Is Ryobi a Good Brand?

When you’re out in the market looking for tools, a wide variety of companies are sure to greet you. Now if we step into your shoes for a moment, choosing between them could be quite a hassle. So, the wise decision here would be to go for any good brand that you can find.

When talking about good brands that deal in tools, the company known as Ryobi must have gotten mentioned. There’s no doubting the popularity of this brand, and many people also agree that it manufactures top-quality products. With that being said, you can never be really certain. Considering this, we have decided to write a detailed review of the Ryobi brand. This way, you can see for yourself whether it will be a good idea to opt for its products or not. However, before we get to review the brand, let’s first see what Ryobi is all about.

Ryobi Tools

If you head to your nearest Home Depot store or browse Amazon in search of tools, chances are that you will come across this brand that we know as Ryobi. Another thing worth noting here is that this company was established back in 1943. So, it has been well over 70 years of its successful operation. Moreover, much to our surprise, its products are mainly manufactured in China. However, when it comes to its accessories, their plants can be found in the US.

What makes this brand so special is that it deals with several kinds of tools. In fact, it is very less likely that the company doesn’t offer a powerful tool that you’re looking for. So, whether it be drivers, drills, or staplers, Ryobi has got them all. Not only that, but the brand also deals with plumbing tools, metalworking tools, and woodworking tools. Moreover, Ryobi’s tool line-up also consists of other speciality items such as the likes of inflators and compressors. Accordingly, you can rest assured that the tool that you’re looking for is sold by Ryobi.

Another great thing about this brand is that it knows that almost every tool can break. Keeping this in mind, Ryobi also offers OEM parts with which its users can fix the product themselves. However, you should not mistake its products for being vulnerable. As a matter of fact, reviews of a multitude of customers suggest that Ryobi products are meant to last long.

The Home Depot stores will indeed be filled with products from Ryobi. However, when it comes to Amazon and other stores, you’ll get to see other brands as well. Well, there are a few reasons why people prefer Ryobi over other brands, so let’s have a look at them.

Why go for Ryobi?

Ryobi offers a whole range of tools that would find its way into everyone’s home. With that being said, there’s a certain demographic which is sure to love the company’s tools. Yes, we’re talking about those interested in DIY stuff. The reason for this is that DIYers are mostly beginners who don’t want to invest too much into tools. Accordingly, Ryobi would be a good brand for them since its products are not that expensive. On the contrary, professionals could have second thoughts while going for the tools offered by Ryobi.

Other than being inexpensive, the reason why most people opt for Ryobi is its wide variety of tools. Screwdrivers, speed drills, woodworking tools, impact wrenches – you name it! Ryobi offers all of these products and much more. So, if you’re a DIYer, homeowner, or an enthusiast user, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give a shot to Ryobi tools.

Ryobi, a good brand?

Opting for Ryobi may have its fair share of advantages, but the question remains whether it is a good brand. To determine that, we believe that quality should be the top criterion as no good company will ever sell low-quality products. However, there are quite a few companies out there willing to jeopardize the quality of their products just for the sake of bringing down their prices. This is why the top quality products are mostly sold at a high price.

With that being said, Ryobi follows a different approach in this regard. Indeed, Ryobi tools are not that expensive, but they are not that cheap as well. Accordingly, the company aims to offer affordable prices to its customers while prioritizing the quality too. Not only is this the aim of the company, but Ryobi has been successfully doing that for a couple of decades.

As a matter of fact, from what we’ve gathered, the average life expectancy of its products is close to 5 years. So, once you opt for their products, you should be set for quite some time and won’t be needing any new tools. And, even if your tool gets broken, you can fix it yourself using the OEM parts sold by Ryobi.

What makes Ryobi even bigger of a draw is the fact its batteries are built to last for a long duration. On the downside, this isn’t the case with most of the other tool brands since their batteries are pretty lacklustre. With that being said, in some cases, your battery could wear out after a couple of years. If that happens, you can cop a new battery by Ryobi without even spending too much out of your pocket.

A Word from the Customers

If you’re on a budget, want to choose from a complete range of products, and prefer batteries that can last long, then you’ll find Ryobi tools to be amazing. However, let’s take into account customer reviews as well, so we can see how they rate Ryobi products.

From what we’ve gathered thus far, customers have generally been quite satisfied with Ryobi products. When it comes to the 5-star rating, the majority of tools from Ryobi have over 4-star ratings on Amazon. And, in terms of the overall reputation of the company, you’ll see that its customers have held it quite high.

Other than that, we also went through reviews from actual customers. In summary, it was found that most customers loved the materials for making the tools. However, they did have an issue with the additional weightage of the product, but the high quality made for it. Customers are also a fan of Ryobi’s nailers since they feature smooth firings and minimum jams. With that being said, they recommended adding a bit of oil to your equipment to prevent any jamming. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, Ryobi tools have some of the best batteries, and its customers also happen to agree.

All-in-all, the general consensus from the customers is that the brand sells quality products that aren’t expensive either. With that being said, there are a few impact drivers that customers were left unsatisfied with. Accordingly, the best thing to do before purchasing their products is to check for their reviews on Amazon. However, there’s a very small chance that you will end up buying such a product.


Whether you’re looking for tools on your local Home Depot store or Amazon, Ryobi is a brand that you are bound to come across. This company sells a whole range of tools that are not only inexpensive but are also made with quality materials. What makes Ryobi so popular in the market is the fact that it’s generally considered to be a good brand, as we’ve seen in this article. Other than that, the customer reviews also suggest that Ryobi is a brand that’s worth going for. However, we’d like to hear it from you if you’ve had any positive or negative experiences with this brand in the comments below.

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