Firman P03603 Generator Review, 4550/3650

Firman P03603 Generator Review, 4550/3650Wondering whether you should be investing in the Firman P03603 4550/3650? We have a detailed review of the product right here for you! Find the answers to all your questions about this portable generator.

Firman is one of the leading and most trusted companies producing the most efficient generators in the market. They produce a variety of generators to cater to the needs of the customers. People use these generators to run household appliances, in industries and also in the medical sector. They are famous for their power-efficient and long-lasting generators.

We are here to introduce you to Firman P03603 4550/3650 and provide a detailed review of the product. Keep reading to uncover the specialty of this gas generator and some drawbacks that you might face. Get ready to know everything about this product!

Firman P03603 4550/3650 Packaging And First Impressions

As we heard ample positive reviews about this product, we decided to give it a try. We ordered it online and received it within the estimated date. The product has a warranty of 3 years.

When it arrived, it was well packed in a thick carton box that was tightly sealed. When we opened the box, we saw that the generator was surrounded by foam. This would avoid any damage during shipping. The generator looks exactly like the picture and will not disappoint you at all.

Everything that one needs to start the generator is already inside the carton box. It is lightweight, and we were able to lift it easily. It comes along with a funnel and a quart of oil during delivery. We had also been provided with an elaborate manual on setting up and using the generator. There was also a handy remote to operate the generator. To get started, all we needed to do was get gas.

It took us nearly one hour to get the generator running. We just had to install the wheel kit, the handle, and attach the batteries. We then added oil using the quart and put in some gas. Pressed the start button on the remote, and the generator was functioning in no time!

Firman P03603Design Specifications OfFirman P03603 4550/3650

The generator has a very simple design and looks like most of the other generators. The generator has a yellow-black color scheme common to most Firman generators. But the good part is that it’s made of up a high-quality material that makes it durable.

It comes with three procedures to start it- with a remote, a start button, and a draw started.This makes sure if one method stops working, you can still use your generator with ease. Therefore, the users will have no problems in using this product.

The OHV engine ensures the product runs smoothly for an extended period lasting up to 14 hours. The engine comes with a head block to prevent excessive heating of the equipment. Also, the engine has a gigantic capacity of five gallons and is capable of running for a very long time.

A wheel kit is also provided with superior quality wheels. The generator rests upon the wheel kit and can be moved from one place to another with the help of the wheel kit. Moreover, the handle has high leverage and is foldable.
The generator has an automatic regulator and a control panel with covered outlets for easy monitoring and control of the customer. A data minder measures volts, hertz, and sends an indication in case the oil level is low.

Properties Of The Firman P03603 4550/3650 Generator

We mostly keep generators outside our houses. The most helpful feature of this generator is that it can be automatically switched on and off from yards away.

So, if you need to switch it on in the night, you do not need to go all the way to do it. But if you are not comfortable with using the remote, you also have the option of operating it through the button or the drawstring.

The never-flat tires of the wheel kit and the high folding handle make it suitable for moving. This is the reason why these generators are perfect for camping, where there might be difficult terrain.

You can easily monitor your operating hours and volts through the digital display. A low oil indicator shows whenever the generator needs more oil. This makes it easier for the customer to refill it as you don’t have to keep checking the oil level.

The engine shuts off as soon as there is a shortage of oil. This is a protective measure to ensure the equipment can operate efficiently.

The circuit break mechanism of the generator prevents overload during a fault and ensures the safe functioning of the equipment. It also has a receptacle for the 30A RV cord in case you want to use it. This would help you fulfill your power needs better.

The noises created by generators are a nuisance, especially when someone is trying to sleep. The Firman P03603 4550 is specially designed to ensure that the customer has a noiseless experience. The P03603 is Canada Emissions certified and is safe for the environment.

Firman P03603 4550/3650 Maintenance

Every part of the generator is made of excellent quality material and does not require a lot of maintenance. The generator takes a long time to start once it runs dry. So, you need to make sure it has appropriate oil. But handling the equipment with care will help you get the best services out of it for the longest time.


– Budget-friendly

– Lightweight

– Portable

– Remote control

– Long run time


– Little noisy

– Unappealing design

– Oil indicator not very clear

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Firman P03603 Generator Review – Conclusion

Apart from all the information mentioned above, we believe that Firman P03603 4550/3650 is one of the best generators for running household appliances and camping. It’s the remote control, and powerful engine makes it very easy for the customers to operate. Unlike other generators, it makes minimum noise while running. Overall, the generator offers way more features than its price.

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