How to Tile Stairs Edge

Most people often do not realise this, but small details can go a long way. If you’re trying to enhance the appeal of your house, then the chances are that you may often ignore the stairs. Over time, the stairs, especially the edges can get cracked, and lose their appeal. If such is the case for you, then do not worry because tiling stairs edge isn’t as difficult as you think.

You can easily save yourself quite a bit of time and money, by simply purchasing readymade decorative stair edge tiles. All you need to do is get the right adhesive and apply them at the edge of the stairs and you’re good to go. With that said, there is a variety of thing to keep in mind while you’re tiling the edge of a stair. So, this article will go over everything you need to know.

Things to Keep in Mind When Tiling Stairs Edge


1) Material

The material you choose to tile the stairs edge heavily depends on what your stairs are made from. For instance, if you’re using a readymade stairs tile made of stainless steel, then ideally, it would fit well along with ceramic tile or natural stone.

Similarly, it’s worth asking the manufacturer before purchasing tiles for stairs edge. They will further guide you on which tile may work best with which stair material.

2) Cleaning Up

Before you begin any DIY project, especially one that’s related to home improvement, you need to clean your surroundings. All the dirt and dust on your stair can make it difficult for you to install a tile. Thus, create a water and soap solution, and perhaps, mix it in a detergent. Then grab a cloth or sponge scrub your stairs to wipe away even the tiniest trace of dirt from it.

3) Create a Checklist

Having a checklist can come in handy when you are trying to tile the edge of a stair. You don’t want to run out of supplies while you’re in the middle of the process. Thus, make sure that you properly count the number of stairs and get the right amount of adhesive along with putting your research to find the best tiles.

Installing Tiles at Stairs Edge

Step 1: Sand the Stairs Edge

Over time, especially if the edge of your stairs has cracks, it could get uneven. So the first thing is to make sure that you get sandpaper. If you think that your stair tiles are uneven then start using your sandpaper until it evens out. After all, you can’t install a tile on an uneven surface.

Step 2: Take Measurements

Tiling a stairs edge normally differs from regular tiling. You need to get the tiles usually of the length of the stairs so they can fit perfectly. Thus, take proper measurements to determine the tiles that you require.

Step 3: Apply the Adhesive

Thoroughly apply the adhesive on your stair tiles. Once done, slowly place it on the edge of the stairs and make sure that it’s perfectly aligned. Because once the adhesive starts to dry out, then changing the alignment of the tile may prove to be tricky.

Step 4: Wait for the Adhesive to Dry

Depending on the adhesive you’ve chosen, it may take some time for it to dry. It’s always worth checking the packaging of the adhesive to know the exact time. So, ideally, wait until you think that it has perfectly bonded with the stairs.

Step 5: Clear the Residue

Clean any residue that you find around the tiles with a damp cloth. Once done, you’re now good to go with the edge of your newly tiled stairs.


The smallest details in your house can make the biggest difference. However, most people often seem to forget that. Thus, if you want to enhance the appeal of your house, then it would surprise you how big of a difference stairs edge tiling would make. However, aesthetic appearance isn’t the only reason why installing tiling stairs edge can be useful.

In fact, if you have pets or children in your house, then they can potentially get injured while climbing stairs with cracked edges by slipping. Thus, by tiling the stairs edge, you can also keep your loved ones safe.

Moreover, when you have the chance to turn tiling a stair edge into a DIY project, then why call experts? You would be surprised at the amount of money you would save. For this small job, professionals can charge quite a bit of money, which in our opinion, simply isn’t worth it.

So we hope after reading this guide you will easily be able to tile the stairs edge of your house!

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