Fish scaler, scalloped shaped blade, the end is just pointy enough to pick small bones from a cooked fish
  • Emergency hammer to break through window glass in an emergency
  • Flat-blade screwdriver
  • Four size wrench

Sahara sailor shovel can be a combat weapon. Every part of it can do massive damage if you are not careful.

This camping shovel can be folded and expanded by turning a lock for safe accommodation and moving. A strong carry storage bag is coming with the package as camping gifts.

This shovel is 29.9 inches in length. When assembled, and is almost more prominent than the shovelhead when collected in its bag.


  • Strong build
  • Multifunctional
  • Suitable for battle and survival
  • It comes with 12 tools


  • Not as lightweight as some other options on our list

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6. REDCAMP Military Folding Shovel

The military shovel by REDCAMP is another fantastic product that we examined. This shovel features a High-Carbon steel body and a comfortable triangular handle. This shovel’s head size is 8.2 inches when folded, with a total length is 22.8 inches. REDCAMP’s shovel weighs only 2.5libs. The blade thickness 1.55mm, which is fantastic. Something even positive about this shovel is that you can fold it and store it wherever you want.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sawtooth edge
  • Tri-fold design
  • It features high carbon steel


  • Limited leverage for larger projects

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7. BANORES Compact Folding Survival Shovel

This product is yet another folding but excellent shovel. BANORES shovel can fold down to 9.84 inches, but its maximum length is 37.6 inches. It’s a bit long, but no worries, this is still an excellent shovel. With this shovel, you can dig faster and with less effort. The length allows you to form a lot of force while still being easy to wield. It has a multi-angle shovel lock.

The best thing about BANORES shovel is that it has 12 tools:

  • Wrench to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects, usually nuts or bolts
  • Cutter
  • Saw for cutting curves or slicing through thick material
  • Hoe
  • Screwdriver
  • A bottle opener
  • Whistle
  • Fire starter
  • Ice piton
  • Scraping fish scales
  • A compass


  • The long handle makes digging much more manageable
  • It is suitable for self-defense
  • Multifunctional
  • It comes in with multiple tools


  • Collecting it can take a little longer than other options

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8. FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool

FiveJoy has succeeded in making a delicate-looking survival shovel that’s also highly useful. This beautiful shovel features heat-treated high-quality thick carbon steel and aerospace standard aluminum for maximum persistence and lifetime durability. FiveJoy shovel is rust, water, and fracture resistant. It weighs only 1.2lbs, and you can store it in your backpack, a box, cabinet, etc. You can also use this shovel to clean your car tires out of snow, mud, or ice, or use the shovel head as a glass breaker in an urgency.

Unlike the other shovels, this shovel has a unique adjusting angle with a unique screw locking device.


  • 30°
  • 85°
  • 180°

FiveJoy Shovel Comes in With:

  • Knife
  • If you’re cutting curves or slicing through thick material
  • A bottle opener
  • Food For cutting fruits or vegetables
  • A bottle It is especially needed when camping in the wild
  • The Whistle comes in handy when we are in danger
  • Magnesium rod
  • A rope


  • Multiple functions
  • Features strong materials
  • Looks great
  • It comes in with multiple tools
  • It has different angles for the shovelhead


  • Not much versatility with a handle length

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9. Iunio Folding Survival Shovel

This shovel is so awesome, and you will love it. The shovel by Iunio is 31 inches long and makes digging much more manageable than other shovels. This shovel is longer than the others, thanks to the two extension bars. Iunio survival shovel comes in with:

Six Tools:

  • Safety hammer
  • Anti-skid handle
  • Emergency whistle
  • Pickaxe
  • Saw
  • Magnesium rod.

It features high-carbon steel, including the head and handles. This build makes it extraordinary as it will last for years. There’s not much to dislike about this product!


  • Solid handle length
  • Durable build
  • Multifunctional
  • It features high carbon steel


  • Setup takes a moment

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10. WF WU FANG Multifunctional Military Folding Shovel

Well, I know you are excited about this one. If you are tired of searching for the right one. WF WU FANG multifunctional military shovel is the right product. It has a variety of unique functions. The shovel head contains high alloy steel material, and the handle has aluminum allow.

You will be impressed with the fact that this shovel weighs only 2.5 pounds. The length is 10.6 x 7.1 x 2.6 inches when folded, making it fit in any bag. Here comes the best part you can extend WF WU FANG’s shovel to three different lengths. And that’s not it, and you can also make use of

 16 Different Functions:

  • Magnesium. You can use it when you are on a field trip. Spark your fire steel onto these shavings, which will catch on fire and burn very hot
  • Pick for detaching and removing things.
  • Ax for cutting trees
  • Hammer
  • Fish knife with a scalloped shaped blade, the end is just pointy enough to pick small bones from a cooked fish
  • A wrench
  • And more

The excitement never stops with this shovel. WF WU FANG’s shovel comes in three different angles:

  • 30 degrees
  • 90 degrees
  • 180 degrees


  • Made from high alloy steel
  • Lightweight
  • 16 useful survival functions
  • Different angles of the shovelhead


  • Shallow ankle board

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11. Sharvol Tactical Survival Shovel

Sharvol survival shovel is in one folding shovel. Just like the previous one, this option will blow you away as well. When packing for an adventure or a trip, the most annoying thing is packing. Especially when you have many gadgets needed for the trip, don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for that problem.

