How to Change Blade on Ryobi Miter Saw

A miter saw is one of the most essential power tools in a woodworkers arsenal. There are different brands of miter saw in the market such as DeWalt, Bosch, Delta and Ryobi. If you happen to own a Ryobi miter saw, then the chances are that you may have asked yourself how to change its blade.

Over time and with extended usage, the blade of a miter saw loses its sharpness and becomes dull. If same is the case for your miter saw, then it’s about time you consider changing its blade. While it isn’t as hard as you think, knowing the exact process can certainly make things easier. Thus, in this guide, we aim to walk you through everything you need to know.

So, get your woodwork gear ready because we are going to discuss how to change the blade on Ryobi miter saw.

Why Do I Need a Miter Saw?

If you’re still new to woodwork, then the chances are that you might be wondering that why you need a miter saw, to begin with? For starters, a miter saw is one of the most frequently used tools among woodworkers. Their main purpose is to help you make angled cuts and do trim works.

Apart from that, with the right technique, they can also be used for a variety of different applications which includes straight cuts, crosscuts and whatnot. The level of versatility that miter saw’s offer makes them a must-have for all the woodworkers out there.

In fact, miter saw’s are one of the most common power tools you are going to see in a DIY enthusiast’s arsenal. They are usually a one-time investment. As long as you’re frequently changing the blade, you can expect your miter saw to last a long time. Thus, if you are just starting out with woodwork, then this is one power tool that you might want to consider investing your money on.

How Long Does It Take?

We know that at times, you might want to get the job done as soon as possible. Woodwork can be time-consuming and the last thing you want is to spend all your day changing the blade. Therefore, do not worry because if know what to do and own the right equipment then it would take no more than a few minutes!

When to Change the Blade?

Before proceeding to change the blade on your Ryobi miter saw, understanding when it’s necessary is just as important. Here are a couple of factors that can help you evaluate that:

  • Cut Quality: The quality of cuts is a great indication that whether your miter saw’s blade needs to be replaced or not. Observe the quality of the cuts and if it requires a lot of chipping and leaves burn marks behind, then it’s an indication the blade needs to be changed.
  • Different Materials: If you’re using the miter saw to cut wood, then it may accumulate wood chip on the blade. Wood chip is often a leading reason to affect the quality of the cut. Thus, try cleaning the surface of the blade and cutting different materials.
  • Blade Sharpness: This should be obvious enough, but make sure before replacing, you inspect the sharpness of the blade. For that, the best way is to conduct a paper test.

How to Change Blade on Ryobi Miter Saw?

Although we’re particularly talking about Ryobi miter saw, the process is usually the same for other brands as well.

Step 1: Safety Precautions

The first step before doing maintenance of any power tool is to prioritise your own safety. Before you do anything, make sure to unplug the miter saw from the main power source. Until it hasn’t completely powered off, do not touch the blade.

While you’re at it, make sure to also grab some safety gear. Using eyeglasses and woodworking gloves can always be a great idea.

Step 2: Unlock the Blade Arm

Locate the lock on your Ryobi miter saw, and push it to release the blade arm. You might find a lock pin depending on your model of miter saw, so if you find one, then remove it first before proceeding.

Step 3: Remove Bolt Cover

The blade guard needs to be rotated upwards for you to locate the main screw head. Loosen this screw to free the bolt cover and underneath that, you are going to see the hex-head blade bolt.

Step 4: Remove Blade

You might need a 10mm wrench for this step to make sure the spindle is properly tightened to stop the blade bolt from spinning. Once you’ve done that, remove the bolt and the blade from the case.

If you want to make things smooth for the new blade, then consider adding a drop of oil to the case.

Step 5: Install New Blade

Usually, you are going to see arrows printed on the case of your miter saw that point towards the direction the new blade will be installed. Follow the path shown by those arrows to fix the new blade onto the unit. After that, all you have to do the opposite of the steps you have followed above.

Before you do turn the miter saw on, make sure that the blade properly spins in the right direction. Once you have checked everything and have tightened the bolt, you’re good to go!


Changing the blade of a miter saw isn’t as hard. However, for those who are new to woodwork, it is always best to be on the safe side to avoid any mishaps. So, if you were having trouble wrapping your head around how things work, then we hope now you will easily be able to change the blade of your miter saw within a couple of minutes by following the steps we have discussed.

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