How to Use a Crowfoot Wrench

A person should have all the tools they need to finish a project. Whether it is a DIY workbench or a professional’s workbag, they have a crowfoot wrench. It is such a handy tool that it has become part of every DIYers daily life. Most people already have a crowfoot wrench in their home. It comes with a car maintenance kit because it is used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. It can make it easy to reach places you normally can’t reach. But if you are new and need to know how to use a crowfoot wrench, in this article we will discuss all its uses.

The quarantine has taught us a lot of things. Most of all it has taught us that things that we usually others for can be done by ourselves. Not only is it a waste of money to hire others at times, but also you are wasting precious resources. You can easily pull off most jobs without having assistance from outside these days. YouTube has been a really big help in this regard. So has the internet with all of its helpful guides on how to do things.

Whether it is changing blades on your saw, or on how to use a power tool, you can find it all on the internet. So if you were unsure about how you can use your crowfoot wrench, we will discuss that in this article. Being one of the handiest tools in the garage, you can use it in many scenarios. But the best scenario to use a crowfoot wrench is when you need to reach places that are hard to reach.

What Is a Crowfoot Wrench Useful For?

A crowfoot wrench comes with crowfoot wrench adapters. The crowfoot wrench adapters can be installed into a socket wrench or a torque wrench. Whenever you need either, you can just use that wrench handle for the job. The crowfoot wrench is designed to hold on to a nut or bolt with a relatively strong grip. Once you fit one over a bolt or a nut, it fits over it properly. It won’t slide around it or shred the nut or bolt.

Now since these are adapters, you can actually use these with extenders. These extenders are very useful for sliding the crowfoot adapters in hard-to-reach places. All of these adapters come labeled so it is easy to identify which one to use for which nut or bolt. Also when you need to hold on to something inside the nut with an Allen key or hex key, you can do that since the adapter does not cover the head of the nut.

Crowfoot adapters come in different shapes. Choose the ones that will be the most helpful for your tasks.

How to Use a Crowfoot Wrench

Using a crowfoot wrench is very easy. Anyone can learn it from experience. If you are deciding whether you want to buy a crowfoot wrench or not, then that is another story. This guide will tell you how to use a crowfoot wrench. After reading it you can decide whether it is useful for you or not.

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Adapter

Choosing the right adapter for the job is important. You don’t want to choose a big crowfoot wrench adapter. It will just damage the edges of the nut and bolt. Choosing a small one will not fit over it at all. You need to choose the right size. Whether you choose it by the measurement label on the side or by trying it on the nut or bolt one by one, it is up to you.

Step 2 – Attaching the Crowfoot

After you are done choosing the right size crowfoot wrench adapter, it is time to attach it to the wrench of your choice. There is a square slot between each head in which you can slide in the square head of your socket wrench. Same for the torque wrench. Once you do it will fit inside the wrench and not budge at all. Also, a pro tip is to always attach the crowfoot wrench adapter at a 90-degree angle to the wrench handle.

Step 3 – Slide It on the Nut or Bolt

Once you are done installing the crowfoot wrench over your handle, just slide it over the nut and bolt. It is that simple. Just slide it over the nut and bolt and slowly move the wrench in the position you want it to move. If it is for tightening make sure to turn the knob on the socket wrench handle for tightening. If it is to loosen a nut or bolt, turn the knob the other way.

With three easy steps, you are now able to use a crowfoot wrench whenever you want. If you want to attach an extender, it can be done in the same way. Just attach one end of the extender to the wrench handle and the other to the crowfoot wrench adapter. Once it is done, you can now reach every hard-to-reach place with ease. This makes it quite a handy tool when moving nuts and bolts in tight spaces.


A handy tool such as a crowfoot wrench should be part of every DIY worker’s tool kit. It is very handy, comes to help you in tight spots, it is convenient and it does the job very well. Then why wouldn’t you want to have such a great tool in your tool kit? And with this guide, you will be able to decide whether you want one or not. Even if you had bought it and didn’t know how to use it effectively, you will be able to do so. Hope this guide helped you and gave you answers to your questions regarding how to use a crowfoot wrench properly.

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