How to Open a Padlock With a Hammer

There is no shame in admitting that most of us have misplaced the keys to our locks at least once. The only choice that remains at that time is to break open the lock. Though it sounds very easy and convenient, breaking a lock can be very tricky. It requires a certain technique to ensure that the lock opens up and yet remains usable.

Therefore, using a hammer to open a padlock can be pretty convenient. Read on to know how to open a padlock with a hammer.

Step 1

A padlock of standard design and setup is pretty easy to break open using a hammer. But using a hammer doesn’t mean you bump it at any side of the lock. Before hitting the lock with a hammer, make sure to pull the shackle tight.

This step is to ensure that tension is created between the shackle and the lock. The idea is to remove any slack from the shackle. If you don’t provide tension, the lock will remain loose, and howsoever hard you try, you won’t be able to break it open.

Don’t stretch out the slack by holding the body of the lock. The body is where you will be hitting the hammer for breaking it open.

Step 2

Once you have ensured enough tension in the lock, you are ready to bump it hard with a hammer. Hammering down shouldn’t be done roughly. Your technique might break the lock open, but the time and effort applied might be significantly higher.

When you start tapping the lock with the hammer, make sure to do that on the side where the shackle is fixed. Pound the lock with the hammer on this side. Keep your strikes quick, short, and hard. Continue doing so till you can fill the shackles, getting lose and ready to be popped open.

A pro tip to remember while swinging the hammer at the lock is that the key is consistency. The more consistent you are with your pounding, the better chance you have of loosening the pin and overriding the lock. A brutal force will only hurt you and do no damage to the lock.

Step 3

Once you have sprung open the lock after the action of the hammer, you can use the same again. If you have used the technique right, you have achieved to loosen the springs and not damaging them. As a result, the integrity of the lock stays intact, and you can use it again in the future.

However, there is a possibility that the lock has become weaker than it was before. And it might have turned even more susceptible to breakage. So be careful and do not reuse it to secure your valuables.

Other Ways to Open a Padlock

If you are not able to find a hammer to open your padlock, there are other ways to do the same. You can use a wrench of any size to open the lock. All you need to do is hook the shackles to the head of the wrench and then pull it up with force. This will loosen the shackles and spring them open.

Another way is to jimmy a screwdriver in the lock. A screwdriver with a fine tip can be inserted into the keyhole of the lock. Once that is done, you can start jimmying it till you are able to set the springs in a certain manner that springs open the lock. Using this technique also helps in keeping the lock intact and reusable in the future.

To Sum It Up

If you are locked out and wish to open the padlock quickly with ease, you need to focus on the technique and not the force. The right technique will help you loosen the lock quickly and open it up securely.

You won’t end up with two unusable pieces. Rather, you will be able to put the lock to use again. Make sure to keep the positioning of the lock secured. Keep your striking action clear and quick. Try to make consistency over force for achieving a better result.

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