How to Grind Concrete with Angle Grinder

If you have been planning to do a DIY project that involves concrete, then the chances are that you are looking for a place where you could hammer the hard liquor. In such cases, there’s one power tool that you could always resort to, and that is an angle grinder. Over the years, angle grinders have become more popular. You’re often going to see them at the homes of people who frequently carry out the different project.

Most people do not know this, but if you want to grind concrete, then an angle grinder may just do the trick. If you are after a smooth and polished looking surface, then that is exactly what angle grinders are designed to do! The best part is that you do not require too many supplementary accessories either to get the job done. In most cases, an angle grinder alone is going to be more than enough.

Although it might take up a couple of hours from your day, then again, most DIY projects require time. Thus, we don’t think that should be an issue! Having some important attachments for your angle grinder can certainly help you out as well. However, do not worry too much, because a wet/dry vacuum along with some personal protective equipment should be more than sufficient for you to get started.

In short, the one thing you need to prioritise is your safety. As long as you have all the safety gear in check, you are good to go. Before you know it, you would be grinding concrete in your concrete grinder like a pro!

Can Angle Grinder Be Used on Concrete?

People often end up thinking that angle grinder is the only tool out there that can grind concrete. But, that is not the case. In fact, if you want to smooth out, cut or grind concrete, there may be better alternatives out there. However, if you want a budget solution, or basically an option that all DIYers can opt for, then angle grinder reigns supreme.

Unless you spend all your day moving luggage of cement and concrete form place to place, then the chances are you do not even know about those other tools. So, don’t think too much about them.

Now coming to the trickier part, even though angle grinder can be used to grind concrete you must use the right wheel. This applies for not only concrete but all the dense compound materials out there. After all, in case you do not know, you can find two wheels in an angle grinder. One is used to smooth out concrete, while the other is used to cut it.

How to Cut Concrete Using Angle Grinder

If you are concerned about cutting concrete with an angle grinder, then that isn’t too hard either. All angle grinders come with a diamond blade, which can be used on both dry and wet concrete. Basically, the main purpose of the diamond blade is to slice things up, and concrete is not safe from its wrath either.

Note that to make the most out of your angle grinder, we recommend using a diamond cup wheel. It helps in removing the paint, glues, and wallpaper material along with other coatings on the surface.

Therefore, we can say hands down that if concrete goes on a war with an angle grinder, it will get butchered by the right blade.

Smoothening/Grinding Concrete with Angle Grinder

Now that you do know how cutting and grinding concrete works with an angle grinder, what about smoothening it? Most people often feel confused when it comes to this. However, do not worry because a wet angle grinder and a vacuum are all that you need. The reason why wet angle grinder is recommended for this purpose is that it minimises the number of harmful particles like silica dust.

In case you do not know, silica dust can be highly hazardous for human health. In fact, there have been numerous cases worldwide where exposure to silica dust has become a leading cause of exposure to lung cancer. Thus, taking proper safety precautions is extremely important.

This is one of the main reasons why we recommend the use of proper personal protective equipment. The risks associated with silica dust and other airborne particles can easily be avoided with the right PPE.

Once you’ve made all the preparations and got all the necessary PPE, just follow the steps below:

  • Clean the floor appropriately, if it’s full of stains and dust then we recommend using a pressure washer.
  • After cleaning, get an extension lead for your angle grinder and connect it to a power source.
  • Connect the angle grinder with a dust shroud. Make sure that the dust shroud is firmly fixed on the grinder.
  • Connect the vacuum nozzle to the adapter and to the vacuum.
  • Before turning on the power, choose the wheel you would like to use to smoothen the surface with your angle grinder. The ideal choice is the diamond polishing pad.
  • Put your safety gear on. Make sure that your mask, gloves, goggles are completely ready.
  • Turn on the angle grinder, and start smoothing the surface by navigating the angle grinder.
  • Once the edges are taken care of, you can start moving the angle grinder in a circular motion to improved consistency.

Continue using the angle grinder until you’ve reached your goal. But you’d have to constantly dispose of the waste otherwise, things may become a bit messy!

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