How to Build a Wooden Ladder?

No matter what, wood has always been an essential material in the world of construction. From chairs to tables to floors, wood provides them all with a solid, sturdy, and durable foundation. Moreover, almost all the important tools that we use on daily basis are also made of wood – just like a ladder!

Who doesn’t want, or NEED a ladder at home? It is one of the most versatile, functional, and useful tools and equipment, and safe too. Furthermore, It helps you reach high spaces conveniently while minimizing the risk of accidents.

Ladders can be extremely expensive, especially when you need something of the highest quality. Also, if you are looking for step ladders, the price goes higher. However, did you know you can easily make a wooden step ladder at home? That too under $20?

Yes, you can! With a little bit of effort, some motivation, and some basic tools and materials, you can easily DIY one. Want to know how? In this post, we are sharing a step-by-step guide to help you ace the task without any hassle! Keep Reading, it gets more exciting!

Materials and Tools Needed

Like every other DIY project, you will need some basic tools and materials for this one too. All these tools will be essential, and will provide you with the best-working step ladder! Also, you will conveniently find all the materials in any hardware store. Here are those tools:

Materials for the folding feature of the ladder:

  • Lock Washers – M6 Type – 55-60 mm – 10 pieces.
  • Carriage Bolts – M6 Type – 10 pieces.
  • Washers – M6 Type – 10 pieces.

Material for the main foundation:

  • Wood – 95 x 20 x 850mm – You can choose any type of wood that is easily accessible and purchasable for you. Moreover, you will need the wood in the shape of planks, and there must be around 10 to 12 pieces.

Tools to perform the task:

  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill Machine or Drill Press
  • Earmuffs – to protect your ears from the harsh sounds of the drill machine.
  • Eyeglasses – to protect your eyes from wood dust and particles.
  • Square
  • Sandpaper – for smoothening the wood.
  • Router

Step By Step Procedure

Once you have gathered all the essential tools and materials, you are all ready to kickstart your DIY step ladder project! Just carefully and patiently follow these few simple steps. Also, remember to be safe!

Learn About the Ladder

To understand how to build the ladder, you need to know about all the different parts of the ladder and how to assemble them properly.

Side pieces are the first parts that have rounded ends. These are mandatory parts as they serve as the main support of the ladder. Another main support for the ladder is the back support parts that can be stretched and have 2 sides.

Then, there are the Butt joints. Next, the flat slabs connected to the support of the ladder are the steps and the last step is a giant slab of wood found on the top of the ladder.

Start Cutting the Wood

The next step is to obviously start cutting the woods in your desired size. After all, wood is the whole and main foundation of the step ladder. For cutting the wooden steps of the ladder, you will need a saw. Start cutting the wooden planks with the saw according to your desired size and design. For other parts, take the router and start cutting the wood.

First, you will need to work on the height and side support of the ladder. Make sure that you cut the planks according to the height you need and require. For the back and side support, you will need 4 wooden planks, all of the same sizes.

Further, the amount of steps you need depends on the height of the ladder. Also, all the steps should have the same size and measurements.

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Attach the Parts

After all the cutting, you need to attach the sides and steps altogether. First, take the side supports and drill holes in them. Then, attach the steps to these holes. After you are done with the side and steps, attach the back support and foundation.

For extra durability, we would recommend a lot of use of screws and nails. This way, your step ladder would be strong and safe, both. The whole process might sound technical, but it is quite easy. Just connect all the supports one by one and form the ladder!

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You Are Done

Now that you have successfully and carefully followed all the steps; Congratulations! You are done! You have a wooden step ladder now, that you made with your own hard work and effort. Just start using it now and get your jobs done!

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