Silver Bullet Hose Review

Everyone needs a safe and easy way to complete their garden work.

Believe us when we tell you nobody wants to work with inferior quality products. This hose is going to fix about 50% of your problems. When you turn on the water, you will be amazed by the hose as it grows from pocket size to supersize. Watering the garden, cleaning your backyard, and even washing your car would be much easier. You can even water areas that were impossible to reach with the regular hose. This review presents you with one of the best quality hoses, the Silver Bullet Pocket Hose.

Claims & Features

  • It has a unique bullet shell, and the outer casing will not rip or deteriorate.
  • It also has improved aluminum connectors compatible with outdoor fixtures.
  • Its design is very seamless, so you won’t have problems with kinking.
  • The company included the turbo nozzle, which helps you to control the water flow easily.
  • They also ensure to make the hose very flexible, so you can expand it or contract it.
  • The hose is very lightweight, easy to maneuver around.
  • Durable Outer Shell

Silver Bullet Pocket Hose

People love the silver bullet pocket hose because it is lightweight, putting away more than one problem. Just imagine, you won’t need to drag around heavy hoses, and mainly you will forget about the painful back problems. This hose will last longer if you give it maintenance often. You will need to drain the hose after every use and store it indoors. Then again, if you want something to last, you need to take good care of it.


  • Durable and flexible
  • Water drinking safe
  • Compact design when not in use
  • Lightweight


  • It takes some time for the hose to retract to its original size after use

There are many expandable hoses worldwide, but not all of them are qualified for people to buy them. The company that produces this hose releases a new hose nearly every year. You may ask yourself why that is any good, but every product they release is more robust, durable, and lasts long. They learn from their mistakes and the problems people have with the hose, so they upgrade the silver bullet pocket hose to be perfect.

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Hoses Characteristics


When it comes to watering the garden, heavy rubber hoses are the worst possible choice by far. This silver bullet pocket hose is lightweight, and it makes your work easy, even for your back and arms. People with kids will love this product. We know how they want to help us with our work or mess around us. But with this hose, the kids may be happier to help with yard or garden tasks.


Outer Shell and Turbo Nozzle

The outer shell in this hose is kink-proof, protecting the hose’s inner tube, which shows that the hose won’t band and kink when in use. In addition, the design of this outer shell is good, so it prevents waring, snagging, and tearing.

The turbo nozzle in this hose is an aluminum nozzle that is easy to adjust, which means that the users can easily control the water flow when watering. However, it is not durable as other options because its material is aluminum instead of brass.

Compact Length

Longer hoses can be a little bit bulky to handle. That’s why this 25′ foot hose is perfect for use. Some users can get frustrated because the hose is not that long, and they cannot water or spray much further from their house. But that is why this hose comes in different lengths. The lengths are essential because not all of us have the same place to clean or water up. This hose has four lengths: 25-, 50-, 75-, and 100- foot. Each hose includes a removable spray nozzle. This expanding garden hose stores easily in a drawer, on a shelf, or in a cabinet. It’s perfect for gardening, washing your car, cleaning your driveway, etc.

Aside from growing and contracting smoothly without requiring to be touched by a user, this type of hose will also slide easily along as you use it for your yard work. If you were to use a regular garden hose instead, you might have to adjust it with your hands to move in the right direction constantly.


This hose design allows it to stretch fully out when you use it and shrink down to a pocket hose when you finish using it, and it dries itself after shrinking down. It is becoming much smaller, and it is better to storage for people who don’t have much space for a full-size hose. As we all know, some hoses are more expandable, and some are more contractible, but this hose is stuck somewhere between these two, expanded and contracted.

Lead-Free Connectors and Kink-Resistant

The water coming out from some hoses is not safe to drink because it’s composed of leaders in the connectors. But from this hose, the water is safe for drinking for any person. This feature also means you can use the hose as a water supply for animals. But the connectors in this hose are made from aluminum, so it’s not as durable as brass. The bullet shell casing that makes up each Pocket Hose Silver Bullet’s external layer helps it withstand wear and tear. Even if you use your hose often, it’ll likely last you for at least several years without getting ripped or punctured throughout various seasons. Pocket Hose Silver Bullet features lead-free connectors that deliver the garden hose suitable for drinking and supplying water to animals. Silver Bullet has machined aluminum connectors that are loose from lead. It’s the perfect drinking hose for people and pets.

Regular garden hoses will usually kink, requiring you to stop your work to order each kink out. Everyone knows the problems that typical hoses bring us with kinking. Of course, a big deal-breaker on any hose is that it’s not kink-resistant. Fortunately, this special hose is kink-resistant. Plus, you should be able to move around corners and small or big objects in your yard without bothering about the hose getting caught or hitting anything over.

How to Use

To begin with your Pocket Hose Silver Bullet, you’ll need to attach it to a water source in the same way you’d attached a regular garden hose. If you’ve previously got an old garden hose connected to the water source you’ve decided, you’ll need to remove that hose first before connecting this one.

Next, place your Pocket Hose on the ground and turn on the water source. Watch as the hose gradually extends.

It can get to a length of 25, 50, 75, or 100 feet.

After your hose has extended to its full size, pick it up and set the nozzle so it can provide your desired level of water flow. To do so, you must turn the nozzle to either the left or right. The perfect flow type will depend on what you intend to do with the hose—delicate flowers or plants will need a much softer water flow than patio stones or house siding. As you move within jobs through your home and yard, you’ll be capable of modifying the nozzle quickly, as needed.

When you finish using your hose, place it on the ground and turn off its water. Then, leave it alone as it gets back into a small coil. You can both leave it where it is while it’s coiled up.

Tips & Tricks

With this hose, you can do multiple tasks. For example, if you have a dog, bathing your pet with the silver bullet hose won’t be a problem. Instead of cleaning your dog in the bath, you can clean the dog in the garden with an extendable hose. You won’t have to worry about the dog drinking some of the water because the connectors make the water flow safe for any animal to drink.

It’s not just safe, just for the animals. The water is safe for drinking. So with that on your mind, you can clean your kid’s toys, feet hands. Even you can play with the sprayer.

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Why Should You Buy This Hose?

Silver bullet Pocket hose is a hose that fixes the problems that people have with regular hoses. Regular hoses are heavy and difficult to maneuver. While working with them, you need to pull them, and that can be very exhausting. Also, while pulling them, you can unintentionally knock of a vase, plant or you can trip of it in the worst case. With the silver bullet pocket hose, those problems are solved.

The hose is expandable, and that is the first characteristic. The second characteristic is that it is very lightweight, and that’s why people love it. Imagine having the perfect hose with which you will never have problems with its weight, nor will you have issues involving pain in your arms from heavyweight.

Don’t forget this hose is clarified as drinking water safe. That is a significant advantage because no one wants a hose that will endanger everyone in your surroundings. The hose is also kink-resistant. Regular hoses often start to kink when using them for a while. Another interesting fact is that the company made it for everyone and every occasion. Silver bullet pocket hose comes in 4 lengths. So you can buy a hose that is perfect for the job you need.

Finally, the hose is from materials that are perfectly protecting it from tearing apart. Another fun fact is that the hose glides over every surface, and you can forget about the problem with the knots. And for the last characteristic, we have the turbo nozzle. The turbo nozzle is from aluminum, and it is straightforward to adjust. With the nozzle, you can easily adjust the water flow when watering. Regular hoses can be problematic, and their durability is very low.

The problems never stop, and you need to buy a new one every year. So stop spending your money on standard hoses and buy yourself the silver bullet pocket hose. You will be amazed by it, and it will solve your work problems in a second.

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