How to Tile a Bathtub Front

Your bathtub can make a major difference in determining the appeal of your bathroom. However, with time, it can easily lose its colour and in a result, also lose its appeal. Once that happens, you can’t help but think that how horrible your bathroom looks. Thus, if you are in the same boat, then the easiest solution to this problem is by tiling the front of your bathtub.

You might think that it is a long and expensive project, but what if we told you that you can do it on your own? That’s right, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to someone else for the job. All you need is the right items, a little bit of knowledge and you’re good to go!

So how you can tile a bathtub front and what are some things that you should keep in mind? Let’s see.

Things to Consider When Tiling a Bathtub Front

1) Finding the Right Tiles

When you are purchasing tiles for your bathroom, you need to be extra careful. It should be obvious enough but your everyday tiles aren’t cut out to be used in the bathroom. Ideally, you would want to look out for ceramic or porcelain tiles as that’s what is commonly used in bathrooms.

If you make the wrong choice, then not only will you waste your money, but also your time as the excessive moisture in your bathroom would ruin your new tiles.

2) Taking Measurements

Before you begin, make sure that you’ve taken proper measurements of the length and the width of your bathtub. This can help save your time and also, enable you to get the tiles of the right size. After all, the foundation of any home improvement DIY project is to plan everything and calculate every step.

3) Gather the Supplies

To avoid facing problems later, it is better that you collect all the necessary supplies in the beginning. The supplies you need may include the following:

  • Adhesive
  • Angle grinder
  • Sandpaper
  • Damp cloth
  • Sponge

Step by Step Guide to Tile a Bathtub Front

Step 1: Clean the Surface

It’s easy for the surface of your bathtub to gather dirt and grease over time. This is why before you begin make sure that you thoroughly clean the surface. Prepare a mixture of soap and water, get a sponge, and clean every corner. The cleaner the bathtub front is, the easier it would be for you to install the tiles.

Step 2: Even the Surface

For this, you might need sandpaper. If you think that there are some bumps and rough edges on the bathtub front, then sandpaper will save the day. Sand your bathroom tub until it isn’t good to go.

Step 3: Cut the Tiles

You can skip this step if you’ve already purchased tiles of the right size. However, if you haven’t then use the angle grinder to cut the tiles to your desired shape and size.

Make sure that you take the necessary protective measures while using an angle grinder. The use of personal protective equipment can help you potentially avoid unforeseen problems.

Step 4: Apply the Adhesive

Now the main part is to apply the adhesive to the tiles. Make sure that you find an adhesive of a good enough quality that it bonds perfectly with the bathtub front. One thing you should keep in mind is that when you’re applying to tile the bathtub front, make sure that your bathtub is completely dry.

Step 5: Let the Adhesive Dry

Once installed, give the adhesive enough time to dry out. Make sure that while it is drying, you do not use the bathtub as moisture and water can weaken the bond. Apply some pressure with both of your hands to the tile to further strengthen its bond. Meanwhile, you can also clean the residue with a damp cloth.

Once the adhesive dries, you’re ready to go. You would be surprised to see how huge of a difference installing tiles to the front of your bathtub would make. Thus, if you were tired of looking at your dull old bathroom, then tiling may just be what you need.

The Bottom Line

Tiling your bathtub front can save a lot of money. While some people may think about installing a new bathtub, we think that when you can easily get the job done within a small budget, then why to waste thousands of dollars. So if you want to enhance the appearance of your bathroom, then consider tiling the bathtub front.

We hope after reading this guide you will easily be able to carry out this DIY project. Just make sure that you’re using good quality tiles and adhesive and you’re set to go.

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