How to Make a Wooden Toolbox With Drawers

Working at a construction site means the slab or surface is always cluttered with tools and other equipment. To clean the mess and work efficiently, you need a wooden toolbox. However, most of the wooden toolbox available in the market lacks one crucial thing, i.e., drawers.

Drawers are essential to hold heavy tools such as skill saws or routers. If you went to purchase a wooden toolbox with a drawer in the market, you would find it very expensive. But, what if we say you can make your own wooden toolbox with a drawer at your shop or home?

Yes, you can easily build one at your own place and just as you like. If you want to learn how to make a wooden toolbox with drawers, this article is specially made for you.

How to Make a Wooden Toolbox With Drawers

To make a wooden toolbox with drawers, you need to create a plan as to how you would construct it. You should come up with a structural design of your wooden toolbox that will include drawers.

Below, you will learn how to make a wooden toolbox with drawers with a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Dimension of the Material for Toolbox

Your first step is to decide the right size of the wooden toolbox. You need to figure out the height in case you also want to use it as a workbench. The standard height for a workbench is about 34 inches. If your height is more than 6 inches, you would like 37 inches tall workbench.

If you go by this measurement, the height of the wooden toolbox would be about 37 and a half inches, including the height of casters. You can always adjust the height as per your requirement as you are making it on your own.

After height, you need to decide the width of the toolbox. You can make the width of the toolbox narrower or wider, depending on your requirement.

Step 2: Laying Out the Parts of Toolbox

The next step involves laying out the parts of a toolbox and mark the wood as per the dimensions. You should use chalk so that even if you mess up, you can rub it off and mark it again.

Now, you have laid out the plan to make the toolbox, but you can always change it to dovetails or add a through faux-tenons or tenons. You can make changes in the plan and work as you find comfortable.

Step 3: Making of the Wooden Toolbox

Now that you have all the parts in front of you, you can cut the piece to organize them to make a wooden toolbox. Make sure you cut the bottom and top pieces of the toolbox few inches longer. This way, you will have enough material to cut it out if some issues arise.

After cutting new pieces at the miter saw, always square the piece ends with a shooting board or hand plane.

Now, it’s time for dovetails. The simplest method to dovetail is to join the two sets of tails and two boards together. Using a saw, cut the two tail boards. Then chisel away the waste by working along with your marking line. After that, you can create markings using the disposal utility knives. In the end, put blue taps to cut the pin conveniently and accurately.

Next, you need to cut the daddos that will function as a runner for the drawers. To cut accurately, you should turn over the meter gauge. A reverse meter gauge helps when you have wide stock. Now, cut the daddos for the drawers runners.

If you want a portable wooden toolbox, you can add wheels; otherwise, you can mark out the curve by cutting one rise and refining it with a card scraper and rasp. It will give the toolbox an illusion of feet. You can repeat the same process with all the sides.

Because the dovetails are proud, you don’t have to flush them flat. You can clean up and bevel the edges to the MDF with sandpaper spray.

Step 4: Pre-Finishing

Pre-finishing will provide you with a clean project and protect the toolbox from dirty fingerprints. It will make the glue dry up so that its stains won’t remain on the wood. However, it would be best to use the card scraper to make the wooden finish smooth before you apply the finish.

Do not apply the finish to the glue joint. For example, inside the pins or tails but apply it towards the end.

Step 5: Assembly of the Toolbox

Now, it’s time to assemble and glue up the wooden toolbox. Before you add the tailboard, apply the glue on the middles of the pin-board. Also, make sure that the case is glued square so that you can fit the doors and drawers perfectly.

Step 6: Making Out the Drawers

Drawers are simple to design and crucial to include in a wooden toolbox. The sides, back, and front act as butt joints and bottoms are the slides that run inside the daddos. The sides, back, and front of the drawer is attached with the bottoms.

To make drawers, cut the size of the drawer bottom and smoothen the edges with sandpaper. Now, place the bottom inside to measure the side, back or front heights. When you have right front cuts, you can adequately have the poplar side and back cuts.

Pre-drill the holes required for drawer pulls so that you won’t have any issues after assembling. To assemble the drawers, attach the poplar sides with beech fronts and poplar back with the glue. After that, glue it with the drawer bottom. Make sure to leave sufficient space on the sides.

After being proper glued and assembled, you can slide the drawer inside the wooden toolbox.

Step 7: Finishing Touch

It’s time to give the finishing touch to your wooden toolbox with drawers. Cover the screws with faux tenons that are attached to the toolbox bottom. You can also add some effects for an attractive visual appearance.

Step 8: Organize the Tools in Your New Wooden Toolbox With Drawers.

Now you have done all the hard work; it’s time to organize your tools. Organize it the way you want; either keep small tools together, or you can even make compartments in the drawer to keep the tools separately.

You will feel a sense of proud and accomplishment every time you open the drawer and see your tools organized and looking good.

Final Thoughts

A wooden toolbox with a drawer is quite beneficial when your job includes working with tools on a daily basis. You wouldn’t want your tools to get mixed up when you need them the most. With this simple method, you have now learned how to make a wooden toolbox with drawers.

This is a simple method, but you can make variations and create your own unique design to make it attractive. When you have the tools and idea, you can do whatever you want with your wooden toolbox.

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