How to Cut a 22.5 Degree Angle on a Miter Saw

A miter saw is a useful power tool for cutting across wooden boards. It might be the best tool since it can cut in a straight line and also slice the target planks at an angle. In this guide, we will explain how to cut a 22.5-degree angle on a miter saw. After that, you will be ready to cut wooden boards at whatever angle you desire for DIY projects.

If you do not know about the different functions of a certain tool, you will never exploit its full capabilities. A craft like woodwork doesn’t only boil down to the tools on hand, but also how you use the equipment. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with every gadget in your shed. A miter saw is a handy companion that will make your DIY projects a lot easier once you know how to properly use it.

If you own a miter saw, specifically the compound slider model, you can get a lot of work done using the tool. Once you learn how to properly use it, you are going to clear your projects a lot faster than before.

Why Choose a Miter Saw Over Others?

There are various saws that cut wood with a circular blade such as a table saw and circular saw. If they both use a circular cutting element, then why would you prefer a miter saw? Also, a circular saw can cut across and also rip boards and you might wonder if you should choose the alternatives.

The answer is pretty simple since the miter saw is more efficient and better suited for precision sawing. The tool is also fast when you’re cutting at various angles or across the plank of wood. The saw literally takes no time at all, just lock it into position, press the trigger, and lower the handle. The kind of stability and efficiency you get from a miter saw is unparalleled. If you are following precise measurements, then you need the miter saw on your workbench.

Cutting a 22.5-Degree Angle on Your Miter Saw

It is pretty easy to cut wood across multiple angles on your miter. You only need to know how to unlock the saw and monitor the scales. For this guide, we will be watching the miter scale.

Step 1)

Some miter saws have a knob at the turntable that is also used as a handle. If your saw has the dial, you can unlock it by rotating which will loosen the knob and unlock the turntable.

Step 2)

Grab the miter handle/lock and pull the lever underneath it to navigate the turntable.

Step 3)

While carefully eyeing the miter scale, move the turntable to the left or the right. You need to move it till you get the desired angle on your miter scale; it is indicated using a small arrow on the scale. In this case, we need to reach the 22.5-degree angle.

Step 4)

Place a piece of wood on the fence and use the vice to clamp it in place. If you do not have a vice, you can use your hands to press it firmly against the fence. Make sure that the block of wood doesn’t wobble while cutting since the movement can cause inaccurate cuts.

Step 5)

Once you have secured the wood in place, press the trigger, and move the handle down. The blade will then cut the wood at a 22.5-degree angle.

After following these easy steps, you can further cut wood at an angle of your choice on the miter saw. You can still utilize the bevel scale to tilt the saw and make a bevel cut on planks of wood. But these are the basic motions that you should understand before operating a saw and cutting at an angle.

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Things to Consider While Cutting at 22.5-Degrees on a Miter Saw

  • Always keep an eye on the miter scale when you are cutting at an angle. The 22.5-degree angle is commonly used to make miter cuts.
  • You should always wear protective gear while operating a miter saw or any power tool. Ensure that you have earmuffs, goggles, and a mask whenever you cut wood using a miter saw. The goggles and the mask protects your eyes, nose, and mouth from taking in dust particles that often cause irritation. The earmuffs protect your hearing because your ears might get damaged following prolonged exposure to loud sounds.
  • Unlock the locking pin to release the lock on the handle. You can also use the locking pin to secure the handle in place while transporting the miter saw.
  • Use the locking knob and lever to lock the miter saw at your desired angle. Using the locks allows you to make precise cuts. Get to know these locks so that you can make accurate cuts across any piece of wood.
  • Fasten the piece of wood by clamping it on using a vice. This tool sits near the fence on the miter saw. You use the clamping mechanism to secure the piece of wood so that it doesn’t move about when cutting. Remember, a slight wobble can cause you to lose precision during the operation.

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