How to Paint High Places Without a Ladder?

Covering your walls with a fresh and crispy coat of paint is an exciting and overwhelming experience. However, this process can seriously become a struggle when your home has high walls and spaces.

Yes, we know that high walls give a grandeur look, but painting them yourself can become quite a challenge. Especially when you are not good with ladders, or you simply don’t have one readily available – Uh-oh.

Ladders can become real trouble when you are not a professional; they aren’t safe enough, they are scary, and there is a constant fear of breaking your bones. Not to forget, ladders just make you nervous – without any particular reason.

Anyway, what if we tell you that you can totally ditch the professional help and paint the high places yourself, conveniently? Yes, without a ladder! Well, let’s end your curiosity without making you wait for more.

Below, we are sharing a step-by-step guide on how to conveniently paint high places without a ladder, safely and neatly. Let’s get started!

Things You Will Need

  1. Drop Cloths.
  2. Your Desired Paint.
  3. Tray or Container.
  4. Painter’s Tape.
  5. Angled Paint Brish with a Threaded Handle.
  6. Paint Roller.
  7. Screw-on Extender Pole

The Step-by-Step Process

Step 1 – Clear Everything in the Way

First of all, you need to get rid of everything that might come in the way of your room and the fresh coat of paint. Remove all the furnishings, tape all the switchboards, and take off all the frames. You wouldn’t want to ruin them from the paint, right? Then, lay drop cloths on the ground to save your floor from paint drops.

Step 2 – Tape the Baseboards

Next, take the painter’s tape and start taping the edges of your baseboards for a neat and clean look. You can tape till the points where you can easily go without a ladder. Also, we are recommending painter’s tape because it pulls up quickly, and leaves no sticky residue behind.

Step 3 – Bring the Extender Pole and Angled Brush to Work

Then, you need to attach the screw-on extender pole to your angled cut-in brush. This will help you work along the ceiling edge of the wall – no matter how far it is. A screw-on extender pole is one of the most versatile tools, has a one-touch button control, and will make painting high places super convenient for you.

Moreover, make sure that the brush has a threaded handle that connects to the extender. You can easily find all these supplies at any local hardware store, along with a few tips from the supplier!

Step 4 – Begin the Painting!

Next, pour the paint into the tray or container (whatever you are using) and start painting the ceiling and wall with the brush. Keep in mind that you are only painting the borders at this point.

Also, remember to do this process slowly and carefully to avoid mishaps. Moreover, if you have chosen two different colors for the ceiling and wall, make sure they don’t intervene with each other!

Step 5 – Switch to the Rollers

Then, after you are done with the corners, attach your roller with the extender pole. Now, you need to paint the rest of the wall while blending it with the brush-painted area. Additionally, make sure to move the rollers from top to down.

Step 6 – Some Final Blending

After this, take a regular paintbrush, attach it to the extender pole, and start blending both the paints together. Also, make sure that no obvious lines are showing. This last step will help you achieve a neat, clean, and even coat of paint.

Step 7 – Remove the Tape

Now that you are done, quickly remove the painter’s tape and let the paint dry. Wait for it to dry and then breath in your new, fresh coat of paint!

Wrapping Up

Now that you have gone through our step-by-step guide, what is stopping you to take up the challenge? Grab your tools and equipment, bring those old PJs in use, and paint your house like a Pro!

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