How to Fix a Starter With a Hammer?

Wondering if there is something special about how to fix a starter with a hammer? Yes, you have known about this trick for a long time. If you are well-acquainted with a bad starter, you can fix it by simply tapping with a hammer. Now, let’s look at the symptoms of a bad starter.

How to Detect a Bad Starter?

  • After starting your vehicle, if you hear a loud noise or nothing at all, this may mean your starter is bad.
  • The lights do not dim when your turn the key.

The Functioning of a Starter

When you move the key to the START point, the battery voltage goes through the control circuit. This turns on the starter solenoid. This provides energy to the motor. Along with this, the solenoid gives a push to the starter gear. This, in turn, connects it to the engine flywheel.

This flywheel remains connected to the engine crankshaft. As the starter motor starts spinning, the engine starts.

How Useful Is the Temporary Fix?

A starter is an electric motor. It has brushes inside it. These brushes are made of graphite. It often happens that these brushes tend to wear out. This happens mainly due to rusting.

A little moisture is enough to rust the brushes.

In such a situation, tapping with a hammer will make them mobile. It can make them connected again. This, in turn, will help them to make the starter work.

Using a Hammer to Fix It

Sometimes you can make your starter by tapping with a regular hammer. In such cases, there must be another person to help you. That person needs to hold the key in the START position.

While tapping, you need to keep in mind that the tapping must be done in a certain manner. You need to tap on the side of the starter in a gentle manner. This trick will help you make your engines work.

However, you need to keep in mind that this can’t be a permanent solution for your car. This trick can be used only as a temporary fix. You still need to make the necessary changes or replacement to your vehicle.

When you are gently tapping the starter with a hammer, the worn-out brushes start working like before. This results in sufficient electric contact among the brushes. This, in turn, makes your starter work again.

Yes, it true that this trick is useful in emergency situations. But you should never take this as a permanent solution. After you use this trick one time, it is important to seek professional advice. You must visit any garage with your vehicle and make necessary changes.

Things to Check

There are many factors that can result in your starter not working properly. There are many things you need to do in such cases. The most important thing to do is take a look at the battery terminals. They may be dirty or loose.

If this is the case, you need to clean the terminals. Similarly, if they are loose, you need to tighten them. You must make sure that there is a proper contact.

Sometimes, when your starter is not working, it may be an indication of a dead battery. There can also be a bad battery terminal. Also, there are cases which involve bad connection.

However, when you are facing such doubts, the primary thing you should do is to connect with a mechanic. He is the ablest person who will be able to solve all of your queries. A quick diagnosis will be done by him, and the necessary repair will be made.

The Benefit of Using a Hammer to Fix Your Starter

The drawback of the situation when your starter may stop working is that it is unpredictable. You never know when your start will stop functioning. You can be in such a situation where hiring a mechanic is difficult.

You are far away from your town, and there are no garages nearby. In such cases, tapping the starter with a hammer will help you to start your vehicle. It may be a temporary fix, but it can save you from such unfavorable circumstances.



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Summing Up

However, if you own a vehicle, knowing this short trick can be beneficial for you. It is advised to never use this as a permanent fix. You must use this only as a temporary solution.

In emergencies, a hammer can save your life. So, you should learn about this short trick. You never know. You may end up in such a situation that only this trick can save your life. Just a gentle tap with a hammer, and your car is ready to run again.

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