How to Drill a Hole in a Ceramic Pot

People have taken it as a hobby to grow their own herbs. When you buy pots for your house, make sure they have a drainage hole in them. In case they don’t, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern. If you have a drill at hand then with this guide you can drill a hole in ceramic pots with ease.

Ceramic pots are preferred for growing plants indoors. They come in various designs which also serve as a great decor piece for the house. The indoor plants are useful for keeping the environment healthy and improve aesthetics.

At times you find some cheap deals on these beautiful looking ceramic pots. But the biggest issue is that at times these do not have holes underneath them for drainage. But that does not mean that these are useless. You can definitely use them for your indoor plants after you drill a hole in these.

Difference between Glazed and Non-Glazed Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots are quite beautiful. They come either glazed or non-glazed. The difference between the two in looks is simple, one has a smooth coated surface. While the other has a rough-textured surface.

But the main benefits in both of these come with the types of plants you grow in them. Since glazed pots have a smooth and slippery surface, it does not absorb water or air. So plants that require a lot of water are best suited for glazed pots.

On the other hand, non-glazed ceramic pots absorb water, so they are best for plants that do not require a lot of moisture. These can also prevent you from over-watering a plant. Plus they allow air circulation within them which plants need.

So for instance, if want plants that need a lot of water, buying glazed ceramic pots helps. Since the glazed surface does not absorb water, the plant gets most of it. But in case you want plants that do not require a lot of water, normal ceramic pots work the best in this scenario.

Both of these, however, can be drilled similarly. So it does not matter which kind of pot you buy for your plants. You can easily drill a hole in these if you just have a diamond hole saw drill bit.

How to Drill a Hole in Ceramic Pots Using a Power Drill

So for this task, all you need are three things, the first of which is a drill with a good powered battery. The second thing that you need is a diamond hole saw drill bit. And lastly, you will need a little bit of water. If you want the pot to stay in its place and make sure the ground stays clean, put a cloth underneath it.

A diamond hole saw bit comes in various sizes and can be bought in sets. It is best to buy them in a pack to save more money on these. These run out of their edge fast and get dull so buying a pack also means saving time on buying another one.

By following these steps you can make a hole in a ceramic pot in no time with these things.

Step 1)

Attach the diamond hole saw bit to the drill. Make sure the drill bit is new if possible. As the bit is used, the diamond edge wears off slowly making it less effective each time you use it. If you have a new one, that works the best.

Step 2)

Put the pot upside down on a cloth. The cloth avoids the pot from slipping and also makes it so that things stay clean.

Step 3)

Mark the position you want to drill at with a marker. Nothing can be more wrong than drilling holes in the wrong place. Although in most cases, it does not matter. But it does avoid putting a strain on the wrong place of the pot.

Step 4)

Pour a little water over the pot before you start drilling. This helps with keeping things cool when the drill starts to make a hole and create friction. The friction overheats the drill bit and damages it. So with a little water, you can make sure to extend the life of your drill bit.

Step 5)

After pouring water, use the drill at an angle to make an indent to hold the drill bit in place. This will carve up a small indent in which you can fit the drill head before you drill all the way. By doing so you are actually making sure your drill does not slip while drilling.

Step 6)

After creating the indent, start drilling the hole in the pot. Do this slowly and firmly and put a little force on the drill to push it through the pot. Once the hole is made take it out of the pot.

These steps can be used to make multiple holes in a pot for fast drainage. Also, these steps work with both glazed and non-glazed ceramic pots.

Things to be Careful About

  • Always make sure not to drill right away without making an indentation by drilling at an angle. This will provide the drill bit with the grip it needs so that it does not slip away.
  • The drill bit will get dull after you drill in a few holes in ceramic pots. This will happen regardless if you add water to reduce friction. But the water does help it in lasting a bit longer than it would.
  • Drill slowly and do not place too much strain over the pot. Putting too much strain on the pot will break it apart.
  • Make sure there aren’t any cracks present on the pots before drilling. If they do have cracks, the drilling process might create a rise in stress breaking the pot apart.

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