How to Cut Marble Tiles

Marble is a great material to give your house a regal and beautiful look. These days many people install marbles inside their living rooms. It can be the look to define your house. But you don’t always need to hire people to install marble inside your rooms. You would be surprised to know that marble is pretty easy to cut. All you need are the right tools. And if you are a DIY enthusiast, we are sure you would be interested. Here is how you can cut a marble tile yourself.

The biggest problem with DIY is people don’t have the guidance for doing it themselves. But with instructive guides, like this one, for example, you can do anything by yourself. And in most cases, it is fairly easy to do things yourself instead of hiring someone else. Now cutting marble tile might seem like an immensely difficult job.

But in fact, it is quite easy, given you know the techniques and use of tools efficiently.

What Kind of Tools Can Be Used to Cut Marble?

Marble tiles are very beautiful, newer marble tiles give off such a regal feel. They are shiny and smooth, and furthermore, they come in various colors and designs. By using a combination of designs together, you can create an intricate piece of art. Also, the association of marble to regality is also due to its expensive pricing compared to other tiles. But nonetheless, once you install it in your home, you will feel it is worth it.

But to install a marble tile you need to make sure to cut it in the proper size. You can always install the marble tiles in the size you have ordered them. But you will still need to cut it from a corner or two to make sure it fits in odd spaces. Specifically, in corners, you will need to cut the tile so it fits in corners without hassles.

Of course, to cut the marble tile, you will need a wet saw, specifically designed to cut such materials. A wet saw is basically just like a table saw. The only difference between them is the kind of cut they make. When you are cutting stone-based objects, a dry cut is not preferable. Instead, a wet cut is much more feasible, because of the hardness and coarseness of stone. If you dry cut a tile, chances are you will end up breaking the blade in an instant from the friction.

How to Cut a Marble Tile Using a Wet Saw

A wet saw is an inexpensive tool designed to cut tiles made of stone. It can range anywhere from $50 upwards, it has a blade fixed under a bench. The bench can be tilted to create angle cuts as well. There is a water reservoir under the bench that can be filled with cold water. It is specially instructed to use cold water in the wet saw to cool down the blade when cutting stone tiles.

The water also ensures that there is not a lot of dust particles flying from cutting stone. These dust particles can be really troublesome. You will also need a diamond-edged blade for this job. A diamond blade is usually what you use to cut stone without damaging it.

Step 1 – Preparing Your Equipment

This is vital, you need to prepare everything ahead of time before you start cutting. First up unplug the wet saw, if you have an expensive one with a safety lock, you still need to unplug it for this. You need to change the blade on the wet saw first. Take out the water cover from the blade by putting the saw on its side. Take out the nut over the collet of the blade using a ratchet that is usually included with the saw.

Then take off the collet which is holding the blade in. Take the blade out and switch it with a diamond blade. Once you are done with changing the blade, put everything back as it was. Now your wet saw is ready to cut the marble tile. You can plug the switch back in now.

Step 2 – Take Measurements

Taking measurements is important, that is because a piece of marble tile can be expensive. If you end up cutting up the wrong measurements, you will just ruin it. So always take proper measurements. Use a marker to mark the measurements on your marble tile.

Step 3 – Wear Safety Gear

When working with power tools, it is a given that you need to wear protective gear. A cut from a broken piece of tile can seriously leave you disabled. Instead of taking any risks, make sure to wear protective gear. Wear gloves for your hands, safety goggles for your eyes, and a mask for your nose. We would highly recommend you wear all of these for your personal safety.

Step 4 – Put Cold Water in the Wet Saw

A wet saw uses water from its reservoir to cool the blade that heats up from friction. When a blade is cutting into stone, the coarse structure creates immense friction. This can damage the blade instantly if not cooled down with cold water. So pour cold water into the reservoir of the wet saw. The water also ensures that there is no residual dust from the cutting.

Step 5 – Cutting a Notch in the Marble Tile Face Down

This process is important if you don’t want your marble to break away from the end when you are cutting through. What usually happens when you cut marble is that when you reach the end, it breaks away chipping it. To avoid this breakage, just cut a small notch at the end of the measurement line. When cutting the notch make sure to put the tile face down.

Step 6 – Cutting through the Marble Tile Face Up

With the notch cut at the end, you are ready to cut through the marble tile. Turn on the wet saw and slowly guide the marble into the blade. There is a cover on the blade to avoid splashes of water. So pay close attention when guiding the tile into the blade. Use the guiding line you drew and take it to the end of the tile where you already have a notch cut. If you are cutting it properly using the guiding line, you will be able to cut through cleanly without breakage or chipping.

Step 7 – Smoothen Edges With Rubbing Stone

For this, you can use a rubbing stone or sandpaper, though the sandpaper will take hours to smoothen out the edges. We highly recommend using a rubbing stone for this purpose. Just slowly and steadily use the rubbing stone to smoothen the edge at an angle. You need to be careful when doing so, one slip can cause a cut on your hand or a chip to the tile.


With this, now you know how to cut a marble tile. All you need is a wet saw, even an inexpensive one will work. A diamond blade and you are good to go. You can save tons of money if you cut your own marble tile, you can cut it in various shapes and sizes to fulfill your needs without problems.

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