How to Turn off the Generac Generator?

As a backup power source, Generac generators are one of the leading manufacturers of generators. A standby generator can power up automatically the instant there is a power outage. Therefore, a generator is an ideal power backup source and ensures that your home is never without electricity.

Generac started its journey in 1959, and its primary goal was to introduce cheap home standby generators. Generac generators engines are designed exclusively for generators and the rigors they need to travel through. Even though the unit, along with installation, is expensive compared to portable generators, but rest assured there will always be power in the house whether you are at home or not. 

Problems That Can Occur

In case of an extended power outage, it is advisable to shut down the generator. However, one must be careful as turning the generator on and off can damage the connected loads and the generator itself. 

Another scenario can be when a storm is over, the utility has done its job, and the power is back on, but your generator is still running. It takes some time to power off generators after being shut down. To ensure that the electricity flow from the utility company is continuous and stable, it takes time to shut down.

However, in rare cases, switching off the generator early may be necessary to protect it from damage. Usually, most quality generators from companies like Generac will sound an alarm indicating that something is wrong. Such as low coolant levels or the discovery of a leak in the oil or cooling system should require the system to be shut down. It is essential to know the quick and correct methods to shut down the generator in these cases safely.

Control Panel

The control panel is present under the cabinet lid, which is designed for operation by qualified service personnel. As the device owner, all you need to understand is the auto, manual and power-off buttons. The Auto button activates the device’s automatic function. It enables the system to start and train the engine every seven days. With this function, the system automatically switches from mains power to the generator when it detects a power failure from the mains network, public services. 

The switch-off button switches the device off and prevents the device from starting automatically. The manual button starts the engine but does not transfer power from the house to the generator unless the utility company has a fault. 

Shutting Down Generator While underload

To shut down or turn on the generator underload safely, the following are the steps that will help:

Step 1: Isolation of the main service distribution panel 

The main service entrance breaker needs to be open or turned off on the main service distribution panel.

Step 2: Turning the Generator Off

In this case, to save fuel or carry out minor maintenance work in the event of prolonged power failures, you should let the generator cool down for about a minute before switching it off. You can start this process by turning off all heavy objects in your homes, such as air conditioners and washing machines. Then turn off the circuit breaker on your generator and the circuit breaker on the transfer switch. You can now safely switch off the generator by following these short steps:

Turn off the main circuit breaker. In case the generator contains GFCI Outlet, and it is in use, Turn off the 15 Amp Outlet Breaker. Then let the generator remain running for 1 minute to allow it to cool off without any load. Turn the Manual switch to Off position. In a situation where the generator is not needed, and left switched off for more than one hour without any load. It is advisable to remove the 7.5 Amp main fuse from the control panel. To save the battery of the control panel and prevent it from running down.

 Step 2: Restarting the Generator

In case of removal of Main Fuse on the generator, then the fuse will need to be replaced. Upon doing so, the startup wizard will appear, which will allow the user to enter the correct date and time. It may not be compulsory to re-enter the activation code. However, in models with a production date between 2008 to 2010, the Installation Assistant will show “Utility Not Present,” which displays after the installment of the fuse. To solve this, press the Escape key numerous times to skip the utility writing test portion. 

Now turn the manual switch to the Auto position. The generator will start after a short delay. Allow the engine to warm up will enable the generator to run for 15 seconds. Switch on the Main Circuit Breaker. If necessary, turn on the Outlet Breaker. 

Step 3: Repowering of Main Service Distribution Panel

Located on the main service distribution panel, there is a main service entrance breaker. Close or turn on the main service breaker. Following these steps will ensure safe transfer between generator and utility if the utility returns while the generator is still off. 

Step 4: Contact the Customer Service if Necessary

Generac generators and their assurance power system services are known for their quality. Just give the customer service of Generac a call, and Assurance power systems experts will be pleased to explain everything you need to know about a standby generator. Your maintenance plans ensure that your generator is helpful. Protect your family or your company for many years.


In summary, to switch off the Generac standby generator, one must first unlock the device cover. Then look for a switch on the right-hand side that reads Auto, Off, and Manual. Just turn the device off. It may sound simple, but keep in mind that if your generator is running. Also, one can be in the middle of a storm when the power goes out. So, take all necessary safety precautions while doing this.

However, experts such as Assurance Power Systems technicians discovered potential problems during routine checks and maintenance, so issues rarely occur. When the device is running for a long-term interruption, it is vital to close the device every 24 hours to inspect it and visually add all the liquid you need.

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