Sharvol’s all-in-one survival shovel has everything covered; let’s take a look! The shovelhead features high carbon stainless steel, so it takes away the worry about rust. It has an instant-switch mechanism. You pull the camping shovel’s ring in an upward direction to swap from one tool to another. It’s also a bit long when extended and unfolded. Its length is about 38.19 inches.

Sharvol’s Survival Shovel Comes in With:

  • A saw
  • Heavy-duty trenching tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Compass
  • Wrench
  • Firestarter

And more.

This shovel also has a lifetime warranty and grants 100% satisfaction.


  • Solid and durable build
  • 20 different functions
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The carrying bag is more prominent than other options

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12. The Adventure Supply Co Outdoor Survival and Emergency Shovel

This shovel is perfect for campers, survivalists, and preppers, this shovel by Adventure Supply Co. Brands does the job without making it too fancy.

The adventure shovel features high-tech aerospace anodized aluminum and high-MN steel. Here is something exciting about this shovel. Its length can reach up to 25 inches, but you can also use it at 21, 17, and 13 inches. You can bring this shovel anywhere because of its compactness. It fits perfectly in the bag that comes with it, and there will be no excuse to leave it at home.


  • Extremely compact
  • Affordable
  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Multifunctional


  • Assembly can be a bit awkward
  • Some wiggle during use

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13. Yeacool Tactical Survival Folding Shovel

This shovel is Yeacool’s best product. Yeacool’s shovelhead features stainless steel, and the handle features an aluminum alloy, which makes it lighter than the others. This shovel weighs only 4.6lbs. When it comes to the length, the shovel goes from 39 inches down to 15.9 inches. This size versatility means you will always have the perfect length depending on the job. With Yeacool’s survival shovel, you will get many tools like:

  • Saw
  • Ax, for cutting trees
  • Fish scaler
  • Spear. A sharp-pointed instrument with barbs used in spearing fish
  • A bottle opener
  • Fire starter. You can use it when you are on a trip or camping, and you can’t start a fire in the wild
  • Wirecutter. For cutting wires on some specific occasions
  • Trowel for digging, applying, smoothing, or moving small amounts of viscous or gravel-like materials
  • Hexagon wrenches for driving bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket


  • Multiple useful functions
  • It features strong steel and aluminum materials
  • Multiple tools included
  • Lightweight


  • I would like to see it be a bit more compact when packed away

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14. EVATAC Tactical Survival Shovel

Evatac tactical survival shovel is a promising tool you won’t want to miss. The shovel has perfect craftsmanship, and you can be sure it will leave you amazed.

Evatac’s shovel has excellent quality as its shovelhead features perfectly weighted 440 stainless steel, which makes digging in soft or hard ground a breeze. To increase versatility, you can rotate its shovelhead up to 90 degrees. Isn’t that awesome? This tool isn’t just two in one shovel; it’s a multifunctional tool!


  • It has a built-in extra-thick Ferro rod. It sparks at 3000 degrees, allowing you to start a fire under any conditions instantly
  • Also, it comes with a 120db emergency screamer whistle, which allows you to call for help
  • It’s got a razor-sharp stainless steel blade. This blade can help you shave wood for fuel and strike the Ferro rod for a blazing fire in just minutes
  • A double edge saw blade for cutting timber, plastics, and other materials
  • A flat head & Philips head screwdriver
  • Ruler for measuring.
  • 2 Hex sockets for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts
  • A compass
  • 1000D padded carry case. Perfect for camping, hiking, and surviving


  • Some users complain about the sharpness of the cutting edges

All of these fits in one tactical shovel that you can easily store in a bag, box, compartment, or under a car seat. Evatac Company is offering an extended 60-day trial period, a 100% money-back guarantee!

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15. Tyger Auto Shovel

This Tyger auto shovel is fantastic, being very durable and versatile.

The shovel features military-grade solid carbon steel and aerospace-grade anodized aluminum tubes. The aluminum tubes make the shovel lighter, and the handle will not slip on any occasion.

Using this shovel, you will be prepared for any situation because it has 16 in 1 multifunction. It comes in with a unique instant switch mechanism. You can pull the slider to switch modes. If you are curious about the dimensions, they are pretty good-10 x 6 x 2 inches. An interesting fact is that the weight of this Tiger shovel is it weighs 3 Pounds, the tools included.

Also, you can store the shovel easily or take it with you. The included storage bag allows you to carry the shovel for any outdoor adventure.

Tiger Survival Shovel Comes in With:

  • Knife
  • Ice pick
  • Screwdriver
  • Fire starter

That’s not it. You can use it for off-road, camping when gathering grass or wood (hoe), and as a fire starter.

And if you need a longer bar, you can purchase an extension handle separately.


  • Military-grade carbon steel blade
  • 16 in 1 multi-tool
  • Can quickly switch modes with the push of a button


  • None at this price range!

