Table Saw vs Miter Saw – Which One to Choose

A table saw comprises of a circular blade mounted on an arbor. The blade protrudes through the table top such that it cuts through the material lying on the table. This allows the user to cut various lengths of material. But, the depth to which it cuts depends upon the length of the blade, which can be varied by moving it upwards or downwards.

A miter saw also utilizes a circular blade to cut through the material. The blade is mounted on an adjustable arm that can be swivelled in the desired angle. This enables the miter saw to make miter cuts or bevel cuts for complex trimming or molding tasks.

To decide which one is better for you, it is important to understand the differences between both. Also, discussing the best table and miter saw’s specifications will further make you understand what you want. This article is to discuss these factors in detail.

Why a Table Saw?

Since the table stands on a comfortable height, their is no need for the user to bend while operating it. This prevents the user from back strains and fatigue while working for long hours. Also, high power motor and a riving knife are installed with the blade to assist faster and cleaner cuts.

However, there are some limitations of the table saw as compared to a miter saw. The table saw is not portable and mostly it’s installed in the stationary state. Besides, while operating the operator moves the work piece continuously which lessens the precision. In addition, kickbacks are also encountered while working on a table saw.

Why a Miter Saw?

Since the work piece, while cutting from a miter saw is adjusted in a stationary state, and the blade is moved downward to cut, the accuracy level is high. Also, the miter saw is a portable device and it can be moved around with ease.

Nonetheless, the limitation of a miter saw is that it cannot be used to cut large boards of lumber. The width of the material a miter saw can cut is dictated by the size of the blade. Likewise, the height of the material you can adjust on it depends upon the height of miter saw.

Best Table Saw – Shop Fox W1819


The base of the table saw is made of a durable material which provides stable support. Since the structure is made of cast iron there is no need to worry about the longevity of Shop Fox W1819. Also, the sensitive installations on the table saw are encased in sturdy material, assisting the saw to withstand various types and strength of wood.

As for the length and width of the work area, it is spacious enough to support a diverse range of tasks. Not only that, the table saw features a t-glide fence to ensure precise cuts. The fence contains knurled knobs to manipulate the saw as per the requirement.

The miter fence with the flip stop is also installed. This allows the user to make cuts on large pieces of lumber at different angles.

For swift cuts, the blade of the table saw is accompanied with a riving knife. The riving knife operates on quick release feature. This means that as you start the saw and the blade starts rotating, the riving knife will simultaneously follow for faster and cleaner cuts.

Key Features

This table saw equips a 3 HP motor which imparts ultimate power to the blade. Not only that, the arbor speed is 4300 RPM which is quite impressive. With this much cutting power and speed, you can rip any strength of material within a short period.

Moreover, the older models of table saw had the limitation related to the thickness of the material. As the width of the material needed to be less than that of the protruded blade. However, with Shop Fox W1819, your saw can cut through a height of 3 1/8 inches when it’s held in straight perpendicular direction. Whereas, for a cut at 45°, the maximum depth your saw can cut is 2 3/16 inches.

On observing the construction of this table one can easily estimate how durable it can be. With precision ground cast iron structure and other assembling components mostly made of steel, the chances of deterioration are minimum. To further enhance longevity, a triple belt drive is available. This will maintain the efficiency of your saw for a long time.

Moving forward, the 29 1/2 inch rip capacity indicates how buying this single product can be useful for all intensities of tasks. Other interesting features include the smoothly gliding fence, dado table inserts, magnetic switch with thermal overload protection and a lot more.

Safety Measures

The safety concerns for shop fox W1819 are minimized by smart installations. A blade guard made of polycarbonate is equipped on the blade. This guard protects the user from direct contact with the blade. Also, as the guard is transparent, you can have a clear view of what you are cutting. Hence accuracy along with safety is maintained.

One common problem encountered with the table saws were kickbacks. Interestingly, this table saw features anti-kickback pawls. This prevents any possible kickbacks by allowing the material to move in one direction only.

Another interesting safety measure is a dust collecting system. A 4-inch dust port is equipped on the saw. Consequently, by using any common vacuum, you can exhaust all the harmful sawdust from this port while operating.


The assembling and fine-tuning of shop fox W1819 can be confusing for some people. For this, we suggest you take help from a professional to fine-tune the machine.

Some users have complained that the dado plate is not installed perfectly or the miter fence is not up to the mark. Also, one thing you have to take care of is that the saw operates on 220 volts. Therefore, you can’t plugin directly.

Nonetheless, the table saw comprise of manifold advantages which are worth experiencing. The limitations, however, are mere and can be excluded if the saw is operated smartly.

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Best Miter Saw – DeWalt DW715 Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw


Like other power tools of DeWalt, this miter saw also has a reliable construction. With a structure built with steel and ABS plastic components, all you can expect is durability.

The other apparent features you will observe are a 12-inch carbide made blade and a 15-amp motor. This highly powerful motor can make the blade spin at a speed of 4000 RPM. Also, the length of the blade combined with such a powerful motor is sufficient enough to swiftly cut through a 6-inch material.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about having rough edges or splinters after cutting. This high powered miter, if calmly operated, can do the job for you.

Also, the miter plate can be set to 11 positive stops. You can also utilize the steel bevel stops to easily set the angle at 0°, 33.9°, 45° and 48°. This enables you to make miter or bevel cuts easily without wasting much of your time.

Key features

The DeWalt DW715 is a highly portable tool. It weighs only 42 lbs which is rarely observed in other miter saws. Also, the saw has a built-in carry handle which makes carrying the miter saw effortless.

The versatility offered by this power tool is exceptional. The saw enables you to make a 3° bevel cut to the right and up to a 48° bevel cut toward the left. And since it’s a compound miter saw, you can make straight 90° cuts or miter cuts on it as well. This feature extends the type of cuts a single tool can make.

To assist crown moldings and base moldings, a tall fence is featured on the saw. You can utilize the fence to support crown molding of 5 1/4 inches or base molding of 6 ½ inches when mounted parallel to the fence. By doing so, you can perform delicate and creative jobs, which in turn ends up making your product unique.

Safety Measures

The DeWalt DW715 installs an automatic blade guard that opens simultaneously when the fence is retracted from its position. As soon as the fence returns to its initial position, the guard shields the blade again. This protects the operator from the blade as well as sawdust being produced while operating.

To save you from harmful sawdust, this miter saw comes with not only a dust port but also a dust bag. However, the bag is not spacious enough to collect a large volume of dust. Therefore, you can connect the dust port with dust extraction system to enhanced cleaning.


There was no major drawback found in DeWalt DW715. The only flaw is that it does not contain a laser guide to indicate where the cut is being made. Other than that, the miter saw can provide with all what you expect from it.

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Although the table saw and miter saw share some similar features, there are some characteristics which distinguish them from each other. The article has discussed comprehensively what the best miter saw and table saw available in the market are capable of.

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