How to Change Blade on Miter Saw

Are you using your miter saw for long now and the wood is just not cutting as easy as it did? It is not the saw’s fault, your blade has just gotten dull with the course of time. It happens, and that is why you can replace the blade when it dulls. In this guide, we will teach you how to replace the blade on your miter saw.

If you are someone who has been woodworking for a long time, you would have a collection of power tools. There are plenty of power tools out there designed to cut wood. If you want to rip boards you use a table saw or a circular saw. But when you are planning on cutting across the board, the miter saw is your easiest option.

Of course, you can use a circular saw for the same job as well. But a miter saw is just that easy to use. It really makes cutting a piece of wood across so easy that even someone not so experienced can’t make a mistake.

What Is a Miter Saw and What Is It Used For?

If you have ever used a circular saw or seen one, chances are you already know what a miter saw is. In case you do not, just like the circular saw it has a blade that rotates at high speeds to cut wood. But the difference between a circular saw and a miter saw is that the latter is fixed in a frame. So you cannot take the saw out and use it to rip boards or cut the board in length.

The frame holds the saw steady and locks it in its place giving it more stability. You just pull the saw down after powering it on and it cuts the board across in the angle you want. The miter saw provides you with support for angle cuts and bevel cuts for cutting miters. These make it very easy to cut boards for joints.

With the unique design and the mechanism, it becomes quite easy to make sure that your cuts are straight and smooth. It takes no effort at all to cut the board across in an angle or tilt with a miter saw. But it might take some effort and some real stable hands to do the same with a circular saw.

You can create a workstation for your miter saw or keep it on your workbench. Usually, people have a workstation for it since their bench is where they do all handy work and they require some space.

How to Change the Blade on Your Miter Saw

When you feel that your miter saw is really struggling to cut across a board, it means that it’s time to change the blade. To do so you will just need a wrench that is usually included with the miter saw and the blade for replacement. Just follow these easy steps to change the blade so your miter saw can cut with new life.

Step 1)

Firstly, remove the power cord of the miter saw from the wall outlet. After which you can lift the guard from the blade. Just lift the guard up to expose the side of the blade, where you can see a small screw.

Step 2)

Take a screwdriver and take the screw out of the side of the miter saw. This screw locks the guard in its place. Removing it allows you to reveal the nut holding the blade.

Step 3)

After removing the guard, press the locking pin behind the blade to lock it in its place. If for some reason you cannot find the locking pin or your miter saw does not have one, just use a piece of scrap wood. Place the scrap wood on the fence and then push the blade against the piece of wood so it does not rotate.

Step 4)

Once the blade is locked, use the included wrench or an adjustable wrench to loosen the bolt on the blade. Once it’s loose, just use your own fingers to undo it and pulling it away from the saw. After which you will need to remove the blade flange and then the blade itself.

Step 5)

Take the replacement blade and put it from where you took out the dull one. Put the blade flange back and use the bolt to fasten the blade in its place. Use the wrench to tighten it enough to the limit. You can usually tell that when the bolt does not budge anymore.

Step 6)

Move the guard back down again and use the screw to lock the guard in its place. Once the guard is back down you can move the blade guard over the blade again and you are done with the replacement process.

It is really easy to replace a dull blade from a miter saw. Once you are done replacing it, time to give it a test, just use any scrap wood and cut it. If the blade cuts it smoothly, then you are good to go. If you feel it’s struggling and wobbling, you might want to see if everything is tight and in its place.

Things to Be Careful About While Operating a Miter Saw

  • Always power your miter saw off when you are to touch the blade for any reason. Don’t just turn it off, make sure the power cord is disconnected completely. Even a small accident can easily cause you a limb when you do not take care of this. To avoid any accidents, make sure the power cord is disconnected from the outlet or any extension cord.
  • Always tighten the screws and bolts to their limits. Make sure that nothing is loose or not tightened properly. Even a slight wobble might cause the miter saw not to function properly.
  • When handling the blade try to wear protective gloves. These will make sure that the blade does not cut your skin while you are holding the blade in your hands. There are specific blades designed to hold sharp objects and blades, if you can get your hands on those that would be great.
  • You cannot be too careful while you operate the miter saw. Wear protective gear whenever you work with a power tool.

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