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In today’s world, electronic appliances take up a significant part of life for work and entertainment. We rely on tablets and computers for our work. Even if exclude these two, life will not proceed without including any single electrical appliance.

But as technology gets more convenient in our everyday life, we can’t stay without a modern-day electronic gadget. There is another thing that we cannot neglect – an electric blackout.

Most of the time, they do not last long. But at some places, a few second power shortfalls can lead to severe problems. However, a portable, easy-to-use, and powerful generator from a reliable brand like Gentron can save the hustle in comfort.

A 10000-watt generator will provide enough strength for any of your electric appliances to run larger applications during a power outage at any time of the day. That is why a 10000-watt generator is always in high demand, and Gentron provides the best among them.

Different Models of Gentron Generator

The GG10020GL model of Gentron 10000-watt Fuel Generator range provides the best service to run larger appliances at your site. This loyal generator can even save your food truck from getting out of service at any peak time of the day.

With a peak watt power of 10000, this generator is built to be super supportive during emergency hours. The engine specifications are pretty cool to be 420 ccs 15 HP with OHV air-cooled engine that can run up to a decent time.

The Gentron GG10020GL Watt Fuel Generator also has 8500-watt peak power with a 7000-Watt rated power for LPG engines. With just a push of a button, you can get this easy-to-use, portable and high-functioning generator. It has a running output of 8000 watts so that you can get the powerful performance to keep going!

The Gentron GG10020GL Watt Fuel Generator engine can be a life-saver during emergencies. The machine has powerful capabilities to provide you with uninterrupted power for 11 hours straight.

It has a very portable design with a wheel kit at the bottom. You can drag the generator from one place to another. The design is not too heavy, which makes it fall under the list of lightweight generators.

Unlike other heavy-powered machines, this generator has seven outlets for convenient use. You can use up to 7 appliances at the same time with a variety of switch ranges. If you are using the generator for home purposes, it is better to go for a double-throw stitch or a double pole one. It is also popular as a two-way transfer switch.

The Gentron GG10020GL Watt Fuel Generator | Product


  • Machine weight: 241 lbs.
  • Machine dimension: 27.75” x 25” x 22”
  • Running watts: 8000
  • Surge watts: 10,000
  • Start operation: Push Button
  • Number of outlets: 7
  • Number of standard outlets: 4 with fully protected 110V
  • Other outlets: 1 twist-lock outlet of 240V 30amp, 1 twist-lock outlet of 120V 30amp, and 1 DC outlet worth 12V 8.3 amp. Using the 1DC outlet, you can charge any 12V battery for convenient purposes.
  • Fuel Tank size: 8-gallon fuel tank

The Gentron GG10020GL Watt Fuel Generator | Features

This generator comes with a fascinating set of features. Each of them is unique and handy for specific uses. They allow you to power any electric appliance for not only home users but also industrial appliances.The Gentron GG10020GL Watt Fuel Generator undergoes several industrial tests before the customer uses them. Among other brands, Gentron is known for providing high-quality product parts with innovative features.

The generator has a specific frame that is identifiable even from a distance. That makes it easy for you to locate the generator during an outdoor visit. Moreover, before using the machine, you will have to redesign the whole set-in specific orders. It comes in extra safe packaging with the proper guidelines to progress with an error-free setup for the first time.

This portable generator is a wise investment, no matter what your geographical location says about the weather. Using this handy power-providing machine, any night-time work at a construction job site becomes easy.

For home, this generator can provide you with multiple light sources during any emergency work at the garage or the backyard.

Convenient Push-Button Feature

The Gentron Watt Fuel Generator machine gives you a heavy-duty performance without any heavy lifting. To get started with this generator, you have to wheel it into any place. Once you find a safe place to park the generator, just push the start button to make it function.

If you are a first-time user or the weather is out of your hands to control, you can always go for the electric starter.

Silent Operation

Most of the time, people tend to avoid generators because of the annoying sound they make, irrespective of if they are portable or non-portable. This generator operates quietly with 76 decibels in total for every motor in the unit.

All the Gentron Watt Fuel Generator machinery covers a heavy-duty steel frame that isolates the motor from making noise during operation.

Automatic Voltage Regulation

The Gentron GG10020GL Watt Fuel Generator has an automatic voltage regulation. This automatic feature in a generator has certain benefits that even electrical engineers cannot deny.

You get the perfect outdoor voltage regulation with a variety of kVA ratings, configurations, and voltage.
For the automatic voltage regulation feature, you can easily carry the machine to outdoor applications. For the same feature, the generator parts and functioning are highly tolerant to frequency deviations and system faults.

Ease of Use

When using the Gentron GG10020GL Watt Fuel Generator, you have the simplest source of power at home during a power outage. In another way, you have efficient additional power support at your home.

This generator is very simple to use because it is all a connection away. Once you plug the generator, you have access to the appliances once again.

However, there is another favorable feature of this generator. Since it only takes a plug to connect, anyone can use this generator. It is convenient for old-aged people to start these generators.

It is effortless to detect when the Gentron GG10020GL Generator runs out of fuel. It is designed with a special low oil indicator that saves you from any risk. When the fuel level in the generator goes below the minimum level, the machine automatically shuts down and saves you from any future risky events.

Gentron Generator | Pros and Cons


  • Affordable to all customers
  • Powerful engine
  • Seven standard outlets
  • Light weighing generator
  • It has an 8-gallon fuel tank for a long-duration power supply
  • Intense duty steel frame & large size wheels for a sturdy finish
  • Easy to start
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • It works on a backup pull-start mechanism
  • The isolated motor makes the operation silent
  • The generator can run up to 11 hours straight at half load
  • Automatic low fuel shut down
  • 1-year warranty


  • It might take you some time to understand the manual instruction clearly.

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Drawbacks of Gentron Generator

If you are new to portable generators, it will take you some time to understand the features. Some technical terms and functions might take a few days or weeks to get used to.

Some customers say that the manual assigns several names to one part, making the setup process more complicated.

However, if you still cannot figure out the parts and pieces of machinery, you can benefit from their customer guidance. The manufacturers help customers who face issues with assembling the parts.

Is the Gentron gg10020gl Watt Fuel Generator Worth an Investment?

Most portable generators come with certain drawbacks. But luckily, the Gentron Watt Fuel Generator does not have many negatives to put on the plate. The generator is entirely worth investing every penny.

The Gentron GG10020GL Watt Fuel Generator is the perfect pick for you if you are not on a high-end budget. The machine has minimal installation charges, and the fuel cost is the only operational cost. You only have to pour the fuel into the tank and plug the generator to function.

The power range of the Gentron generator is also quite worth the price you pay for the power-generating machine.

You get ideal equipment to add to your mechanical cupboard to save you from unlively power cut days.

The premium built, easy-to-use features, and the noiseless motor function make the generator a perfect purchase for every home and industry.

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