How to Replace String on Greenworks Trimmer

Many lawn trimmer owners are not aware that the string on their unit might go brittle with time. If you are using your Greenworks trimmers for years, eventually, the line will need replacement.  A few people claim that replacing the string on their trimmer is tricky than operating the unit itself. Thankfully, that’s not the … Read more

How to Change Ego String Trimmer

Ego string trimmers are a gem for upkeeping lawns and courtyards. They are efficient tools that play a significant role in the beautification of your backyards. Ego trimmers are famous for durability and performance.  However, that does not change the fact that the spool of the trimmer might never need replacement. Slashing through relentless weed … Read more

How to Load Ryobi String Trimmer?

The Ryobi’s string trimmer line is the next best alternative to a goat when dealing with ruthless lawns. Lawns look shabby with all that weed growth, and it’s better to trim them from time to time.  String trimmers have an enormous appetite for new string while they’re chewing through the weeds. If this is your … Read more

How to Clean Generator Carburetor?

Regularly maintaining a home standby or portable generator will increase its efficiency. Since they are not used often, you will need to ensure that it works properly when needed. If a generator is kept unused for a long period, you could face certain power issues in the carburetor. To avoid this, you will need to … Read more

How to Paint High Places Without a Ladder?

Covering your walls with a fresh and crispy coat of paint is an exciting and overwhelming experience. However, this process can seriously become a struggle when your home has high walls and spaces. Yes, we know that high walls give a grandeur look, but painting them yourself can become quite a challenge. Especially when you … Read more

How to Tile Corners

Tiling your house is an essential part of enhancing its appeal. However, depending on the area, it may not always be that easy. Nonetheless, if you know the right steps, then you can truly turn into a DIY home improvement expert. Tiling to begin with, usually isn’t that difficult. If you have the right tools, … Read more

How to Tile Around a Toilet

When it comes to renovations, bathrooms are often one of the most neglected parts of our house. With the excessive moisture, its overall appearance can wear off over time, especially, the area around the toilet. However, tiling areas around the bathroom sink and the toilet isn’t as simple as tiling the rest of the bathroom. … Read more

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