How to Remove Snow From the Driveway Without a Shovel?

Sometimes the snow can cause us problems and even threaten our safety. Today we’re going to talk about some tips that can help you clean the snow without an annoying shovel.

You can use some of these tips to make it easy to clean the snow while you are out for the day or straight-up manage the downfall. So let’s stop working hard and start working smart!

Here Are Some Tips That Can Help You on Cold and Snowy Days

Treat the Surface With a De-Icer

Many de-icing products intend to help you get through the winter without having to shovel your driveway. Magnesium chloride melts the snow until the temperature reaches -13F. It releases 40% less chloride into the environment than rock salt or calcium chloride. Also, you can mix the salt with sand before you place it on the driveway to reduce the risk of slipping.

Lay Down a Tarp

Laying down a tarp is a crazy idea. All you need for this method is a plastic tarp. Before the snowfall, lay your tarp across the driveway. You can make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy a snowy day. When the snowfall is over, pull the tarp away from the driveway to reveal a clear pathway. This trick will make your work easier and faster!

Use a Leaf Blower

When using the leaf blower, keep in mind that this only works on the fluffy, fresh stuff, and it’s far more fun than shoveling. It’s simple, turn on your leaf blower and have some fun!

Pour Hot Water on the Snow

For this method, you can fill a garden watering can or connect a sprayer hose. When using a garden watering can, fill it with hot water, then add a tablespoon of dish soap and 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol; then sprinkle the mixture all over your driveway. This combination will melt the snow and treat underlying ice build-up.

For the sprayer hose, you’ll need to connect it to a hot water spigot. Spraying it this way helps manage the volume that collects on your driveway. Sprinkle it with sand to add traction against the ice that may form afterward.

Heated Driveway

If you are tired of the old driveway, try upgrading your old one. The heated driveway has an electrical circuit underneath the surface; it’s more popular these days and makes shoveling easier. Keep in mind they’re not so much a snow removal method as a preventative measure.

Roll It

Did you know that you can roll up snow like a Fruit-Rollup?

First, create a log of snow. Then start pushing it, lifting the packed snow as you go. This method is not the easiest one, but if you’re in the mood and with a bit of know-how, it can be fun!

Use a Snowblower

Snowblowers are an effective tool to eliminate unwanted snow. When purchasing a snowblower, you need to consider the amount of snow you receive and the area you need to clear. There are four kinds of snow blowers.

Single Staged Snow Blowers 

They are ideal for smaller homes.

  • Single-Staged Electric

These are perfect for short driveways with less than 6 inches of snow. These are the lightest, easy to use, and most silent ones out there.

  • Single-Staged Battery

While some snowblowers can pull off the snow as deep as 9 inches, single-stage ones do a better job with dusting and snow levels easily removable with a shovel.

  • Single-Staged Gas

These blowers are the pick for mid-sized snow levels, paved driveways, and walkways with 9 inches of snow. Even though they can clear swaths of 20-22-inch, they are the wrong choice for gravel driveways.

  • Two- and Three-Staged Gas

These are ideal for long driveways with up to 16 inches of snow. Some can handle up to 30 inches deep of snow! Also, their wheels can pull off steeper inclines – most of these models are three-staged.

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