How to Tile Corners

Tiling your house is an essential part of enhancing its appeal. However, depending on the area, it may not always be that easy. Nonetheless, if you know the right steps, then you can truly turn into a DIY home improvement expert. Tiling to begin with, usually isn’t that difficult.

If you have the right tools, then you may not even have to call a professional. So a one-time investment in tools can go a long way and help you save thousands of dollars down the lane for home improvement projects.

But back to tiling corners, most people struggle with it. But there one simple way that applies to all kinds of corners and can easily help you get the job done.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Tile Corners

Step 1: Creating a Template

First things first, when you’re tiling a corner, you need to have incredibly precise measurements. Depending on how small the corner is, you will need a paper or cardboard template. Play the paper onto the corner and mark the area on the paper that fits the space on the paper.

Once you do that, cut the paper and check whether it fits perfectly at the corner or not. If it does, then move onto the next step. If it doesn’t then repeat this step until you get it right.

Step 2: Take Measurements

Once you’ve your paper tile ready, take the measurements with its help on a real tile. Place the cut piece of paper on to the tile and then trace its shape with a pen or a pencil. Once done, start chipping the tile from that area.

When you are using regular tiles, you can usually use tools like angle grinders. However, when you are cutting tile for corners then things may not be as straightforward. But on the bright side, you can pick one corner of the tile and then only chip it from there.

Measurement is the key here, if you chip too much then you would only cause problems for yourself. So if you don’t want to repeat the process then take things slowly.

Step 3: Smoothen the Tile

Once you have your corner tile ready, try placing it to see if its size fits perfectly. If it does then talk sandpaper to smoothen its corners. After that, use a damp cloth and to wipe away any splinters and dirt to make it as clear as a crystal.

Step 4: Apply Adhesive

Take the adhesive and apply it to the corner. Depending on the size of the corner tile, there may be some residue left, but don’t worry, you can simply wipe it away. Once done, place the tile at its desired spot and then wait for it to dry. Make sure that you apply enough pressure to it to strengthen its bond.

While it’s drying, do not expose the tile to moisture or water otherwise, its bond will weaken. After a while, your corner should be ready to go with its newly installed tiles.

Why Installing Tiles Is Better as a DIY Project

1) Cost-Effective

Things related to home improvement in general can cost a hefty amount of money. Something as simple as installing tiles may end up costing you thousands of dollars. Therefore, if you want to save yourself money, then making it a DIY project can be a great idea.

You would have to invest some time, but in return, not only will you learn new skills, but also, wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else for home improvement projects.

2) One-Time Investment

Once you have all the necessary tools to install tiles, you’re set to go. In fact, having access to the right tools is more or less the only difficult part of tile installation. So we suggest investing in it if you want to save yourself from paying thousands of dollars for hiring experts.

The Bottom Line

In general, installing tiles is a straightforward process. The steps that we’ve discussed in this article will more or less be the same regardless of where you install the tiles. The only thing you have to be careful of is the adhesive you use. Moreover, when you are trying to cut the tile, make sure that you are wearing high-quality personal protective equipment.

With that said, although tiling corners can be a bit tricky, once you get the hang of it, it won’t be long before you become a home improvement DIY expert. Thus, if any corners in your house may need to be revamped, then you can now easily do the job on your own.

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