How to Unlock Dewalt Miter Saw

Dewalt is an Industrial Tool Company known worldwide for large-scale manufacturing of power and hand tools. Their tools are largely utilized in construction, manufacturing and woodworking industries.

A miter saw, on the other hand, is used to precisely make cross cuts or bevel cuts in wooden pieces. The miter saw comes in various categories like a sliding miter saw, compound miter saw and many more.

Though the Dewalt miter saw brings ease to the workers, operating it can be tricky sometimes. The saw comes with multiple types of locks thereby making them a bit confusing. This article is meant to address your problems related to locking and unlocking a Dewalt miter saw.

Features of a Dewalt Miter Saw

There are some interesting facts about a Dewalt miter saw which would like to share with you:

  • It can be mounted easily on your workbench. The feet are made to be clamped or bolted on the workbench. This gives the saw sustainability while operating.
  • It has an amazingly fast braking system. Within seconds after you release the trigger, the electronic braking system halts the movement of the blade. Which is a safety as well as a time-saving feature.
  • Its sliding mode contains a depth stop feature. This feature allows the user to make intricate groove cuts without going completely through the work piece.
  • Some Dewalt miter saws are equipped with Cutline (TM) LED which enables the user to have a clear visual of the board and blade. Along with it, the blade will cast a shadow on board. The shadow will be cast exactly where the blade will cut through. Hence, the feature will give you a clear image of where you are going to cut.

Besides, there are some other interesting features of Dewalt miter saw as well. A sliding fence, back fence and many others which make it a perfect choice for your workshop.

Procedure to Unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw

To Unlock the Head

1. Search for the Metal Pin

Behind the saw blade, you will find the handle which can be seen at the top of the saw. That handle will guide you to a rail that runs from top till the bottom of the saw.

On the inside or outside of the metal rail, find the small metal pin. This pin can be used to unlock the head of the saw. Therefore, by unlocking the head of the saw, you can move the blade in an upward and downward direction.

However, the guide rail remains locked. In order to adjust the angle of cut, you have to use the liver located at the end of the guide rail.

Since some old miter saws contain a knob instead of a lock pin, you may find one in yours. For a knob, move it in a counter clockwise direction to unlock the head of the saw.

2. Lower the Handle

Hold the handle of the saw firmly in one hand and press the saw downward. Make sure to keep the saw in this position as this will keep the blade held down.

Now you will find a pin on the rail. Try pulling this pin out as much as it comes. This will unlock the saw and your blade is free to move.

Also, don’t forget to put the pin back in position whenever you are taking your saw somewhere.

3. Lock the Saw Again

Once done, press the saw handle again and hold the blade in that position. Put the pin back to where you have screwed it out. This will lock your blade back in position.

To make sure that your handle is locked, push it upward. If it remains steady in the same position, your saw head has been locked.

Hence, by following these simple steps you can both lock and unlock the head of your Dewalt miter saw.

To Unlock the Guide Rail of a Compound Saw

A guide rail is a horizontal platform that guides the angle of the saw blade. For bevel cuts, the angles are adjusted through the guide rail so that precise cuts are made through the wood.

1. Find the Black Lever

At the front of the saw, you will find this guide rail. Follow this guide rail through the handle to the point where you find a black lever. This black lever is equipped externally at the saw end.

Consequently, by moving this lever, you can decide and set the desired angle of your cuts.

2. Move the Guide Rail

If you are not satisfied with the angle, you can go with unlocking the guide rail option. As long as the lever is in the downward position, your guide rail will remain locked with it. Pull the lever up so that it is aligned with the guide rail.

On top of the lever, you will notice a black button. On pressing this button, the guide rail is set free. Hold this button down and start moving the rail to adjust it at the required angle.

In addition, you can find an angle guide for precise cuts. This will be located at the base of the saw. The angle guide will set your blade at a specific angle. Hence, you can get perfect bevel cuts by doing so.

3. Lock the Guide Rail

Once you have accurately set the projection of the guide rail, you will need to lock it again. For this, release the black button you have been holding.

Push down the lever back to the downward position so your guide rail is locked again. And now you can rightly make your compound cuts at exact angles with everything held in order.

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Dewalt is a renowned company that manufactures reliable power tools. Dewalt miter saw is one among them. However, unlocking it gets tricky sometimes. The above-mentioned directions will help you to unlock your miter saw easily and to start making perfect cuts.

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