How to Replace the AC Hose Assembly – Simplest and Cheapest Way

Like many other fields, the automobile and vehicle industry has shown incredible development and upgrades in the last few years. That also includes the Air Conditioning system of the vehicles, which, undoubtedly, is an essential requirement in this era. However, as important as the air conditioning system is, so are the costs to repair it … Read more

How to Remove Hose Clamps

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How to Sharpen a Hatchet

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What Size Generator to Run Air Conditioner?

Generally, households and offices face power outages on very few occasions for a short period. However, when weather triggers the blackouts, it can last for many weeks. This causes losses and inconvenience. In such situations, generators can become a convenient backup power option. However, not all generators can be used for your home and offices. … Read more

How to Store a Generator?

Generators have become a necessary appliance for every home. During storms, power cuts, hurricanes, etc., a generator keeps your home lit and safe. But a lot of people struggle to store a generator in their home safely.  It is essential to store your generator in a safe environment when it is not in use. This … Read more