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16. TerraDig Tactical Survival Shovel

TerraDig made an excellent product for sure, paired with great versatility.

The shovel’s blade can be fixed in different positions to allow for digging, hoeing, and scraping. It can come in handy for chopping because of its serrated edges. Also, it has an extremely sharp straight edge that allows it to chop through roots and frozen ground with ease.

TerraDig survival shovel features high-quality steel and an advanced aluminum alloy handle. The best part is that it’s a rust-resistant folding shovel, and it weighs 2.2lbs.


  • Closed size 8 inches x 5.5 inches
  • Extended size 30 inches

This tool also is another multifunctional shovel.

It Comes With Four Different Tools:

  • Starter flint
  • Knife
  • Mini saw
  • Whistle


  • Multifunctional
  • Rust-resistant
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Feather light


  • The included knife is not the highest quality

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17. Schrade SCHSH1 Shovel

The last shovel on our list is the Schrade SCHSH1 Survival shovel. This product isn’t just an ordinary shovel; this is a telescopic shovel!

Schrade’s shovel features 1055 carbon steel with a slightly sharpened shovelhead. The overall blade length is 7.41 inches, and the handle features polypropylene with an aluminum inner tube.

  • The handle can telescope
  • When folded, it has a length of 10 inches (25.4 cm)
  • When unfolded, it has16.6 inches (42.1 cm)
  • When fully opened, it has 20 inches (50.8 cm)

Schrade’s shovel weight is 1 lb. 15.7 ounces.

This shovel is a tough one, so it won’t fall apart while using it.

Use the SCHSH1 telescoping folding shovel to dig holes, shovel snow, and light chopping. You can use the striking steel cover to pound tent stakes. Loosen the locking collar and reposition the shovel blade at a 90-degree for digging furrow or scraping tree bark.


  • Multiple useful functions
  • Features high carbon steel
  • Strong and barely unbreakable
  • Solid handle length


  •  Limited leverage for larger projects

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Why You Should Have a Survival Shovel

If you want to be self-reliant in the outdoors, you need a survival shovel. When you come in a situation where you need to sustain yourself in the wilderness for a long time, the first and most important thing you need to do is build a reliable shelter.

Depending on the season, sometimes you will need to dig a hole, move some snow, or cut some trees. We won’t succeed anything whit a stick or gear. That’s why you need to get yourself a survival shovel. With the survival shovel, you can do a lot more than just digging.

Many of the survival shovels come in with numerous tools. Including an ax, hammer, screwdriver, saw, hoe, knife, or combat weapon. Furthermore, all of the tools fit perfectly inside the shovel. Sometimes they come in tiny bags.

Some survival shovels feature materials that make the shovel unbreakable. Companies even give a lifetime warranty for them.

Most of the shovels have designs that fit anywhere. They are also very light and moveable so that you can take them on a trip.

What You Need to Know When Shopping for a Shovel

Nowadays, there are thousands of shovels, and there are several different things you should look for when choosing one.

These are some of the factors that we considered when we’re making this in the first place.

First on this list is:


Durability is the first and far most important thing. Because when you buy a piece of survival gear, you need it to work. You must trust the gear you bring with you because you won’t have the luxury of a backup. You will have only one shovel in your bag, so better if it doesn’t fall apart under a bit of pressure.

When it comes to Durability, the main thing to look at is the materials and build quality. Always look for sturdy materials like steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. Combining all of this with a robust design, you will have a shovel that will last for years.

Weight and Portability

This detail is the second most crucial part of the puzzle. We put this second, not because it will affect your ability to use it. But instead because of the extra weight and storage in your bag. Or sometimes for the sake of saving energy.

The perfect shovel, from our perspective, would be solid and one that will fit in your bag. So look for small as you can get without sacrificing any strength and quality.


Yes, versatility is another element to think about when picking the best shovel for you.

We’ve mentioned earlier that shovels come with extra tools. Consider that it’s never a bad thing to have some extra tools with you out in the wild.


The cost is not nearly important as the capability and functionality of the shovel you want. At the same time, we understand that the budget is something to keep in mind, but quality comes first. When you’ve found your perfect shovel, then you can think of how it fits in your budget.


All the shovels have excellent craftsmanship, and they come nice and clean. The only responsibility you will have is to maintain it over the years. The ongoing maintenance will ensure its long last.

Remember to always clean it after using it and take care of any individual components and functions requiring some attention. Forgetting about the gear care will only cost you more money in the long term. The main thing is that it can potentially get you into a sticky situation out in the wilderness.


We can admit that putting together the list of best survival shovels was exciting and fun. All you need to do is browse the list and pick the one that benefits you the most. We researched and found the best of the best, so there is something for everyone on the list!

No matter what, where, or why you are digging it, there is a survival shovel job. The most important thing is to make the right choice when buying one. The shovel is the kind of instrument that will sit with you until specific scenarios. But when those times come, you won’t want to be without it!

I can’t imagine digging a hole with your bare hands or with a stick. It’s stressful and strenuous, even hazardous. Those scrapes and cuts are prone to infection. So Make the right choice and buy yourself a useful survival shovel that can save your life for sure!

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