How to Cut a Vinyl Tile

Vinyl is a very useful resource and can be found being used in a lot of household items. PVC pipes are pretty commonplace these days and used instead of steel ones. Vinyl tiles are also very useful since they are more durable than ceramic tiles. People often install them on their flooring instead of ceramic. If you are planning on putting Vinyl tiles and don’t know how to cut them, you can read this guide.

Tools are only as good as the user, but as time flows on, tools have become very convenient to use. Even if you are not very familiar with how to use tools, you can learn to do so very quickly. And even if you are adept at using tools being a hobbyist, you might not know what tools to use in every situation. For instance, if you want to cut a vinyl tile, you might not know how to cut one and what tools to use.

In this situation, it is often good to read a guide like this so you don’t end up wasting effort and resources.

Why Use Vinyl Tiles in the First Place?

Vinyl is a very resourceful material that is plenty durable and flexible as well. Because of that quality, vinyl-based products have a wide application in our daily lives. From PVC pipes to PVA-based adhesives, you can find vinyl being used almost everywhere. They are easy to produce and have a longer life than most materials. And it is because of this durability, that vinyl tiles are popular compared to other materials like ceramic.

If you have kids at home or pets that jump around or drop things, vinyl tiles are great for that purpose. They don’t crack easily and don’t break making them a great companion for such purposes. Even if they are thin, they don’t crack easily. So it is understandable if you use these instead of any other flooring material.

Other than being durable, they are also resistant to moisture. They do not absorb a lot of moisture. Wooden flooring easily absorbs moisture and can swell up. And lastly, you can get wooden or granite print vinyl tiles to give your flooring a beautiful regal look. With so many benefits, who wouldn’t install vinyl tiles in their house?

Why Would You Cut Vinyl Tiles Yourself?

You can always hire a person to install and cut vinyl tiles. But if you need to install it in a small space, you can do it yourself instead. Here are some reasons why you would cut vinyl tiles yourself.

Save Time

When you are asking someone to cut and install tiles in your house, they will surely take time to arrive. They are not just sitting there to serve only you, they have other customers as well. They will serve you whenever they have time or when they are free from other clients. Why wait for them to come over, check the problem, quote you a price, and then get to work? Just do it yourself instead, it will hardly take any time, cutting a vinyl tile and installing it is very easy.

Save Money

If the space you want to install the vinyl tile in is small, then hiring someone to get it cut and installed is a waste of money. There are tons of tutorials on how to install vinyl tiles yourself. And with this guide, you can learn how to easily cut a vinyl tile yourself with simple tools.

Easy to Do

As we said before, cutting a vinyl tile is very easy. All you need is the proper tools. We are pretty sure most of the tools must be lying around in your house already. So why hire anyone else? If you have time just do it yourself instead.

How to Cut a Vinyl Tile – Using a Utility Knife

The first way to cut a vinyl tile is with a utility knife. Yes, a utility knife is common in pretty much most households. It is a versatile tool and most people have it lying around at their house. It does take a few times to cut a tile though, but it is one of the easier ways available.

Step 1 – Take Measurement and Draw Line

First and foremost, you need to measure the amount of tile you have to cut. Just use a measuring tape for this purpose. Use the measuring tape to measure the size of the tile you have to cut and then use a pencil to mark the measurements. This will give you a guide for your blade’s edge.

Step 2 – Safety First

Although you are not working with power tools, you will still need to wear some safety gloves. This is to ensure you don’t end up cutting yourself. Also, wear goggles as well if possible so that you don’t accidentally end up with vinyl residue in your eyes. Safety is always a necessity when working with sharp objects. Also, make sure that the blade of your utility knife is sharp, otherwise, you will struggle to make cuts. A blunt edge is worst and more dangerous than a sharp one.

Step 3 – Preparation

Once you are sure that your utility knife is sharp, put the vinyl tile on a cutting mat. We want to make sure that we don’t end up damaging the work surface while cutting the tile. So a cutting mat is a perfect accessory for this job. If it does not matter to you that you might end up scratching or cutting into the work surface, then you can skip this step. But we highly recommend you use a cutting mat on your work surface, it is pretty cheap in the first place.

Step 4 – Cutting

Once everything is set, place the pointed edge of the utility knife on the edge of the vinyl tile. Steadily start placing the cut on the vinyl tile using the line you drew before as a guide. Once you place the cut, you will have a proper guide to place the next cuts on. Slowly keep cutting in the same place. Since the vinyl tile is very durable, it might take a few cuts to fully cut it off. After a few cuts, you will end up successful in cutting the tile.

Instead of using a utility knife, you can also use a jigsaw for the purpose as well. Although, with a jigsaw, you might end up with rough edges. You will need to use something like a diamond edge blade or a fine edge jigsaw for the job. Similarly, you can also use a table saw, just make sure that the blade you are using has a lot of teeth. Otherwise, there will be a lot of chipping on the edge of the cut.

A utility knife is much easier to handle and readily available, that is why most people use it to cut the vinyl tile. Besides, it gives you much cleaner cuts than a saw, jigsaw, or table saw. There is no chipping on the edge or any rough edges when using a utility knife.


Now that you know how easy it is to cut a vinyl tile yourself, chances are you will do it yourself instead of hiring someone to do it. All you need is a measuring tape, pencil, safety gear like gloves and goggles, and lastly, you will need a utility knife. That is all you need to do to cut a vinyl tile, wasn’t that easy enough? Hope this guide really helped make the process easier for you.

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