How to Reset Maintenance on Generac Generator?

Do you want your generator to remain in good working condition for an extended period? If yes, then the generator requires proper maintenance for its safe and smooth operation. Also, proper maintenance ensures and improves the lifespan of the generator. 

You cannot perform maintenance on your Generac generator. Only a highly qualified technician with years of experience should perform it to avoid any damage to the machine. Sometimes, even after maintenance, the maintenance light remains on. Then, how do you reset the maintenance?

If you want to know how to reset maintenance on the Generac generator, you have come to the right place. This article will guide you through the process and help you reset maintenance on your Generac generator. So, let us begin.   

Perform Scheduled Maintenance

It would be best if you service the Generac generator on a timely basis to ensure it adheres to the emission standards throughout its lifespan. A qualified technician should perform the repair and services. 

The emission-related maintenance should be carried out as scheduled so that the Emissions warranty remains valid. This includes spark plugs and air filter servicing and repair. Additionally, you should maintain the control panel regularly. 

Another important maintenance is break-in maintenance. This will include tune-up, oil change, and valve clearance. 

A point to be noted is, after 20 hours of initial break-in interval, the control panel maintenance due light will begin to flash. This light will flash again when it is time for maintenance, after every hundred hours or one year.  

Clear the Maintenance Due Light

You need to clear the maintenance due light after the maintenance is complete. First, make sure that the generator is in OFF mode to reset the maintenance due light. 

When you have set your Generac generator to OFF mode, press the OFF button to reset the maintenance due light. Even after pressing the OFF button, the alarm doesn’t stop; you need to clear the alarm condition first. After that, try again to reset the maintenance due light. 

What Do the Green, Red, and Yellow Lights Mean on a Generac Generator?

Generac Generator shows three lights as green, red, and yellow. Each color indicates different issues in the generator. 

  • The yellow light flashes when the generator requires maintenance. However, the generator will continue to run as it should even after the indication. Besides, yellow light can also mean that the battery charge does not have power. 
  • The red light flashes when there is an issue, and the generator has slipped into fault mode. At this stage, the generator will not function. 
  • The green light flashes when the generator is operating smoothly and safely.

How to Reset the Maintenance Light on a Generac Generator?

Resetting the maintenance light is quite straightforward. However, the fault could be another thing. 

Reset Yellow Light

The first step is to make sure that the generator is turned off. After that, slowly press “enter” two times and switch the generator to auto mode. Apart from that, you will find yellow light blinking twice a year whenever the generator requires maintenance. 

Reset Red Light

To reset the red light, turn off the generator and detach the entire load. Now, restart your generator. If you still find the red light, then your generator will require troubleshooting by some professional technician. 

Reset Green Light

There is no need to reset the green light. This is because it ensures the proper functioning of the unit.

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Final Thoughts

Regular maintenance of the Generac generator is crucial as it ensures long-lasting service and prevents it from any further damage. Each light indicator is necessary to show whether the unit is efficiently working. 

By now, we hope that you have understood how you can reset each maintenance light with ease and convenience.

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