How to Use a Ladder on Stairs?

Want to paint the walls of your staircase but wondering how to reach that high? Yes, a ladder is a great option. But isn’t placing a ladder on stairs scary? Yes we know, it is!

You will need a lot of fixtures on your staircase from time to time – changing bulbs, hanging frames, painting, etc. You can use a specialty ladder in these situations, the ones specially designed for stairs. But, are you willing to spend $500 on that? I bet no!

Using a standard ladder on stairs is never a good idea, especially when you are a noob in this matter. You can fall, and in worst-case scenarios, break your bones or teeth!

That is exactly why we came up with this guide to help you solve the problem! In this article, we are sharing a few hacks on how you can use a standard ladder on stairs, safely! Keep Reading, you will not regret it!

Tips for Using a Ladder on Stairs

Let’s state the quite obvious – a staircase is an uneven surface, and using a ladder on it can be tricky. Similarly, falling from a ladder is also a kind of incident we don’t ever want to face. So, learning how to cope with this situation is necessary!

Before getting started with the tips, you need to keep one thing in mind. No matter why you are using the ladder, it always needs to be strong, sturdy, and of high-quality! If your ladder isn’t strong enough to bear your weight, no tips are going to help you.

Now without making you wait further, let us dive into the hacks and tips!

Using the Ladder Aide Method

If you are not familiar with what a ladder aide is, you are missing out on something very useful. A ladder aide helps you to adjust the height of the ladder, and stabilize it as well. Moreover, the installation and setup process of a ladder aide is also super quick and straightforward.

A ladder aide consists of three parts; Platform, Upright, and Base. All you need to do is place the base on the stair, and then place the upright on the base in a sliding manner. Then, smoothly put the platform on the upright and start lowering until it levels.

Additionally, the ladder aide will also come with a locking pin. You can use it to secure the whole setup for extra safety. Now, all you need to do is place your ladder on the aide and start working on your chores!

Using Ladder Levelers

A ladder leveler is another extremely beneficial and functional tool to solve the problem. You can directly attach this tool with the legs of your ladder without needing anything extra.

A ladder leveler will allow you to adjust and balance the legs of your ladder as per your desires and convenience. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use, setup, and handle. Just attach, adjust, and jump on your ladder confidently without worrying about any mishaps or accidents.

Makeshift Scaffolding Technique

Makeshift Scaffolding is a very old, traditional, and unique way to use your ladder on stairs conveniently. However, this technique will only work if you perform it right. This technique works by using two different ladders together and building a safe model to work.

First, place a step ladder on the top of the stairs. Then, take an extension ladder and place it on the stairs down. Also, make sure that the extension ladder is leaning towards the opposite wall. Then, try and make a platform by placing a plywood deck in between the two stairs.

This method is quite efficient. Still, we would recommend you using a lot of YouTube videos about this method to ace it rightly!

Using Combination Ladders

Another hack is to use multipurpose or combination ladders for working on staircases. There are a lot of multi-purpose ladders available in the market, so you can conveniently find one specially designed for stairs.

However, keep in mind that combination ladders will be a bit expensive. But still, they will be worth every penny you spend!

Wrapping Up

Up till now, you have gone through our top 4 hacks for using a ladder on stairs, and we hope that you have narrowed down the list to one. No matter what method choose, make sure to take extra precautionary measures. Your safety should be your first and foremost priority.

So, which method worked for you? Don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comments below. We always love to hear back from you!

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