How to Change a Blade on a DEWALT Miter Saw

DEWALT is one of the top brands when it comes to power tools. People usually end up buying the whole set of tools from the company. That is because it is an affordable and reliable name in the power tool manufacturing industry. If you own a miter saw by DEWALT and its not cutting wood easily, it’s not the tool’s fault. It’s probably time for you to change the blade on the saw.

Even when you maintain your equipment after much use there comes a time when you replace parts. A blade is one such part that needs to be replaced often when you use a saw a lot. It is quite common and even with the perfect use of the saw, you will have to replace it.

Now DEWALT has some of the most reliable tools, but that does not mean the blades on it will last forever. Replacement blades are very inexpensive and can be bought in sets for a discount.

When Do You Need to Change the Blade of Your DEWALT Miter Saw?

Are you using your DEWALT miter saw for a long time? Are you seeing any signs of the blade struggling or not cutting the wood cleanly? Do you smell like something is burning when you are cutting the wood with your saw? It is high time you need to change your blade.

Visually, there is no way to tell when you need to change the blade on your miter saw. If you feel that the blade is dull just because the paint or the lettering on it disappeared you are wrong. The writing and the paint coating on the blade start to fade soon after you start using the saw. It is not a good indicator for a dull blade or time for a replacement.

Changing the Blade on a DEWALT Miter Saw

You will need a tool that is included with the DEWALT miter saw. If you have by chance lost it, you can use a start bit screwdriver and a wrench. You then need a replacement blade.

Step 1)

Before anything, remove the cord from the miter saw. You would not want an accidental injury because the saw turns on. Before handling the blade part of any saw, always remove any power source.

Step 2)

The tool is usually attached behind the fence on the left side, take it out. This is where the tool is supposed to be placed.

Step 3)

Lift the blade guard up and lock it into place. The guard gets automatically locked once you lift it all the way up. You can tell that the guard is locked because it does not fall back down.

Step 4)

Use the included tool and the star bit screwdriver to loosen the screw on the guard. You need to loosen the screw only a bit, not all the way out. Just loosen it enough and the metal plate hiding the nut should move up out of the way.

Step 6)

Use the spindle lock behind the handle to lock the blade in its place. This way when you loosen the nut on the blade it does not move.

Step 7)

Use the included tool’s wrench to remove the nut from the blade. After you remove the nut remove the blade flange and the blade itself. Usually, the direction in which the nut loosens is mentioned on the blade. But the DEWALT miter saw has a reverse thread.

Step 8)

Place the new blade on the arbor and place the blade flange back in its place. If the spindle lock was released, press it again and then lock the blade. Use the wrench to tighten the nut and put the metal plate hiding the nut back down over the screw.

Step 9)

Tighten the screw again and lower the guard over the blade. You should release the spindle lock now and use a piece of scrap wood to test the saw. It should cut clean and without any issues.

Things to Be Careful About When Changing the Blade on a DEWALT Miter Saw

  • If you are using another blade other than the DEWALT brand make sure the teeth are facing downwards. That is the direction in which the blade rotates to cut wood. It does not matter where the writing on the DEWALT blade was and where the writing on the new blade is. You need to make sure the teeth of the blade are facing down.
  • When changing the blade make sure to take the power cord out of the outlet. There should be no power source to the DEWALT miter saw. Otherwise, you can risk accidental injuries.
  • Keep the included tool with the miter saw safe. Do not lose it or else you will need to find individual tools for the job. If you have the included tool you do not need anything else to change the blade whatsoever.
  • When operating the blade for testing, make sure to remove the spindle lock. Also, wear your protective gear, i.e. goggles, earmuffs, and mask. The goggles and mask are to protect your eyes and nose from any sawdust. While the earmuffs protect your hearing.

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