How Does a Power Hammer Work?

The general use of a power hammer is for forge welding and it is certainly a very powerful tool. There are many different applications for the tool, and it comes in variable types. There are mechanical power hammers that are electrically powered. You will also find self-contained power hammers that are powered by compressed air.

Knowing about the different types of power hammers and their uses will help you in several projects. This guide provides you with insights about a power hammer, its functions and how does a power hammer work. You can also know about the different types of power hammer and their uses.

What Is a Power Hammer?

A power hammer is a forging hammer that runs on mechanical power and does not require muscular power. Commonly used power hammers require compressed air for powering it up, while some shops use steam-powered or mechanical hammers.

Earlier, there were trip hammers that were replaced by these power hammers during the 1880s. Metalworkers, manufacturers and blacksmiths highly recommend them due to their ease of use. They were originally steam-powered, but with time they came to be motor-powered as well.

The power hammer has seen several advancements in its power source over the ears. Starting from steam, it has now evolved to compressed air powering as well. In current times you can find many different variations of power hammer. However, steam power hammers may not be as popular as they were in earlier times.

Rating of Power Hammers

The rating of power hammers is mainly on the basis of their usage. You need to measure the weight of the moving parts to see their work on different projects. There are primarily three parts that you need to take into focus on while measuring the rating.

  • Ram – The speed or force level that is put on any workpiece.
  • Upper Die – A tool that shapes or cuts the necessary material.
  • Mechanical Linkage Springs or Arms – Helps to manage the movement and force on any workpiece. These are also called joints. The springs and arms can be constructed using closed chains, open chains or both.

Some parts of the hammer may differ in usage on the basis of the power source. The output of compressed air power hammers is said to be more powerful when compared with mechanical or electric power hammers. However, this may not always be the case.

Types of Power Hammers and Their Functions

To fully understand the capability and functionality of a power hammer, you need to know the power source. Each power hammer has its purpose and can be used for different projects. Before you know how does a power hammer work, know about the different power hammer types and their functions.

Mechanical Power Hammer

The power source of a mechanical power hammer is an electric motor. These are small-sized hammer, and the structure is quite narrow. Due to their design, they have a very limited work range. Since their opening is small, it is not possible to couple them with different external tools.

You can use this hammer effectively for drawing down different metal pieces. Their original function was to re-edge and re-sharpen agricultural tools and equipment.

Self-Contained Power Hammer

This type of power hammer is popular amongst many and is highly useful too. Their power source comes from compression of air which comes out of an in-built tank and air compressor. This hammer’s throat size is around 12 to 14 inches, which makes it possible to attach different hand tools.

Utility Power Hammer

There is not much difference between an air hammer and a utility power hammer, except the latter having to provide an external compressor. The power source of this power hammer is three numbers of two-stage compressors (5HP). You can attach these motors using a singular pipe to another pipe that has the hammer as the attachment.

The most common and the easiest power hammer to use out of these three types is the self-contained or compressed air power hammer. A great thing about this power hammer is the absorption of vibration when the hammer is at work. Due to this feature, the operator receives less strain, and you do not have to maintain the hammer intensely.

Remember that compressed air power hammers are not ideal for beginners since they require high force and intricacy. If you are a beginner blacksmith, you should try to avoid the power hammer altogether.

You would need to have proper experience before you can operate a power hammer safely and successfully. First, try to learn the tricks and make yourself accustomed to using a manual hammer. With time you advance to using the power hammer without much effort.

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How Does a Power Hammer Work?

By now, you know that the use of a power hammer is to forge welding. You can also use them in striking steel tools and closing rivets. There is not much difference between a manual hammer and a power hammer in terms of usage. However, a power hammer provides you with more accurate results.

The process of forge welding involves heating of two metal pieces at a high temperature so that they become loose and then you can hammer them together. In earlier times, this process was done using a manual hammer. Even though this is still the standard practice, many blacksmiths with years of experience now use the power hammer.

The power hammer process is very simple since the heated metal is placed under the chosen hammer’s hammerhead. During this, the hammer’s power source leads to the hammerhead’s rise, after which it hits the weld.

The shift from manual to power hammer is necessary due to the accuracy and power of the hit. Power hammers use a force equivalent to two strong workers using individual sledgehammers. This puts high pressure on the workpiece, and the result you receive is very accurate.

Bottom Line

A manual hammer is nowhere less effective than a power hammer, but the later has many advantages. These advantages have led to the shift in the use of power hammers as opposed to manual hammers.

Now that you know how does a power hammer work and the different types of hammer, it will be much easier for you to choose the right power hammer for your next work. Remember to only use a power hammer if you have enough expertise in using manual hammers to avoid any unforeseen accidents.

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