Powerland Generators Review

Most people feel that they have to spend a fortune to buy a reliable and high-quality generator from a big brand. If you judge the quality of a generator with its price, it is time you change that.

Powerland is one such brand that has been practicing the art of manufacturing affordable, top-notch quality generators for decades.

Powerland makes it possible for buyers to bring home a portable generator without burning a hole in the pocket. Their comprehensive range of amazing generators will puzzle anyone. Are you still not convinced enough to buy a Powerland generator?

Our Powerland Generators review will let you into all the significant and minuscule features of their products. Take a look at the reviews, and you can decide for yourself!

About Powerland

Powerland is famous for offering one of the most expansive ranges of generators in the UK. They deal with well-known names such as AKSA, Redgen, SDMO, Pramac & Cummins, and Caterpillar.

They take the customer’s project from conceptualizing and designing to delivery, installation, and also commissioning. Powerland delivers generators to some of the significant data centers and hotels in the UK.
Their generators are increasingly proving themselves for the title of being the most trustworthy name in the industry.

They realize that the engineering and power equipment demand is now more than ever.

The unique selling point of Powerland Generators is their reasonable pricing. Powerland claims that they treat each customer with respect and want to build a long-lasting relationship. Powerland knows what they’re doing when it comes to affordable generators.

The brand realizes how important it is to recycle and reduce consumer waste. Therefore, they also indulge in offering used generators. As a significant relief, their used set of generators come with a warranty.

Is Powerland Generators Reliable?

Hotels, industries, and workplaces that undergo tough jobs regularly wonder if a cheap generator is reliable or not. People worry that a low-cost generator might be ineffective at handling enormous power requirements.

The good news is that most Powerhouse generators claim that the product is one of the most reliable ones.

Powerland builds its products to perform in the harshest of conditions. Powerland designs combination generators and welders to make the task easier.

Regardless of your requirements, you can find the perfect generator with them. As a bonus, their generators suit both commercial and residential use. Moreover, the machines are noiseless and very portable.

The 4 Best Powerland Generators

If you are considering investing in a Powerland generator, we have a list of the top four models for you. This Powerland Generators review critically analyzes all the four models so that you have nothing but the best!

Powerland PD4000

The Powerland PD4000 has identical features to the other generators in this category. Despite being budgeted equipment, PD4000 does not compromise on performance or durability.

Why should you invest in the Powerland PD4000? Well, considering its output power and specifications, it still offers a pretty decent run time. Moreover, the model is very light-weight, which makes it a perfectly portable option.
California residents will be delighted to know that this unit complies with all pollution requirements of the state. Like its sibling, the model is also conscious of the environment and focuses on clean fuel.

No matter what you throw on the PD4000, the sturdy frame will not give up. Powerland has made sure that the unit lasts for years to come. It is also worth mentioning that the device produces only 72 decibels of sound, which is not extreme.

The oil tank can hold about 15 liters at a go, which means that you don’t have to top it with fuel frequently. Even though the unit sounds durable and reliable, the 1-year warranty is a huge relief for buyers.

However, some of the users report that cleaning the oil filter is a tiring job. Also, we are not sure if the unit will perform and satisfy commercial use.


  • Dimensions: 23.3 L x 17 W x 17 H inches 
  • Engine: 4-stroke OHV single-cylinder with forced air cooling
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 L 
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Ignition: Recoil
  • Noise Level: 72 dB
  • Output Rate: 4,000 watts 
  • Run Time: 12 hours 
  • Type: Portable
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty 
  • Weight: 100 pounds 


  • This Poweland generator has an affordable price point. 
  • The model can run for 12 hours at half load. 
  • You can easily store this compact unit. 
  • Users can also transport this Powerland generator effortlessly. 
  • It has a sturdy frame and weighs relatively lesser. 
  • It is easy to refuel the generator.


  • The model might not be suitable for high power requirements. 
  • It feels a bit tedious to clean the fuel filter cup.

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Powerland PDW100

If you are seeking portability, look no further than this Powerland PWD100. This unit runs on gas and will give you 8 hours of service at half load. Powerland PWS100 also doubles as a welder to make things easier for you.

Powerland packs this generator in a fully-enclosed case. It offers powerful performance and professional welding at an unbeatable price.

Its OHV engine delivers a high-compaction force for better performance.

At just 89 pounds, this is the most light-weight portable generator you can have. However, don’t mistake its low weight for poor quality. It’s very sturdy and is a long-lasting investment. Not to mention but a 1-year warranty also backs this product.

You can use the unit for a wide range of tasks. Most users claim that this unit is their savior during emergency power applications. You should know that this equipment includes splash-type lubrication for prolonged engine life.


  • Warranty: 1-year warranty 
  • Engine: 6.4 horsepower air-cooled OHV engine 
  • Weight: 89 pounds 
  • Type: Portable 
  • AC Maximum Output: 600 Watts 
  • Noise Decibel Rating: 70 dB 
  • Dimensions: 24 L x 18 W x 20 H inches 
  • Running Time: At half load, 8 hours 
  • Ignition: Recoil


  • The Powerland PDW100 offers value for money. 
  • Its decibel noise rating is meager.
  • It has a DC alternator for longer life and more durability. 
  • Buyers will also receive a 1-year warranty on this equipment. 
  • AVR technology allows the unit to offer a clean and smooth operation. 
  • This unit offers automatic voltage regulation and fuel shut-off.


