What Size Generator Do You Need for a 30 Amp RV?

Buying the right generator for your amp is very important. That’s especially in your RV because generator is the only source of entertainment. When buying a generator, especially if you’re a newbie, you’d want to know what size is the best for 30 amp RV. That’s why this article will let you know what size generator you should get for your 30 amp RV. It’s also important to calculate how much electricity you’re going to need. That’s because a lot of people run multiple electronics at once such as the AC and a fridge.

The 30-Amp Service

One may not know what a 30 amp RV means and what it means to drive one. The amp service here is supposed to be the intensity the electric current produces. One can buy either a 30-amp one or 50-amp service. If you decide on 30 amp RV, it produces standard 120 volts and supplies 3,600 watts. It also has only one 30 amp breaker as well as TT-30 plugs and three-pronged receptacles. 

However, if you decide on a 50 amp RV, the wattage will be up to 12,000 watts. The plugs are four-pronged and there are two 50 amps with 120 volts feeds. As expected, the 50 amp RV is more powerful than the 30 amp one. That’s because you are able to power up more electronic and more electrical consumption is allowed. This type of RV also supports bigger electronics.

The 30 amp RV allows one to use 50 amp if it has a 50 amp outlet. However, you’re definitely going to need an adapter for that. All you need to do is connect the adapter to the 50 amp outlet, then insert a cord of 30 amp RV into the female end of the adapter.

What Size Generator for 30-Amp RV?

Finally, we’ve come to the point where we answer the initial question in the title. Considering that we already know that any 30-amp RV isn’t able to produce more power than 3,600 watts, you’re going to need a generator that doesn’t produce more than 3,600 watts. And, this shouldn’t be shocking.

 That’s because if, for example, you buy a generator that produces 6,000 watts, the extra 2,400 watts will just go to waste. On top of that, the generator will just end up being useless and just a thing you’ve wasted your money on. Plus, it will take a lot of space for nothing. It is not necessary to buy a powerful generator if you’re using it just with a 30-amp RV.

Consider Your Use Case

In cases where you might need a more powerful generator for more power thirsty devices, you should decide whichever generator suits your needs. The only thing you’re going to need to look out for is if the generator is able to throttle up and down. That’s because that feature will be needed to use it in your RV.

There might also be a possibility where you will need a generator which produces more than 3,600 watts in your 30-amp RV. In such cases, the next thing you will most likely need to do is make your RV system into 50 amp one. There is no possible way that in 30-amp system you will be able to use a generator of more than 3,600 watts. The circuit breaker is also going to trip if you use appliances that require more than 3,600 watts to run.

Like mentioned earlier, the 50-amp RV is more powerful than the 30-amp one. And, due to that, the limits aren’t too strict and you can definitely power up several appliances at once. Of course, the 50-amp RV still won’t be able to produce more than 12,000 watts. However, getting to 12,000 watts isn’t very easy to do. In order to reach 12,000 watts, there needs to be a ton of very powerful electronic devices as well as appliances.

So, when considering this fact, you won’t need to worry much about reaching a certain limit. A lot of people will then just focus on what generator is the most suitable to their power needs. However, you still need to focus on the power needs with 30-amp RV. But like mentioned before, it is easier to get to 3,600 watts than it is to 12,000 watts. So, be careful when choosing the right generator and make sure not to get a very powerful one.

A lot of 30 amp RVs come with 13,500 AC units, which means running an AC on your RV shouldn’t pose a problem. Especially on a generator of 3,000 watts. While running the AC, there probably won’t be a need to power up any other appliances because it might overload it. You could maybe turn on the lights or even a TV but definitely not a microwave. In order to draw out more power, you might want to consider also getting two small generators. And, then with the use of a parallel cable make them into one.

There are actually several benefits when using parallel capable generators. That’s because they are usually small and they don’t weigh a lot. A 3,000 watts generator usually weighs around 100 pounds when it’s empty. However, buying 2,000 watts generator means you won’t carry a heavy generator, so around 48 lbs. It will be much easier to carry a 50 lbs generator than a 100-pounds one.

Also, in cases where you might want to leave the RV and decide to go camping. So, using a 2,000 watts generator is much more practical than using a 3,000 watts one. Although, the main benefit of purchasing parallel capable generators is they are more affordable. One gets more wattage, or power output, for the same price just like when one buys a 3,000-watt generator.

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator


Power: 3400 Watt
Dimensions: 25.1 x 17.3 x 18.3 Inches
Weight: 95.7 Pounds
Tank Volume: 1.6 Gallons
Run Time: Up to 7.5 Hours Gas & Up to 14.5 Hours Propane
Includes: Propane (LPG) Hose, USB Adapter, Battery, Oil Funnel
Perks: Warranty,  RV Ready, Electric Start, Ultra-Quiet Operation, Dual Fuel, Clean Power for Sensitive Electronics

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If you’re interested, there are a few generators you might consider for your 30-amp RV. The best three generators are: Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel, Honda Power Equipment EU3000IH1A and Yamaha EF3000iSEB. But, all in all, hopefully you now know what size to consider when buying a generator for your 30-amp RV.

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