How to Use a Strap Wrench

If you dig into your dad’s old toolbox, the chances are that you’ll find at least one wrench inside. It doesn’t come as a surprise, especially when we consider how important a wrench can be in any tool kit. Not only are they used in everyday life, but also, in most of the DIY projects, especially the ones that involve nuts and bolts.

With that said, wrenches also come in a variety of types. Each of them serves its own unique purpose. This is why, if you haven’t heard of a strap wrench before, or you own one but do not know how to use it then don’t worry.

This guide is all about teaching you the ins and outs of the strap wrench. Where and why to use it? Let’s find out.

What Is a Strap Wrench?

Popularly used in home renovations, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a strap wrench comprises of well – straps. These straps are normally made of rubber and polyester and can be used to firmly grip an object, without damaging or scratching it.

In fact, it is a great substitute for pliers, especially, if you are holding something as delicate as plumbing pipes. Knowing how they can easily get damaged, regardless of how tight your strap wrench gets, will not create enough tension to cause any problems.

Moreover, as the strap wrench is made of rubber, it is also quite useful to easily hold larger objects that the head of regular wrenches may not work against.

How to Use a Strap Wrench?

Step 1: Surround the Object With the Strap

First things first, similar to any other wrench you need to check the size of the object you are about to use the wrench on. While this is often a major problem when it comes to most wrenches, the same isn’t the case for a strap wrench.

In most cases, your strap wrench will work on almost on everything as its technical adjustable. Moreover, rubber can also stretch up a notch if the need arises.

Step 2: Set the Strap

Once you have surrounded the object with the strap, now simply, pull the strap behind until it firmly holds the object. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons that although uncommon, a strap wrench is becoming a go-to tool for many people.

Not other wrench there offer the same level of flexibility as a strap wrench. You can conveniently use it on a number of objects.

Step 3: Hold the Handle

If you are trying to loosen something, then make sure that you have a good handle. Surround the strap to the object you want to loosen, and simply, use the handle to apply tension.

Why Use a Strap Wrench?

Unlike the regular wrench you find, adjustability isn’t an issue with a strap wrench. Depending on the size of the strap that the manufacturer has used, it will offer quite a bit of flexibility. On the other hand, size can be a major issue with a regular wrench.

It can be quite bothersome while working to not have the right wrench size in your toolbox. Although, the adjustable wrench would solve this problem, but most people do not have one. Aside from that, they can be more costly.

Strap Wrench vs Crowfoot Wrench

When you compare a strap wrench to other wrenches like a crowfoot wrench, to say that “which one is better” would be unfair. Both of them can be used in tight spaces, and are rather unique in their own way. However, the major exception with a strap wrench is its adjustability. This may not be the case for crowfoot wrench unless of course, you specifically buy an adjustable one.

When Do You Need a Strap Wrench?

Although most of the times a strap wrench goes unnoticed in the toolbox of most people, it can come in handy in dire times. It can easily get you out of situations when a regular wrench may not suffice.

There are a variety of things a strap wrench can be used for which includes:

1) Household Work

Do you have any home renovation project or household work to do? Well, a strap wrench will certainly come in handy. It can be used to hold most of the objects that are cylindrical including pipes and knobs. If you want to loosen something, then a strap wrench can easily help you do that.

2) Lid Jars

In our childhoods, opening jars used to be a testament of power. And even as adults, jammed jar lids can be a pain to deal with. If there’s a jar that you’re still struggling to open, then don’t worry. A strap wrench will make the job much easier for you. Simply follow the steps that we’ve mentioned above and in no time, you will be able to open the lid!


Even if not as frequently used, buying a strap wrench will certainly not go to waste. It will come in handy at the most unexpected times, especially when a normal wrench may fail you. Moreover, it is easy to use and since its head is made of rubber, you don’t have to worry about durability either.

A strap wrench can usually last for a lifetime, and in case, its strap does get damaged, it isn’t a cause for concern. Simply, you could buy a new strap and your strap wrench would be ready to go. Judging by how versatile the wrench is and the fact that it is also adjustable, it certainly isn’t a bad addition to your toolbox.

From removing the items to just loosening them, you can expect a strap wrench to do just about everything. And if that wasn’t enough, then a strap wrench can also be used for most DIY projects that include cylindrical objects.

So we hope this guide was enough to help you know all about a strap wrench. If you were considering to purchase one, then do so without any hesitations.

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