How to Make Generator Automatic Start?

When the power supply goes out in your house, the first thing that you need to do is start your generator. However, this is also very annoying to do since you need to go out of your house to start it. You need to find your way in the dark and follow the whole process of starting your generator

A Simple Procedure

Once the power comes back, you need to go back to the basement and switch off the generator. You also need to ensure that the generator is cooled down before you switch off the gas. This could be a real nuisance, especially for people who have placed their generators in the basement.

Not only is it difficult to go about the house in the dark, but it also a problem if the person who takes care of this is not in the house. If your children are alone in the house for a certain time, but the power goes out at the moment, then they will be unable to go and start the generator. Moreover, they will get scared in the dark and might even get hurt.

That is why it can be a relief if you have a generator that starts and stops automatically according to the demand. There are many auto-start generators in current times that you can opt for. However, if you cannot buy such a generator, you could auto-start your standard electric generator.

Making a Generator Auto Start

Making an electrical generator auto-start is not an easy process. There are different techniques for different types of generators. If you are not experienced in handling electrical tasks, it is better to depend on an experienced person. One wrong step could lead to severe damage to the extent of burning your house.

Generally, in this process, certain hardware needs to be used to make the generator auto start. The hardware depends on the type of generator you are using. You can ask an experienced person for the type of hardware you would need to make your generator auto start.

Once you have the hardware, you will need to follow the right instructions for installing it. Ensure that you follow all the instructions that came with the hardware. There are some hardware where you will need to give a code section for it to start running. It is better to ask for help from someone who has worked with such hardware.

Auto Transfer Switch

Ensure that the ATS you use is of good quality and syncs with your generators’ specifications. Try to avoid cheap ATS that would not function properly. With the right ATS, you will reduce the length of a power outage and save time.

You will find manual ATS, but you will need to choose the automatic ATS for making the generator auto start. This will detect the mains supply and know when the mains fail. When this happens, the ATS will signal the generator to start, which will again signal back to the ATS. As soon as ATS receives this signal, it will transfer to the generator supply.

Summing Up

The Auto Transfer Switch has certain pros and cons, all of which need to be addressed before you opt for one.  In case you are uncomfortable with the ATS, you could go for other methods that would ensure that the generator auto starts. However, all of these processes are complicated and cannot be done with people who have no electrical experience. You should always hire a professional who can do this task easily.

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