How to Unlock Ryobi Miter Saw

Ryobi is a really famous power tool brand. They have a huge variety and most of their products are pretty much affordable. If you own a Ryobi miter saw, then you should know how to unlock it. If you want to fully utilize it, read this guide to find out how you can unlock your Ryobi miter saw.

Woodworking is all about being creativ. At times, you might not have the tools to do a certain job. But you can always find your way around it. You can turn your drill into almost any other tool with a small hack. That is what DIY enthusiasm is about. You can always buy the specific equipment for the project, but if it is too expensive, make do with what you have.

There are many famous brands out there. You might have seen a few brand names yourself if you ever peeked inside a toolbag at any point in your life. Makita is one famous brand and so is DeWALT. But ask people who make a living with woodwork if they would refer Ryobi, the answer is most likely, yes.

What is a Miter Saw and What does the Ryobi Miter Saw have to Offer?

A miter saw is basically a circular saw fixed on a frame that cuts across a piece of wood. Cutting across means cutting a long piece horizontally. A circular saw or a table saw is used for ripping boards or cutting lengthwise. But a miter saw also gives you the advantage of cutting at angles. With the help of a miter scale and a bevel scale, you can use the saw to cut at an angle and tilt.

There are certain locks in place to give the cutting process more stability. This makes it a more efficient tool than any other saw to cut across a piece of wood. It is faster and much more stable, which is why it is preferred over other saws for cutting across.

The Ryobi compound miter saw has basically everything that you want. It has a dust collector that collects most of the sawdust that flies off when performing a cut. There are table extensions and also a clamp that allows you to fasten a piece of wood without using your hands. There are also various locks placed throughout the whole saw allowing you safely perform your task.

Other than that there is also a laser that guides the blade. It can slide as well to perform cuts on wider boards. No more cutting half a board then flipping it to cut the other half. That method is pretty inaccurate, compared to that the slider function makes accurate cuts on wider boards.

How to Unlock a Ryobi Miter Saw

There are various locks all over the Ryobi miter Saw. In this guide, we will explain the location of each lock along with its functionality. Once you learn how to do this, you will have no trouble making precise cuts across wooden boards.

1) Handle Lock/Blade Lock

The first lock that you need to open is the handle lock. There is a locking pin near the hinge of the handle. It is used to lock the blade on the miter saw table. This way it is out of the way when you have to lift the saw and move it to another place. Press the handle lock button and slowly release the handle and move it upwards.

2) Spindle Lock

The second lock you need to know about is the spindle lock. This one is for when you need to replace your blade. By using this lock the blade stops moving and is literally locked in place. You can then use a wrench to take the bolt out of the blade and replace the blade.

3) Miter Lock

The third lock is the miter lock which is at the end of the turntable. You use this one to adjust the angle of the cut you need to make. Just as the name indicates, it locks the blade in place for a miter cut. First, you need to loosen the knob at the end of the turntable. After which there is a lever under this knob that you need to pull up and now you can adjust the angle of your miter cut.

4) Bevel Lock

The fourth one is right beside the bevel scale and is used to lock in the tilt angle of the blade. Using this you can adjust the angle of the bevel cut you want. The Ryobi miter saw features a dual bevel cut feature that means that you can tilt the blade on either side. Once you tilt the blade to the desired angle you can lock it in place using the bevel lock.

5) Slider Lock

Lastly, we have the slider lock. So basically the Ryobi miter saw has a sliding feature. The slider is used to cut anything that is wider than the blade’s cutting width. If a miter saw does not have a slider, then you have to first cut the blade on one side then flip it over, and then cut the other one. This wastes time, so instead of this, a sliding miter saw allows you to cut boards that are wide. The slider can be locked to avoid movement.

With all of these locks covered you are now equipped with knowledge on how to unlock and lock a Ryobi miter saw.

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A tool is nothing without having the knowledge of how to use it. But even the simplest of tools can provide more than their actual use if you know how to use them. Once you master the use of these locks you are going to improve at using the Ryobi miter saw. This will improve your accuracy and you will move wood through the saw more swiftly.

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