  • The run time might feel a bit low for some users.

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Powerland PDL6500E

Your hunt for a budgeted propane-powered generator will come to and with the Powerland PDL6500E. People who prefer to use propane over any other fuel type will appreciate this quality generator. Besides, this generator also has an electric ignition system.

It uses a four-stroke, 16 HP, internal combustion, air-cooled engine. The unit also harbors a low-pressure regulator to offer better protection to the machine. PDL6500E also includes wheels and a handle for easy transportation.

This Powerland model also does an impressive job of keeping the sound levels at a minimum. Like the rest of the Powerland generators, even this one comes with a 1-year warranty. Our only complaint with the generator is its limited oil tank capacity.


  • Engine: 4-stroke OHV single-cylinder with forced air cooling system 
  • Oil Capacity: 1.1 L 
  • Ignition System: Recoil/electric start 
  • Fuel: Regular propane 
  • Noise Level: 72 dB
  • Dimensions: 30.2 L x 22.5 W x 24.2 H inches 
  • Running Time: At half load, 6 hours 
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty 
  • Shipping Weight: 200 lbs 


  • There are dual ignition systems on this generator. 
  • Since the unit is portable, you can also use it to power your RV. 
  • Its compact size allows easy transportation and storage. 
  • It is perfect for buyers running on a budget.


  • The run time for the Powerland PDL6500E is relatively low. 
  • Oil capacity at this unit might demand frequent refueling.

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Powerland PD3G10000E

One feature that sets this Powerland generator apart from the other models is its ability to run on a tri-fuel. The generator can run on natural gas, propane, and gasoline. If you’re a homeowner, this is the kind of versatility your generator should have.

With a running output of 8,000 watts, it can handle household appliances, power tools, and even powerup an RV. You can stop worrying about pollution since the unit comes from California. It means that the Powerland PD3G10000E is CARB and EPA compliant.

The air-cooled engine on the unit is capable of producing a whopping 16 horsepower. You must also know that the surge output fluctuates as you switch to different fuel types.

This Powerland generators review also found that the unit offers up to 20 hours of run time. When the generator is on propane, it will last for six hours.

The generator’s build is compact enough to fit your backyard. Thanks to the positioning of the tank’s opening, it is relatively easy to top the fuel. The generator also includes a spark arrestor, oil warning light, low oil shut-off, and a small digital meter.


  • Dimensions: 29.5 L x 28 W x 28 H inches 
  • Engine: 419cc single-cylinder OHV air cooled
  • Fuel Type: Natural gas/ propane/ gasoline 
  • Ignition: recoil/ electric 
  • Noise: 75 dB
  • Output Rate: 10,000 watts 
  • Run Time: At half load, 10 hours 
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty 
  • Weight: 265 pounds


  • You can transform it into a portable unit with a wheel kit. 
  • The control panel is intuitive and user-friendly. 
  • It is easy to start in all kinds of climates. 
  • From recreational vehicles to appliances, this generator complies with all. 
  • Powerland PD3G10000E runs on multiple fuel types. 
  • This generator seamlessly supports a host of power loads.


  • The manufacturer has poorly drawn the user manual. 
  • There are no hoses for natural gas and propane.

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Powerland Generator Buying Guide

Are you still having confusion about which Powerland generator to buy? The purchasing task will be easier if you are aware of your requirements and all the features. The buyer’s guide will help you sort through the plethora of Powerland generators. This Powerland buying guide lists all the essential elements.

Power & Outlets

The first thing all buyers need to determine is how much power they will require. Your refrigerator might require only 800 watts to run, but what will happen when it demands 2100 watts of ignition power? Make sure to understand the total power requirements of our space.

Additionally, you’ll also need to understand what type of power outlets you will need. The small generators generally have a couple of USB ports and few 120 V AC outlets. Once you reach 4000-watt models, you notice 240 w plugs as well.

Fuel Type

The most common type of generator is the gas-powered one. In your location and during an emergency, the availability of a specific fuel might be limited. Therefore, consider the ease of availability of the fuel type in your vicinity before purchasing a generator.

You can also opt for diesel generators, as they offer better fuel efficiency. However, diesel might relatively difficult to find than gasoline. Alternatively, you can look for generators that allow you to switch to different fuel types.
In any case, make sure the fuel source the Powerland generator uses is environmentally friendly.

Noise Level

You don’t want your generator to make annoying noise all day long and give you a headache. Most of the Powerland generators produce 70-74 dB of sound. Moreover, if you are looking for a residential space generator, it’s better to go with one that makes less noise.

The fuel source also has a significant impact on the noise levels. For example, diesel-powered generators are usually noisier than gas ones. If you intend to use the Powerland generator for an RV, you’ll more likely appreciate a unit with low decibels.

The Bottom Line

And that was all for the Powerland Generators review. After going through the specifications of the Powerhouse generators, we can safely conclude that they are reliable. The best part about these generators is that they are portable.

In our opinion, if you have more budget to spare, you can go for the Powerland PD3G10000E. This generator runs on multiple fuel types, which is very handy. The pros of this Powerland generator do a great job of outweighing its flaws.

So, the next time you’re on a budget and looking for quality generators, you know where to go!

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