Predator Generator 4000 Peak/3200 Running Watts Review

Predator Generator 4000 Peak/3200 Running Watts ReviewIn this Predator generator review, we talk about the type of a generator that you can definitely depend on. The Predator 4000 produces a lot of power and is reliable at that. You will be able to use it at any time and at any place due to its versatility. The generator is extremely useful at home during emergencies such as blackouts or power outages. You will be able to use it in winter and even the really harsh ones.

With the Predator 4000, you will be able to run a fridge of 700 watts. This ensures the food quality you might have in the fridge. You will be rest assured that it won’t spoil. One will also be able to run a microwave of 625 watts without any problems. This way you are guaranteed not to have a cold meal. Another place to use it is at a job site. The generator is able to run any tools up to 1,800 watts. You will never need to worry about not completing a job in time.

A third way to use the generator is for recreational activities. However, it might turn out to be a difficult job but a fun one nonetheless. You will be able to connect it to a camper and you can say goodbye to the phrase roughing. The things that the generator can run include lights (up to seven 100 watts bulbs), a sound bar, heater as well as a DVD player. With the Predator 4000, you will never go camping unprepared.

Power & Fuel

The Predator 400 comes with a four-stroke 212 cc OHV engine. It has six-point-five horsepower. The power delivered is 120/240 volts. The generator only runs on gas. The running power is at 3,200 watts while the peak power is at 4,000 watts. The oil tank can store up to four gallons of fuel. With the tank full, the generator is able to run for 10 hours at 50% of the load. With that taken into consideration, the fuel consumption is at 0.4 GPH.

The type of a starter is a recoil one so it isn’t the easiest one there. However, to start this generator isn’t entirely difficult as it would be with other generators. The Predator 4000 only needs one pull to get it started almost always. So, you don’t need to worry about it choking or tripping. Although, you might need to give it a second pull in extremely cold weather.

With Predator 4000, you will be able to run several appliances or tools at the same time. The generator can even power up two fridges at the same time. On top of that, you can even add a freezer and you won’t need to worry about it overloading. When it comes to job sites, you can run a table saw, shop vacuum, a jigsaw and an orbital sander at the same time.

Predator Generator OutletsOutlets

The Predator 4000 also has a very easily accessible control panel. There are five AC outlets that you can find there. It includes two duplexes of 120 volts and 20amp GFCI (5-20R) and one receptacle of 120/240 volts and 30amp. There is also one DC outlet with a 12 volt 8amp receptacle. You can use it to charge your batteries of any device. The receptacle is in the style of a cigarette lighter.

Considering that the L14-30R is a twist-lock receptacle, it makes the generator transfer switch ready. This means one will be able to connect the generator to a breaker box. Most of the time you will need to do that when there is a power outage.

The AC outlets produce a maximum of 26 amps of power in total. This means that each of them
Produce 13 amp. So, in order to produce the maximum power, you need to connect two outlets at least. On a downside, one isn’t able to use both of the duplexes at the same time.

Build Quality

The Predator 4000 is a generator which roll cage is made out of high quality metal. It also has a steel roll cage. This means that the generator is very durable and not easily damaged. There is a fuel tank which is located on top of the generator. It is there with an idea of reducing the spilling of oil or fuel. The cap is also large to make it easier with fueling.

The generator has an open frame design. It is 23.3 inches long, 18.7 inches wide and 19.3 inches high.The Predator 4000 weighs nearly 128 pounds with a full tank so it will be very hard to pick it up. With an empty tank, the generator weighs almost 100 pounds.

It doesn’t come with a wheel kit so you will have to buy separately. You will need to move it by grabbing it however it is easy to do so because of the open frame design. Nonetheless, picking it up will be hard. A handle also doesn’t come in a box when you purchase the generator.

One also may have troubles with filling the tank with oil. In order to do that, you will need a funnel with an extended nozzle. Drawing the oil can be hard as well. That is because you need to tilt the generator to the side. It doesn’t even come with an oil drain plug so it isn’t exactly a low maintenance generator.

Predator Generator #3Noise Rating & Features

The Predator 4000 isn’t really quiet either. Its noise rating is 72 dBA which isn’t considered to be quiet. Especially for the wattage produced. It can be said that it is even a little bit louder than a regular vacuum cleaner. So it might not be too recommended to be used outside, like camping or other recreational activities.

When it comes to features, it comes with an automatic low oil shut down. There is a fuel gauge as well. You will also be able to find a circuit breaker for extra protection. This prevents the generator from getting overloaded. Although, it can’t easily happen with this generator. Other than that, it comes with the owner’s manual and documentation. The manual is really easy to use and read, especially for beginners.

The oil tank also has a really useful feature. This feature is called a debris strainer. The debris strainer is supposed to prevent foreign material into the generator. That can easily happen because the gas sometimes gets polluted with physical objects. With the debris strainer, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

The Predator 4000 doesn’t have an Eco Mode so you can’t change the RPM. It will give you constant power. However, it is CARB-compliant and EPA-approved so you will be able to use it on campsites as well as California along with 50 other states. There is a spark-arrestor as well so you can use it in forested areas.

If you decide to buy a wheel kit, they are very good and high quality. They are made out of rubber so they will run smoothly on rough terrains.


– User-friendly

– Many useful outlets

– Good run time

– Powerful

– Great performance

– Quick start

– Debris strainer


– Heavy

– Loud

– Hard to refill the oil and draw it

– Doesn’t come with a wheel kit or a handle

– Misleading specifications about AC outlets as there are only 13 amp breakers and not 20 amp breakers

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Predator Generator Review – Conclusion

Naturally, before buying a generator, one needs to know what kinds of power they have so they know what to look for. Most of the time, you will see that the generators are categorized by their wattage. The more wattage the generator has, the more powerful it is. With more wattage, you can power up large households and large businesses.

You might want to look for a generator that can power up your fridge, HVAC system, cooker, microwave, lights etc. You will be able to find that portable generators are easily found and they all have different wattages. It is hard to find the best one for you with so many options.

Overall, the Predator 4000 is a very solid and durable generator. It is highly versatile and powerful as well. There is no need to worry when the power outages happen as the Predator 4000 is extremely reliable. Although, you should keep in mind that it is quite loud, not very portable and there are misleading specifications about amperage.

All in all, hopefully this review helped you in seeing both advantages and disadvantages of Predator 4000 generator, and hope you enjoyed this Predator generator review.

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