How to Sharpen Your Axe With a Grinder

Tools like an ax and other sharp end objects need to be sharpened every now and then. This is because with every use, the sharpness decreases to some amount and the tool eventually becomes blunt.

An ax is essential for heavy-duty cutting, and it needs to be sharp to deliver a good performance. Sharpening an ax is a pretty easy job that can be done at home using a grinder. Read on to know how to sharpen your ax with a grinder in a few steps.

Time to Assemble Your Gear

If you are into doing some handyman jobs for your house, you must be aware of the importance of gear. While doing a repair task, you need all your tools in one place before beginning. This gives you easy access to all the necessary tools, and your job can go smoothly.

Similarly, in order to begin the task of sharpening your ax, you should gather all the required gear together. For your reference, you can find a list of items required before you get to the task of sharpening your ax with a grinder.

  • The ax you wish to sharpen
  • A bucket of cold water
  • A piece of sponge
  • A wedge of wood
  • An angle grinder machine with a metal wheel
  • Few clamps
  • Some glasses
  • A sharpening tool
  • A leather belt

Set Up the Work Station

One call your gear is at one place, you need to set up the workstation. This step is also necessary for the ease and convenience of work. Having a cluttered workstation impacts the efficiency of the work. It also increases the chances of getting hurt due to an accident.

Before starting with the help of the clamps, get a nice and firm grip of the ax on the table. Now use the piece of the wood wedge to raise the sharp end of the ax a bit higher. This setup helps in securing the ax in one place and giving you a better angle to work with.

Begin With the Grinding

Once you have secured the ax in an ideal position, you can start the process of grinding. Every ax has a set angel in place because of the previous sharpening event. It is advisable to match that angle and not move in your own direction.

It can get a bit tricky to keep maintaining the previously set angle, but it is recommended to try to match the angle as much as possible. You don’t have to make it a hasty process. Just calmly get with the work and keep matching the angle that already exists.

Soaking the Blade Up

This step is pretty easy, but it is also very crucial for the entire process. After you complete grinding your ax, you should wipe the blade down with a sponge soaked in cold water. This will cool down the metal and reduce the heat generated while grinding.

If the ax stays hot, there are chances of the metal getting damaged and lose its actual integrity by becoming brittle. As a result, the metal can easily chip off whenever the ax is put to use. This simple step can help you protect your ax from any structural damage.

Repeat on the Other Side

Once you are done grinding and cooling down on one side, you are required to do the same steps on the other side as well. Follow similar instructions of maintaining the angle and cooling down to keep the integrity of the ax intact.

Don’t forget to wipe it down with the cold water-soaked sponge.

Use the Sharpening Tool

A sharpening tool is required to give a few final touches to the job. To use the sharpening tool, make it a bit wet before contacting the blade. Now move the tool in circular motions on the blade of the ax. Try to maintain the angle of the ax. Repeat the same on the other side as well.

Getting Rid of Burrs

The final step is to remove the burrs. This is done with the help of a leather belt. Just tie a belt on a tree. Once recured tightly, move your ax in a downward motion on the backside of the belt. Make sure that the belt does not get sliced or damaged in the process. Try to keep your hand as gentle as possible.

To Sum It Up

After following these steps meticulously, your ax is ready to deliver some serious business. Even though the main use of tools like ax is for strong and rough work, it does not mean you should not maintain their health. Always keep the blade sharp and store the ax in a place where it is secured from rust.

Do not run your fingers down the sharp side of the blade to check if it is sharp enough. This can result in an accident you might end up hurting your fingers.

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