How to Cut Plexiglass with a Jigsaw?

Sometimes you find a product in the market to do a specific job. But then it underperforms and you feel what the use of such a tool is in the first place. Such a piece of tool is a plexiglass scoring tool. It is more effective to use a jigsaw for cutting plexiglass more effectively.

A jigsaw is a pretty versatile tool for cutting wood. You can make complex cuts with it. Although it does take a bit more time and patience. Also, it cannot cut very thick material though. If you have a thick piece of wood, we would suggest you go for a table saw. But if you have an even thicker piece of wood, then a bandsaw is the tool for the job.

What is Plexiglass?

So what is plexiglass? It is basically Poly (methyl methacrylate), commonly known as acrylic glass. This is a really good replacement for normal glass since it can absorb shock better than it. People often use sheets of it instead of normal glass on their windows because it absorbs shock and does not shatter like glass would.

Although, glass has a finer finish and is resistant to scratches. It’s also less costly than plexiglass and can be recycled as well. You can melt broken pieces of glass and create something else from it. Meanwhile, plexiglass cannot be recycled.

But plexiglass has the benefit of lasting longer. It is shatterproof and is much more resistant to elements. It is way lighter than glass, which is why at times it is preferred over it, specifically due to the weight difference.

Cutting a Plexiglass with a Metal Blade vs. Plexiglass Blade

When you are using a jigsaw to cut plexiglass, you have the option to either use a metal blade or a plexiglass one. Both of these are blade attachments for the jigsaw and can be bought from a hardware store. But the plexiglass blade is a bit harder to find.

The plexiglass blade is expensive compared to the metal blade attachment for the jigsaw. You can use either to cut plexiglass, the difference is in the finishing and the teeth of the blade.

The metal blade has lesser teeth compared to a plexiglass blade. The plexiglass one has teeth on both sides facing adjacent to each other. You can use either, but for the best results, it is better to use both to see which finishing suits your needs.

Just keep in mind that plexiglass blades are hard to find locally and are also very expensive. Meanwhile, a metal blade is not as expensive and can be easily found in a local store. Knowing these things in advance can be helpful when you are finding the right tools for your projects.

Cutting Plexiglass with a Jigsaw

Step 1)

First up make sure to use the blade attachment of your choice. We discussed both above, and both can cut plexiglass effectively. But ultimately it is your choice. Since both of them will do the job. Make sure the attachment is fixed on the jigsaw properly and prep it for cutting.

Step 2)

Place the plexiglass on a workbench and mark the line where you have to cut it. This will allow for better accuracy and precision when you are cutting through it with the jigsaw. You can use a market for the job.

Step 3)

Place the part you want to cut off away from the table. Let it hang with the support of the table and place a heavy object on the plexiglass on the table. Using a clamp would be preferable for holding the glass firmly. This will ensure it does not move while you are cutting through it with the jigsaw.

Step 4)

Slowly guide the jigsaw through the line you created on the plexiglass and cut through it in the air. Taking your time to cut will ensure better accuracy. Rushing might divert the blade’s edge away from the straight line.

Things to be Aware of When Using a Jigsaw

  1. Always use protective gear when using tools with a blade. Whether it is a bandsaw, circular saw, or a jigsaw. Wear goggles, protective gloves, and also thick boots when you are working with tools. Also wear a mask to protect your lungs and nose from any particles like sawdust.
  2. Wear thick boots to avoid stubbing your toe against the tools, tables, and other heavy objects. Also, this helps prevent damage from any heavy objects falling on your feet.
  3. Take your time when you are cutting through objects with a jigsaw. Guide it slowly and firmly without rushing it.

A few Extra Tips

  • Buying a metal blade attachment for the jigsaw works fine in case you cannot find a plexiglass blade. Metal blades are cheaper so you are also saving a lot of money.
  • Using a thick marker for drawing a guiding line might make it easier for you to look but might ruin the straightness of the cut. Use a thinner market for the job to ensure you cut straight.
  • Wearing thick boots will ensure that in case the plexiglass falls on your foot, it will not hurt it.
  • Make sure you have a big enough extension cord that will reach the very ends of the workshop without problems. If you run out of the cord, it will just hinder projects in the future.
  • Place a heavy object on the plexiglass or hold it firmly with a clamp if possible. The clamp is the preferable method for fastening things in place compared to placing heavy objects on it. If you push too hard and fast the plexiglass might move if it is not fastened properly in place. This will ruin the straight line you are trying to cut and ruin the shape of the glass.

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